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Aspen Dental / should be put out of business!!

1 Nashua, NH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-603-535-5400

What a rip off for sure!!!

I was just on line looking for my complaint and I cannot find it. So I will try again.

I have read most of all the horry stories from those who went to an aspen dental office to have any kind of work done.

I went in to have dentures done and my story is way too long to go into, all I can say is that it has been an on going thorn in my side.

This all started on june the 14th, 2007 and I am still walking around with no teeth and the dentures that they made me never fit correct the first time. I can really relate to all those who have been through the same as I have.

This so call dental business should be "put out of business"!!!

As far as the money part goes, I had to make sure that I was paid "in full" on the day of my surgery and that was a horrible ordeal. If I had done research, I would of saved myself a lot of greif.

So as of today 4/2/2008 I am still with out working teeth and I am at a stand still.
I believe if there is enough of us complaining that the better business bureau should be able to do something.

One way or another I will get all my money back and go to a regular dentist that will make a good pair of dentures for me. Like I said before, I don't go anywhere, I don't want to be seen like this and I would love to be able to have something good to eat. I am way too tired of eating soft foods. I have had enough of aspen dental and I will keep going until I get some kind of satisfaction!

I hope that the media can get a hold of all these letters about aspen dental and expose them to the public. Oh yeah, what do you think of their new commercial, about how they "care about their patients"???

Well enough has been said, so to all that has been burned by aspen dental don't give up okay?

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  • Je
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    The dentists that work for Aspen Dental are the dentists that cannot get a job anywhere else. They are very inexperienced and most are right out of school and "practicing" on people and using them for guinea pigs. You should file a formal complaint with the corporate office for Aspen and demand a response from them and a full refund. If that doesn't work then contact the Better Business Bureau for the state of New Hampshire. Also the Attorney General's Office. You are not alone with what you have been through with NH Aspen Dental! I just wish a lawyer would take them on for a class action lawsuit. There are way too many people being ripped off by them. People are paying for a service that they are not getting and their work is horrible! The billing staff in NH is very stupid and the management even worse! People should be complaining to their insurance companies and filing claims for fraud against them. Especially Medicare fraud if you are enrolled in that.

  • Ma
      13th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Diane, It doesn't surprise me that you got nowhere with the people at the Nashua, NH office. They are rude and only care about getting their money. They made my husband sign a contract with Care Credit by telling him his insurance wouldn't pay for his perio treatment. They took the loan out for $1828.00 which is more than double what we will owe. My husband called his insurance company and they do pay towards this procedure. We asked to have the whole loan canceled and they refused. They did credit Care Credit for $904.00 but that isn't good enough. We put the loan with Care Credit in default but don't know what is going to happen.

  • Un
      18th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I know how all you people feel, and I am so sorry you had to go through this. All you denture people should look for a " denturist” to do your dentures. I'm currently working for aspen dental as a dental assistant, and looking for a new job, in our office people come back after they get their dentures because their teeth don't line up. The two front teeth should line up directly under your nose. "We" as dental assistants are not aloud to say anything to the patient. The dentist is the one who lines up the teeth in the " wax bite" not the lab tech. and I as a dental assistant will not sell a bad pair off dentures, there for my job is at risk, which soon I will loose because i will always stick up for the pt. (patient) I am ashamed to say I work there, therefore i am looking for another job. Good luck to all of you.

  • Gr
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    Aspen Dental in Concord-same results- they are greedy and do not care about ethics or proper treatment. They only care what makes them most money. Needed a crown due to DR. Parks poor treatment. Crown shattered 6 months later. 2 white fillings he placed fell out months after treatment. BBB reported, but no resolution. N.H. Dental Society in Concord 603-225-5961 was no help and the NH BOARD OF DENTAL EXAMINERS...603-271-4561 WAS NO HELP. Now preparing for court.

  • Da
      26th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    tell me about it try going in for an extraction and getting the wrong tooth removed and refused meds for pain while paying cash

  • El
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I went to Aspen Dental because I was unhappy with the treatment I was getting from a local dentist. My upper teeth kept cracking. The dentist was always in and out before I could ask questions. One day I grabbed an arm as the dentist flew past me. Only then was I told that my upper jaw was much larger than the lower. The pressure of the teeth on each other while chewing was causing the uppers to break.

