Aspen Dental Managementcall center gave wrong information and also the service was a waste of time

I called your online scheduling service on Saturday July 21st in a panic because my fiancé had cracked his tooth and needed to be seen right away. The scheduling man was very nice but informed us that they could see him Monday morning and yes could extract his tooth if need be being there was an oral surgeon on staff at all times. We went there (Pittsburgh Mills location, PA) at 8:00 Monday and was basically informed that this was a new patient visit and they would not be able to do any procedures during that appt. I became very upset saying your scheduler said that you would be able to help him which then they miraculously had a cancelation and said that they could. So we regretfully stayed and wasted more time because the doctor said the tooth was infected so they could not pull it-only prescribing antibiotics for 7 days and said to come back the following Monday. I explained my fiancé was in pain and was leaving for a work trip out of town the rest of the week and he needed to get this pulled today or at least a couple pain killers which they also would not prescribe. He is a 49 year old man who would not abuse anything but was just looking for some pain relief. Ok so basically we left there and I called another oral surgeon who was so wonderful to squeeze us in and take care of the problem. They explained that being the tooth was infected, the novicane might not work but the pain he was in at that time was worse. He wanted the tooth out. Aspen Dental didn't even give him the choice. So he was out of pain within a day no help from Aspen. I called to tell them what happened and even though there was no remorse from that office (they said it was all their policies) they could have at least apologised. Therefore, I will never use Aspen Dental again. I know a lot of people and clients and will also share this experience with them. Just a big waste of time!!

Jul 26, 2018

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