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Aspen Dental / they got "game" on deceptive billing...

1 Gainesville, FL, United States

First, the reason for two-stars is that the actual dental work was good. In the course of five months I had tooth extracted and a bridge installed. Initially, before the extraction I had met with the oral surgeon and we both agreed that the tooth, at the time, did not have to be removed. I paid the $5 co-pay of my insurance and thought that was it. Not, a month later a bill from Aspen Dental for a comprehensive exam of $70 (not told to me at or after the exam).

Later when the tooth was actually removed (by their oral surgeon) it was $80 as per my insurance. I should of reflected to the first incident. A month later now $174 bill for "equipment and prep" of the tooth extraction. I contact my dental insurance and they tell me that per their contract with Aspen Dental I should not of gotten that bill in that everything is covered on the procedure that I paid the $80 co-payment on. They took that bill off.

Here is how they double bill: The code a procedure, exam, ect. under the insurance code numbers and get paid by the patient (co-pay) and by the insurance. They then ring up not the same but very similar dental code numbers that the insurance will decline. Most patients do not care or look into it and "oh well pay the bill" that they now get from Aspen. This happened three separate times and until I called my insurance and then got them involved with Aspens main billing office...then it got resolved. Unfortunately, my or other insurance firms do not follow up on these practices. Yes, the patient will not have to pay, but Aspen is on to the next-not so educated-patient and double bill him or her

And of course every new patient signs the famous form for any medical office that if the insurance does not pay then the patient is 100% responsible.

When I got my ledger from Aspen and contacted my insurance it was flagrantly obvious what Aspen was doing. Even the insurance rep. I spoke to on the phone, stopped and laughed, when she saw the billing. That obvious.

Aspen also hires very new dentist. Being at two of their offices of about 8 dentist most had 2-3 years experience tops. One had five, three had one year. Yes, everyone is new in their career, but just so the patients knows. This is how they gain experience, make some money and open their own practice.

Bottom line: Actual dental care was good. The offices are new and the diagnosis equipment (x-ray, ect) appears new and very modern. I will not go to an Aspen Dental again based on their obvious improper billing practices.

  • Updated by AFG2014, Aug 26, 2018

    They are a "dental billing mill" remember they are owned by an investment firm: aka: generate revenue is #1...everything else is follow on"

Aug 26, 2018

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