    I called Aspen Dental. They saw me right away. I received a full exam and a treatment plan. The financial clerk at that time reviewed different options to get me the best cost for the plan I chose. I thought the charges were a little high but I agreed. My problems began during the healing period. I kept all my appointments. I was very descriptive abut my complaints with fit. The final upper denture still had problems because it was based on the temporary. I had requested, not in writing, that a new mold be made so that there would be an adequate fit. The staff had a "huddle" to discuss what to do. I was offered a little inside shaping or soft liners. Eventually the dentist, Dr. Aboosi, told me that I should "get used to them and go buy Fixodent."

    I returned to Aspen on Monday this week for an exam because the upper was rubbing or pressing in three areas and it was becoming unbearable, even with Fixodent. Today, Friday, I was charged $199.00 for a hard lining. When I read from their own written warranty, the office person became flustered and kept repeating that a hard liner is not included in the price of dentures. I tried to discuss this but she kept repeating. She gave me the corporate address after I asked for it several times.

    My husband went for the initial interview and was not happy with the quote he was given for the work he needs. He still has not had dental treatment for many years. Now, I do not think I can convince him to get much-needed dental work.

    I just wish I had checked the web site before subscribing for services. Now I need to join the rest of you with my filing a suit and trying to find a lawyer who would do a class action against Aspen Dental.

  • Al
      10th of Apr, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. Diane, we sincerely apologize if your visit to our office was anything less. We want to do everything we can to address your concerns. I have forwarded your message to a member of our Patient Satisfaction team who will get back to you shortly. Diane, we are committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you for letting Aspen Dental serve you.

  • Cj
      10th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Allie at Aspen Dental.. I sincerely don't believe you are committed to total satisfaction. I just got off the phone with the Patient Satisfaction department and am no more satisfied then when I first called. More frustrated actually. I went in for an initial consultation and was told I needed 2 crowns. I sat down with the financial consultant who reviewed my dental plan and told me I would owe $664 out of pocket. I applied for the care credit and financed it through that option. After all the treatment was completed, I received a bill for $252. I tried to call my local office where I received the treatment and was told each time I called, that they would review and call me back. Not shockingly, I never received a call. I finally called the Patient Satisfaction line and spoke to "Michelle". I got the standard "This was only an estimate and you signed the contract stating this". I could understand the bill being a little more and having to pay an additon $50, but $252? That was more than a 28% overage. When I asked if I could file a complaint, Michelle said "no". I am an educated professional and felt as though I was being treated like a child. I had made appointments for my husband and daughter that I will be cancelling. Not just because of the $252 bill that I will now have to pay, but because of the extremely poor service I received.

  • An
      15th of Jul, 2009
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    I am having a denture issue with the Concord Office. Of course I had to pay up front. They can not get the bottom partial to fit right after several “adjustments”, which means grinding off a little parts, they remade the lower partial which still does not fit and actually caused abrasions to the inside of my mouth. I have asked to see a different dentist but every time I go to the office I see the same guy who has not been able to get it right yet.

    So I am at a month later and my teeth still do not fit right. Monday I called the Patient Satisfaction line and spoke with Julie who told that Jen, the regional director, would get back to me with in 48 hours. 48 Hours just expired so I called back and spoke with Megan who gave me Julie’s extension (1279) I called back to Julie’s extension which was not answered nor was voice mail available after 15 rings. So I called back. This time Amber told me that the regional manager would get back to me sometime today (Wednesday) and that that was the procedure I had to follow.

    When I informed Amber that that was not a satisfactory answer and I did not in fact have to follow the procedure I could instead file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the New Hampshire Board of Dental Examiners she seemed unconcerned and said “well that is your right”.

    I looked Up Aspen Dentals record with the Better Business Bureau. They have a C- rating. That should tell you everything you need to know about Aspen Dentals supposed commitment to customer satisfaction.

    In my personal opinion if you have a choice, use a different provider. If you have used Aspen Dental and are not happy file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the New Hampshire Board ff Dental Examiners the addresses are available on the web.

    If my insurance had any other participating providers in the sate I would run away from this company. There commitment is apparently to something other than customer satisfaction.

