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After hearing at&t was offering unlimited wireless data for bundling with directv, I stupidly fell for the bait & switch and signed up for service with both. I was told it would cost $110 per month total for both services, which would appear on one bill.

Unfortunately, since signing up with both at&t and directv, i've experienced nothing but headaches, lies, and misrepresentations.

For starters, I was placed on a 15gb monthly data plan that cost $110 itself. The sales rep said not to worry - it'll be converted over by the first bill... Which it wasn't. I called in the middle of march to have everything corrected and was told to wait 1-2 billing cycles.

Another month goes by, and i'm still being charged $50 for directv and $110 for at&t. So I call again yesterday to find out i'm not on the unlimited plan and never was.

The rep laughs and says i'm being charged $110 then put me on the unlimited plan which she states is $89 (Completely disregarded my question of whether this could be backdated to what I was originally promised) and then transfers me to another department to have my bill combined. The department is closed.

Today I call in once again to have my account corrected to what it was originally supposed to be over a month ago, and am told i'm not eligible to combine the bills. I explain to the rep this is an illegal bait and switch, false advertising, and that at any point, either the in-store reps (I went into the store twice to speak to them in person) or the phone reps (I called in twice before) could have mentioned this, but nobody did and now i'm stuck in contracts that were misrepresented to me.

The rep says he has no recourse.

I now have 2-year contracts with two companies I absolutely hate for lying to me.

Avoid at&t and directv at all costs. They misrepresent the facts and this unlimited data with combined billing is a complete ripoff.

Apr 18, 2016
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  • El
      Apr 19, 2016

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