Aspen Dentalhave been trying for at least 8 months to get dental aspen to complete my dental implants.

I went to Aspen Dental in 2011 in Lebanon, TN trying to get dental work done. They pulled 2 teeth. I tried for a year to get bridges to fit (that they made) and could not get a good fit. Got my part of my money back from there. Went to their new Gallatin office to see what could be done. Decided to get dental implants. I was sent to an oral surgeon in Gallatin, TN. I have no complaints about him. He had his own practice. All that he did was very good. He got me through bone grafting and post implants.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Gallatin, TN I have now been trying since 2014 to get Aspen Dental to put the crowns on the posts. I have called them numerous times with no satisfaction. I have been to their office several times. I still do not have my crowns. Now the office in Gallatin, TN tells me that the dentist in this office does not do the crowns. I will have to go to Nashville to get it done. I am more than irritated. I am angry! I will not recommend anyone to go to Aspen Dental. If I can find another provider to meet my dental needs and the discount plan I have, I will never go to Aspen Dental again. They are a joke!

Feb 03, 2015

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