Assurant Solutions / stolen ring

Florida City, FL, United States

First off let me say this even when I was trying to submit my claim thru fax which is such a pain the neck I tried to send it but it seemed like they kept disconnecting the call it would not make it to the second page I thought it was just my phone line I went to several places just to fax it I had to be on the phone with this guy for an hour and half he assured me that there is nothing wrong with their line they gave me 3 different numbers and so many try's before they got all the pages plus they said that they will send a letter within two business days it's been two weeks then I call them and said that it was denied. Mind you my wife's rings were stolen but they gave me this bs loop hole that there was no forced entry. I'm pretty sure that they will come up with something else that they will deny it don't trust this bs company

Jun 19, 2017

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