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AT and T / free products

1 Venice Florida, United States

1. we are long term customers of directv - so we have and account with them
2. our phone being serviced by Verizon stopped working and was advise by AT&T as well as Verizon that we needed a new phone
this was in Venice Florida
we reside there for six months each winter and stay at an RV Park that provides TV basic and Wifi internet connection
they also have contracted with Comcast for the Internet at 19.95 per month
the AT&T store had a so called special where they had FREE phones - and FREE IPads thrown in with the service - oral conversation with the personnel
they are dishonest as the day is long - as it has now come to light
3. this began 3/8/17
a. Mini IPad - they put the app where I could download on the mini IPAD which I soon learned was a piece of junk - maybe its good for games which I do not engage in. after downloading 1 movie and not understanding what was happening I started another and the download speed slowed way down - to the point that that would not work - later discovering that we had 6G on the phone. part of the oral where we informed them that we didn't need that much but this was a special - our history which we informed them of seemed not to matter. I also didn't understand how I could download movie(s) without the so called necessary equipment - then came the light. So back to the store to return it only to be advise that there would be a restocking charge - $45 -which was never brought up in conversation - not that that matters under their con contract. service requires that we have a wireless internet connection via another phone number - another con - but they would provide it !0+taxes2 ( 20% for the government) cost of protection for the company! What a deal.
b. Internet - in conversation we informed them that the park was setup with wifi and that comcast for a charge of 19.95 per month one could get internet. we where told that we needed internet for the phone - then I find out that was true but was provided with the phone via wireless - that they where "throw in 6G service" a duplication and deceptive is what it really is! they could not provide for internet as the term applies.
c. directv - we have an account with them which carries a credit of $68 as we had put it on vacation. we are decade old customers and have done this over so many years. to provide service at the trailer park we stay in who provides TV service as part of the cost we need a dish which AT&T was going to provide and install FREE. they came in a few days at 3:50 PM only to be told that they AT&T could not install do to the trees. another funny part of this was the fact that we already had an account with directv as stated and that we had informed them as such. So in strict terms we where really not NEW customers and that this was in violation of the offer. In addition they where going to include 3 months of premium channels -
when we returned home we hooked up our service with directv on 4/18/17 telling them of what we had done in florida and expecting them to provide 3 months of free premium channels - they did provide a partial but not 3 months worth as we where now receiving a number of different bills from both the two of them - directv and AT&T. what a mess that has been! I will not go into that fiasco.
d. phone - FREE of course and NO CONTRACT - just pay $13/month+government - they need the protection monie - the company that is. after all there is the consumer bureau, fcc, and sundry other bureaus that need to get into the act for protection - protection for who?
this comes with your own phone number which is confiscated upon signing for protection of course - you guessed it - the company holds it as hostage in case you have funny ideas about not paying. the sum total of free is just under $400 to get the number out of hock.
enough for now! what a system - and its all legal as that term applies - again - ask a lawyer - or ask what they would charge to bring to "justice"

Jul 29, 2017

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