  • St
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I as well went to an office here and was told free x-rays and consultation. After sitting in the office waiting for over an hour, one of the x-ray techs finally came and got me. As she was taking the x-rays, she did not explain what I had to do and just shoved things in my mouth and then pulled them out. After 15 minutes of this, she had me go sit in a chair and watch tv while we waited for the dentist. As I am sitting there, I overhear two of them speaking asking what happened to the other dentist. Finally after another half hour, the dentist showed up and I do not even know his name. He looked over the x-rays and then told me what he recommended for a treatment plan. He told me I would need two crowns on my front teeth, removal of two wisdom teeth, and that I had gum recession on my bottom from four teeth that would need removal and then give me a partial. I thought to myself, this is a little outrageous.

    After he finished, I sat there waiting for another half hour for the business associate to come and get me. Finally, when she came, she began entering my insurance information into the system. This is when I was totally flabergasted. She told me that after insurance and a special "new client" discount, my out of pocket expense would be $11, 400.00!!! She asked me if I wanted to apply for the Carecredit loan and I said no and that I wanted to think about it before signing anything or starting any work. She seemed a little perplexed and displeased by what I had said. My appointment was scheduled to begin at 2:30pm, and by the time I left, I was the only patient there and it was 5:15pm.

    When I arrived home, I discussed this with the family and they were surprised as well so we decided to get a second opinion. We called a local dentist's office and scheduled an appointment.

    I went to this dentist and had x-rays redone because they would not share the x-rays since they were a free consultation. My hygenist did the x-rays, and then did another test that measures gum recession. After this, she did a routine cleaning and told me the dentist would be in shortly to speak with me. The dentist came and I expected to hear some outrageous number, but not as outrageous as what Aspen Dental had told me. Instead to my surprise, she informed me that after insurance my out of pocket costs would be approximately $1, 200.00 maximum. I almost began to cry. I explained to her what had happened over there and she could not believe that they wanted to remove my bottom teeth and give me a partial or remove two wisdom teeth or even put on crowns since my teeth were in good, but not perfect condition. To top that she told me I did not have any cavaities.

    As you can see, Aspen Dental does not care about its patients; they see each one as a dollar bill walking through the doors. I have told everyone that I know DO NOT GO THERE!!!

    I decided to write this complaint, after speaking to a fellow coworker who just went there. They told her for three removal of teeth and a bottom denture, her bill would be almost $4, 000.00!! I told her about my dentist, and she has scheduled an appointment there.

    I can only stress to all of you out there, DO NOT GO, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM, AND DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOU OR SIGN ANYTHING!

  • El
      25th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a Dental Assistant, not for aspen dental but a private practice, now, alot of the things you guys are complaining about are true, what the office is telling you is right . Dental insurance does not cover "specialists" this includes, The Oral surgeon, Periodontist, endodontist, orthodontist, prostedontist etc... As for the denture complaint it is a long process, no ones dentures will fit perfectly when they are delivered, there is an adjustment process, your gums have to heal, there will be alot of adjustments until the fit is right after you are completely done healing . As for the bite and alignment, the lab makes a wax ret in first, the patient will try it in and thats when the dentist will align the teeth with a bite registration, as well as adjust any other issues the dentist will find, the model isnt even sent back to the lab to be finalized until the patient is satisfied with the way it looks, when the permanent denture comes in, they will be placed in the patients mouth, then adjusted to where the patient states it is uncomfortable, and will also be told many adjustments will be made over the next few weeks, untill the swelling from the gums goes down. Now as for a denturist LOL theres no such thing, never heard that word in my life and Ive been doing this for years, If you want the perfect denture you will need to see a prostedontist, this is what they specialize in, as well as crown, bridges, full mouth restorations etc.. However they are not covered by your insurance all procedures under a prostedontis is considered cosmetic. Care credut is offered for these "specialist" services that are not covered by your insurance, and it is 0% financing for the first year . This is a great thing to apply for when your insurance wont pay . As for the lady that keeps chipping her front teeth because of her jawline, the dentist is 100% right, they will keep chipping, you can get braces to fix the problem permantly or be careful eating, when you have fillings on anterior teeth, you CANNOT bite into anything with the fron teeth, they WILL break if you do that.And to the lady that had to pay $664 outta pocket for 2 crowns, That is a great deal, thats the cost of 1 crown out of pocket in most offices so you have good insurance . I think Im done on here, But Im not sticking up for Aspen Dental, I do not work for them, But every complaint on here shouldnt have been complained about.

