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I received an offer from AT&T to "Valued Florida Resident" offering me: a) Home phone (no frills) for $16/mo; b) long distance for $4/mo; c) Basic Internet $14.95/month. I was told that my estimated monthly bill, with taxes and fees, would be about $42.55 per month. I was also told that my first bill would be higher, as it would cover a month and a half. My first bill was nearly $75. I didn't pay much attention. Then my second NON ITEMIZED (is that even legal?!) bill was $75. This time I called the company. I was at work (because they are only available 8 - 5 M-F because they care so much about their customers). The man told me the following lies: a) AT&T home phone service pricing went up since I signed up for that plan (so the offer was suddenly no good?); b) I had to pay $14/mo long distance because I did not "bundle"; c) the only way to get my bill down would actually be to ADD services and bundle them -- add call waiting, 3-way calling and a bunch of other stuff I don't use. He could get my bill down to $61.99/month. Apparently the deal I had signed up for was null and void (illegal). I paid the $61.99, as I didn't want a late charge. Then I found my original paperwork. I was livid. I contacted the company again and was told immediately that my plan would go back to the original and that a supervisor would be contacting me about crediting my account. I'm still waiting for that supervisor to call. Oh, and my phone still had 3-way calling on it that I don't want. How do they get away with this clearly illegal way of doing business?!

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  • Ba
      26th of Mar, 2012

    If you read the original post, you would see that my complaint is that it was not corrected. And if it does get corrected, it will be because of me, not them. If you believe this was a "mistake, " you need to talk to a few other AT&T customers (or just read more complaints). This thing, I now see, isn't all that uncommon.

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  • Di
      17th of Apr, 2012

    Is thre truly a complaint department for ATT and do they care about their long term say 50 years plus customers ? How can they turn off the phone service on person who needs the phone for his pacemaker interrogations .Yes ATT is aware of the need for phone service because of the pacemaker. This was done on computer glitch NOT for non-payment . Days and hours on the phone has not re-establish phone service after a week . I was assured times and dates the phone line would be re-activated .This has not been done . I actually heard a supervisor tell an agent theat she had been on the phone to long withe me, I was assured the problem was resolved, phone service would be re-established and a follow-up phone call would happen . This did not happen .
    There has been 5 work orders to re-established service in 2 weeks, 4 in last 4 days .The 5the gave service for 13 days---the Internet service was never discontinued which was on the bill .
    Any input ?

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