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I needed an affordable dental office that was close by. After my other dental office closed I decided to try Aspen in January of 2011.

My last appointment, which was yesterday is my last appointment ever at Aspen. I waited for 45 minutes in my chair in the back and watched people walk passed me. I was there only because I had some pain in my tooth where my cavity was filled 2.5 months prior by the mentor Ohio office and I thought something wasn't right because it felt funny. When I made the appointment the lady on the phone told me that they would look at my tooth and then discuss what needs to be done if there is a problem. When the dentist Finally came over he was like I need x-rays and I said no, that is not what they told me on the phone. He REFUSED to look in my mouth. It would of taken 2 minutes. I just had my x-ray's 2.5 months prior, why on earth would I need them again. I refused and the 2 guys just looked at me like I was an idiot. And the Dentist actual said he did not tell me he wouldn't need x-ray's. So the dentist is suppose to answer the phone at your office? He was rude, and so I told them, they lost a customer, and walked out. I can't believe they made me wait in the chair for 45 mins and then told me I HAD to get an x-ray. They were rude and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT OFFICE AGAIN! I can take my money somewhere else.

I also want to stress one more thing. I'm shocked that they refused to look in my mouth. Absolutely refused. It's a dental office?? I'm trying to get pregnant and I know that I can't take x-ray's if I'm pregnant so for me to refuse the x-ray's (I shouldn't have had to explain that to them) and for them to stare at me like they couldn't do anything without the x-ray is absolutely ridiculous. The service was horrible and can't believe they treated me like that.

Another appointment I had at the same office. I walked in, signed in and sat down and Waited 30 mins and all of sudden my cell phone beeped that I had a message so I listened to it while in the waiting room and it was a Message from the Aspen Dental office asking where I was. I thought it was a joke, I walked up to the front desk and I told them I have been here for 30 mins, see I signed in and pointed to the sing in sheet. The lady was on her cell texting and apologized, but seriously. Do your job. I should of known then what a horrible place the Mentor Ohio office was. Everyone was rude except one person, who ever cleans the teeth, she was really great and was the reason I kept coming in. But no more.

I have an appointment in September and I will NEVER be coming back so please cancel and delete my email from your reminders. I'm happy to go somewhere else, anywhere else!

Thanks for horrible customer service,
Mentor, OH

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  • Do
      Feb 24, 2012

    we also have had nothing but problems with aspen in mentor! husband went in for an infected font tooth, after waiting 3 hours they sent us home with he wrong antibiotic, got worse! told him when he came back they would have to pull it, said also severe bone loss! now missing a tooth, they said most of the other upper ones were bad, pull them all and get upper denture, again waited hours, miss quoted price and then half way through pulling them all, other dentist says "most teeth good, bone looks good, why are we doing this?" WOW!!! to late, now the upper has been remade twice in a month, still to big, rockn in mouth, cant talk or swallow, or eat! they treat us like crap, herd us like cattle and really dont seem to have a clue how to fix this! wont be long before we see our lawyer and end up somewhere else!!DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL ANYWHERE!!!

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  • Mn
      Feb 29, 2012

    I had a terrible experience with Aspen dental, I waited for more than an hour and half, when the dentist started working on my tooth, he did not refer to any notes made in my previous visit, he did not even refer to my xrays until I told him that he is not working on the right tooth. He tried to numb me on the right side when he is supposed to do it on the left side and finally did not treat the tooth which had cavity, he started working on the one right beside it (which is not what I wanted), this is such a crappy and cheap dental office, never visit Aspen if you want Quality service. The dentist who treated me dint even talk me to walk me thru my treatment plan before working on my teeth, they act as if they are playing with some plastic toys not real people. Bottom line is NEVER NEVER visit ASPEN in Mentor Ohio.

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  • Pr
      Jul 17, 2012

    Please join the class action lawsuit being filed. We need your testimony. You can email me at [protected]
    I am a paralegal and private investigator working on the case.

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  • An
      Mar 27, 2017

    @privateyegirl Is it too late

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  • En
      Jul 16, 2013

    I waited for 20 minutes out front. No-one there. Finally got called and nasty woman says they need x-rays. I tell them no. -even on the phone before I went there I told them this. She said they charge insurance for X-rays like I don't have to pay. Since I refused, she said I can wait in the chair for an estimate in a nasty tone of voice. Then she talks with the nasty tatood office manager and they both chuckled. Then, 20 minutes later nasty woman says he will be right with you. 15 minutes later I walk to the front and she smiles and says he is busy -sorry with a fake smile. i said, yea, your sorry -and went back to sit down. 15 more minutes later he says to come with him to his office smiling. I sit down and he says this won't take long. then he says I will have to go somewhere else with my business. After 70 minutes, this is the kind of unprofessional service that I get from that tatooed office manager. Then he says don't you ever talk to a member of my staff like that again. I started yelling about what a rip-off this place was and then he even pushed me ! -while I was walking toward the door. He is dangerous and the MENTOR, OH office is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. NEVER AGAIN! BE SAFE!

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  • An
      Mar 27, 2017

    @EngineerMentor I w wish I would have read this before I went to them today. They were terrible and left shards of bone and to in the holes in the back of my mouth and wouldn't even look at it again when I complained about it 5 minutes later

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  • An
      Mar 27, 2017

    Horrible experience there today. First they tried to change the time of my office visit to 11:45 on Tuesday instead of 11:45 today I told them that was not going to happen I have another doctor's appointment. So they told me they'd squeeze me and I said thank you very much for squeezing me in the my scheduled appointment. It took them not time at all to pull my tooth out it was a baCo upper molar which I'd already had one removed before in the past by another dentist when I left they put gauze in my mouth immediately and when I left there I took thr gauze out and felt with my tongue and all I could feel was sharp shards of my tooth. I turn the car back around and went back in there within 5 minutes and I said you didn't get all my teeth you didn't get all the tooth out and they said that's just your bone and I said will you please take a look at it ?no it will just grow over the bone you're fine they were very rude to me now I'm in terrible pain I'm going to consult a lawyer on this my name is Deanna Anthony and my phone number is [protected] if anyone else wants to give me any advice about how to handle this without losing my mind. Thank you

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  • Li
      May 24, 2017

    @Ana Anthony Can you please tell me which dentist pulled your tooth? I am looking for a dentist that will knock me out, and this place seems to be the only one covered by my lousy dental insurance . :( Thank you..

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