  • Gr
      11th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dear Dr. Doner:

    In your letter dated September 15th 2008. In original complaint Dr.Parks claimed I should not have eaten "hard "foods and chewing peanuts caused the broken tooth. He never mentions the possible effects on crown from not having the implants put in nor was I ever advised of same. Ironically, in gathering more documentation to submit to the Dental Society, Dr.Walsh explained- last week of August 2008- that probable cause of broken crown was due to not having implants in place. Again this was never brought up to me before and again I find this new defense of Dr.Parks incredulous and being used only after the fact Dr.Walsh comments to me. And reviewing my concerns with Dr.Walsh of Dr.Parks concern more with making money than patient welfare. As expressed by Dr.Parks wanting to do implants- which I was agreeable to but he never took the classes prior to crown shearing off. And I saw no need to rush into getting implant in place as no concern for not having them was ever disclosed to myself. And my Dental insurance was still in place.

    I first went to Dr.Parks to simply have the 3- unit Bridge re-cemented and possible other dental work as Aspen quoted cheap prices and also took dental plans my current dentist did not.Dr.Parks claimed negligence on my last dentist for not discovering a cavity at root of tooth 31 and advised I now needed a root canal. Thus referred to NH Endodontic.

    The tooth ultimately needed to be extracted as decay rapidly set in and when Dental flossing the floss would go completely over tooth tooth 31 and under bridge. Before getting Dr. Parks full attention- I remember repeatedly calling him for advise on tooth and my concern only to get vague answers-and ultimate extraction of tooth 31, a root canal and faulty crown on tooth 29.

    In my opinion, now that this has past, it would seem any concerned Dentist would have not only made it clear to patient what was happening to the Bridge but the effects the would happened if certain procedures were not followed immediately.

    Procedures which would have included the fact that if 3-unit bridge was no longer stable because of decay on tooth 31 then tooth 29 is now at risk due to no stable support from tooth 31. As a result, tooth 29 did break its connection with the bridge. Leading to more work-root canal and crown on tooth 29-both performed by Aspen Dental at cost of around $2500.00. That $2500.00 could have been used for a Implant for tooth 30 and I would still have had a healthy crown on tooth #29- If Dr.Parks performed his duties competently.

    My abrasive phone call seeking a mailing address was to serve papers on Dr.Parks for a small claims court review, later decided against as Peer Review was recommended to me after tooth examined by Dr.****NH. The call was made only after receiving a letter from Dr.Parks- due to my initial complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Concord NH- that I was no longer welcome at Aspen Dental in Concord or any Aspen Dental!!

    Again his response to the Better Business Bureau was solely that I should not have been eating hard foods. This new claim in your letter where Dr.Parks states "stress from other the other lower teeth not balancing out the chewing forces" on September 4th 2008 is totally new disclosure coming abruptly after my conversation with Dr.Walsh from NH Endodontics week of August 25 2008. Dr.Walsh was first to inform myself of possible resulting condition on tooth 29. And a week later Dr.Parks now includes this defense as his own diagnosis? Again after all the business Aspen Dental sends to NH Endodontics, lets just say I find this more than co-incidental. Let the records show where Dr.Parks ever claimed this in pre or post conditions.

    Dr.Parks was adamant from the start that he would not replace the crown and drew a picture how tooth is still protected as porcelain that sheared is just covering hard metal. At that time I was obviously taken by surprise as I expected nothing but a replacement and stated I needed to do something as his crown on tooth 29 obviously had compromised its integrity.

    Not only is tooth 29 sheared on BOTH sides of tooth, creating a pocket for bacteria between #28-#29 but another composite filling has also fallen out. That makes two composite fillings sided by side not properly fitted as well as other useless work and harmful effects due to, in my opinion, greed by Dr. Parks.

    The Better Business Bureau shows three other complaints against Aspen Dental. The BBB is an outlet many people do not resort to let alone send a complaint to New Hampshire Dental Society which I never even heard of until Dr.****made it sound like NHDS was the proper agency to correct the harm done.

    In closing, I am sure you will have more complaints against Dr.Parks in the future, as his nature in my opinion is greed and not concern for the patient. I do relay these opinions and my experience with the "process" evory chance I get. If you realy want the truth dig deeper, as I see many many lies.


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