Aspen Dental Management / periodontal cleaning

Conway, ArkansasConwau, United States

On July 16, 2018 I went in to Aspen Dental after having made an appointment to get a cavity filled. I went in and they did lots of xrays. They then examined my teeth and told me I had periodontist and that they wanted to do a cleaning. This is the first time I had heard of this and I asked if they could still fix the tooth that was hurting me. I was told they could fill my cavity because of the bacteria from the periodontitis. I explained that I was in a lot of pain, which they knew because my blood pressure was high and they checked it quite a few times. They told me cleaning should help with the pain so I agreed. I was never told how much the cleaning would cost. I was told it would cost over $25, 000 to fix everything. A lady asked me to sign up for a credit card to cover what my insurance would not. I asked her how much my insurance would pay and she said she did not know because they had not run it yet. I was approved for a credit line of $2, 500 with dental first financing. I have paperwork showing that I financed $1, 383.54. That is all the paperwork I have. It does not tell me what exactly that money went to. When I got my credit card bill I was charged $2, 106.28. I have no idea what that money went to. All I know was I went there in pain and left in even worse pain and in debt.

Oct 16, 2018

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