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In January 2009, I scheduled an appointment because I needed three extractions and was hesitant about getting general anesthesia, so I called Aspen Dental and was told they will pull them under local. Great.
After calling me in to do an x-ray and check out my teeth, the dentist sat there telling me just how bad my entire bottom row of teeth are, which I already knew they were pretty bad but I did not need to hear his thoughts. He suggested the best thing would be to rip them all out and start again. Mind you, I was only nineteen at the time and completely freaked out, during which he told me he will start with the bottom and then with the top. After calming down from that statement, they brought me into a room to speak to me about dentures and pricing. The lady was pushing anyway possible to get me to agree with her that this is what I needed. After not listening and seeing the price, I kindly got up and walked out while telling them all 'nope'.
A week later I got my three teeth extracted, under general anesthesia!, and my bottom teeth, ALL still my own teeth, worked on. My primary dentist did not see a reason why I needed to lose all my teeth. I happily agreed with him.

A few months later, my sister went in to get one tooth extracted and three filled. They did what she had asked, but charged her for a surgical extraction when it was only a simple and for a cleaning. The tooth came out in full, root and all, and she has not received a cleaning.

Do not go to Aspen Dental. All they want is your money and don't care what they do to get it.

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  • El
      Sep 04, 2009

    They need to be put out of business, I have never felt so strongly about a company. They really messed my two front teeth up.

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  •   Sep 14, 2009

    I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please don’t hesitate to call our patient satisfaction team at [protected] with any concerns you may have. Or, if you’d like, you can e-mail us directly at [protected]

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  • Co
      Sep 09, 2010

    Do you know that Aspen dental is a member of the Better Business Bureau and will remain so unless people file complaints?

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