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AT&T Dsl (Sbc Yahoo) / thinking about at&t or sbc yahoo dsl? don't do it!

1 United States

Here's a good one! This guy comes to our door and says he can get us DSL as fast as our cable internet plus our phone for what we were paying for our cable internet. He calls in the order for their elite service and comparable phone service to what we had. He schedules the connection of the line by the phone people and tells us it is just flipping the switch and no one has to be there for it.

Turns out, we get a phone call stating that we DO have to be there, and so we have to re-arrange our vacation to be at home that day. The guy comes to do the hookup and they have to dig a trench and lay a new phone line, right across our driveway. The guy said another crew would be out to bury it in 5-7 days. It had been raining like mad for two weeks and the ground was mush, and they mudded it in, and I still have this huge hump where they screwed up my yard.

I plugged in the equipment with no problem. Lights lit up but no internet. Called tech support and they said it must be my computer. I know there is nothing wrong with the computer. After about 3 hours of working on the computer and adjusting settings I get it figured out. I do the speed test and it is testing at the Pro service levels ~3 meg service instead of the 5-7 megs we were promised. I call customer service and they tell me we were signed up for the lower service. The salesman had lied to us! They could give us the higher service but it would be the end of the week until they could get it adjusted. They promised to give it to us at the same price.

We get our first "adjusted" bill because a portion of the prior month is always on there and it is like $130. For service that is supposed to be $46.60 TOTAL, taxes and fees included. So I go through the roof and my wife called in and they tell my wife that the first bill is always higher and to pay it. Stupidly we did.

Next two months have been over $60! They say there is nothing they can do about it, that the salesman has been spoken to and the problem is corrected. Wha? Not for us it hasn't been. They are still charging us too high fees! My next step is an attorney friend of ours. She might be able to get something done for us. Lots more complications to this story but there's the skinny! Thinking about AT&T or SBC Yahoo DSL? Don't do it!


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