ATT INTERNET SERVICE / falsei equipment rebate offer


This last July, a friend told me about very inexpensive [$10.00/month] DSL Internet service through ATT, with whom I already had a land-line phone account at my apartment. I went to their website, where I located the offer, and entered my info, and I qualified for their " online only" deal which stated that I would need to purchase their Netgear router/modem, and install it myself. [$79.99], and pay for the UPS shipping charges.[$12.99], but that the modem cost was guaranteed to be 1oo percent rebatable, and yes, it was only $10.00 a month.
One of the first downsides to the deal was that I had to wait roughly two weeks for the modem to arrive; but I reasoned that the low cost was the tradeoff.
In about 7 days I received a 'Order Confirmation' letter in the mail. Right away, there was a problem; the letter stated that the Internet Sevice would be charged at $34.95 a month. No, no, I called Customer Service, who told me "Oh, just ignore that; you will get the $10.00 per month deal because you ordered the service online."
On the day the equipment was due to arrive, the afternoon passed without a UPS delivery, so I called them in order to obtain a tracking number. [I regularly receive shipments at my address from both UPS and FedEX]
That's when I'm told that ATT had left my apartment number off of the package ship-to info, therefore it was undeliverable. But UPS offerred to hold the package, where I could retrieve it with the proper ID.[Opeb till 8 pm]
OK, so I drove over to the UPS facility that evening, an 8 mile round trip. I hooked it up, and at about 11PM discovered that the modem was not receiving a signal.
The next morning I called Customer Service to troubleshoot the connection.
I explained the delivery problem, and the Customer Service guy says" Wait a minute; being that your Apartment number was omitted, that alters the signal; you can keep that modem, but we need to cancel that order, and re-issue a new order with the correct apartment number. "Are you ready? An 'activation signal date' TWO WEEKS down the road!
These events replayed over again during the ensuing 15 days; another 'Confirmation Order' with the wrong monthly[higher] rate, confused telephone support staff, and delay after delay to receive service.
Now, 2 months later, I was informed that a Rebate Application form was mailed to me [I have not received anything]...and the final last straw?
A supervisor informed me today that "Internet orders are not eligible for the $79.99
All in all, I was lied to, misdirected, treated to ineffectual, poor customer service, and repeatedly given the wrong information.
Maybe those $10. deals prevent ATT from providing training to competent customer service people...I'd better send them a little extra...

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