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Quincy, MA, United States Review updated:

Earlier this year I was pressured into expensive scaling because I was told I had periodontal disease. When the hygenist who took xrays asked me if I was pregnant I told her that no, I just had a miscarriage and I was trying again so I was hesitant about having xrays. She told me that the periodontal disease can be a contributing factor to miscarriage. Naturally I was concerned so they gave me a quote and I paid several hundred dollars out of pocket each visit (for each side) then a few months later I received a bill in the mail for over $500. I've called 5 times to inquire about the bill and I've always gotten the promise to talk to the manager and a call back. It never happens.

While I was having the scaling done my crown fell out of my mouth and the dentist said that I had the wrong size crown on my tooth. That procedure was also done by Aspen Dental about 2 years back (by a different and long gone dentist) and in the meantime the tooth was decaying under the crown because of the ill fit. I then had to go to a specialist for another root canal (had to pay out of pocket) and I went to a different dentist to ensure that the crown was done properly this time (also paid out of pocket). While I was at the dentist they told me that I had a severe cavity and they couldn't believe the Aspen hadn't mentioned it. I also had to pay out of pocket for this as Aspen had used all of my insurance towards the scaling.

I am out of thousands of dollars this year because of their negligence.

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  • Lu
      Mar 17, 2012

    Aspen Dental needs to rethink the way thy handle there corp. Stop with the numbers and start looking at the employees. The Wausau WI office Manager runs the place like it is hers and not Aspen. Does not follow Aspen procedures and does things her way. I understand her numbers are good but production is poor. She over books her Dr.s to were pt. are waiting hours for appointments. Schedules pt. when the cases from the lab are not even complete. Making the Pt. wait even more. How can you allow someone to continue working like this. You say you are a great company to work for but let people like this continue to work. You take a good Denture Tech. and let him go but keep one the doesn't even follow Aspen protocol.

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