AT&T / at&t store,2427 rowlett,2202 lakeview pkwy suite 104

I have been a loyal customer with AT&T for last 4 years.Last week I had a very bad experience with sales person at the AT&T store at 2427 Rowlett, 2202 Lake view Pkwy, suite 104.The sales person who cheated me is Ryan Green. I went to the store to buy two pre paid connections. When we went in and inquired the price to compare the prices, Ryan asked my AT&T account details and after looking up the account he said it will be cheaper for me to add two more lines to the existing account and he can waive the activation fees for the new lines as I already had 4 lines and AT&T has 4 or more phones discount. Since I had my own device I purchased two SIMS and got two new lines added to the existing account. Ryan gave me a bill with no activation fees and told me that he has entered all the details in the account, so I should not be getting any extra charges and if I get any charges I should come back to the store with the bill and he can settle it for me. The total increase in my bill should be around 40 dollars for both the lines . He told me to take unlimited data plan as I have 7 lines and it will cost me only 40 more dollars. When I received the monthly bill there is an increase of 297 dollars which included activation fees for both the lines and 96 dollars per line. I went to the store and asked as Ryan had told me I was greeted by the store manager Bree and she told me that Ryan has no right to say that no activation fees will be charged. He had changed my existing plan and started a new plan and when asked if I can continue with the old plan I had, they said that plan does not exist any more and so I will not be able to go back on it . Bree was very rude and ab noxious in her conversation. She spoke to me very rudely. Ryan Green who was in the store at that time said he did not say that there will not be any activation fee and he did not change my plans. When I showed him the bill which he gave me, Bree said she can only apologize, but cannot do any thing. These sales people are clearly cheating the customers by not explaining things well, especially the charges. I could have just bought 2 pre paid phones and not get all these extra charges and loose the plan I was using. Can any one do some thing about these types of cheating?

Jun 04, 2018

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