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Aspen Dental / misleading!

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Aspen Dental, Warwick, RI. I went to Aspen dental to get my teeth cleaned, and I wanted a tooth checked that was giving me some discomfort. When I filled out the papers for the necessary information, I put down my visit was for cleaning and check. I was given a full set of X-rays which I didn’t need and when the dentist checked my teeth, and the X-rays, he didn’t even see the cavity on the tooth that I wanted checked. I did have a broken tooth right above the one that was bothering me. His main concern was capping the one that was broken, and not taking care of the one that was bothering me. I made an appointment to get the cavity taken care of.

When I went for the appointment he started working on the tooth that needed a cap, and not on the one that needed the filling. I told him that I wanted the cavity taken care of on the lower tooth. He did the filling and then started working on the broken tooth that needed the cap, which I did not want done at that time. He went ahead and put a temporary filling in, and said nothing about a core buildup, which is needed for a crown. When I received my statement from the insurance company, it listed it as a core build up which is not covered by my insurance.

On the Aspen bill it was listed as core buildup with pins. I questioned the core buildup and pins listed on the Aspen statement. In a phone conversation I was told that there was one pin put in and that two were not needed. When I went to pay the for the core buildup with pin, I found out there were no pins at all and that the price was the same, with or with out pins. The person told me that it was listed as core buildup/pins, meaning that the core buildup could have pins, pin, or none. This in itself was inconsistent with what the bill stated, because on the Aspen statement it plainly stated core buildup with pins. Beware of Aspen Dental; they will take advantage of any person that is not aware of their pressure tactics. They obviously can’t keep track of what they do and don’t do. And are confused on the proper terminology too clarify their work done.

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      31st of Jul, 2008
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    AS per American Dental Association CDT codes code for core build (with/without pins) is 2950. It is universal code and that is how it is listed. statement is not indicative. It is the dentist's treatment notes which will tell you, as on statement, whether pins were placed or not it will be Code 2950.

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      29th of Sep, 2009
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    After reading quite a few of these complaints I knew I had to write one myself. I so hope that people will come here to read these comments before going to Aspen Dental.
    I had changed dental insurance so scheduled a cleaning. I went in and after waiting 45 minutes, I was finally brought into a room to have X-rays done. I was then brought into a room which seemed more like a hair salon than a dental office. I got to watch TV while the hygenist poked around. I was still waiting for the cleaning...

    After the "look around" and measuring the depth of gums, etc. I was told I would need 2 sessions of deep cleaning, I needed a cavity filled and my crown would need replacement. I would also have to buy this extremely important toothbrush...After TWO hours, and still no cleaning, and being practically forced to sign off on the treatments I walked out in tears and vowed never to return.

    Went to my regular dentist and paid the extra fees as he was not one of the approved dentists for my insurance. The teeth were fine ("You do a great job keeping your teeth clean"), I do have a tiny hole but it is NOT a cavity, my crown was irritated as I had a cold and the nerves in the tooth were hurting from the sinus pain.

    DO NOT go to Aspen - they seem to tell everybody the SAME thing - we all seem to have horrible decaying teeth..

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      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with us. Please don’t hesitate to call our patient satisfaction team at 1-866-273-8606 with any questions or concerns you may have. Or, if you’d like, you can e-mail us directly at


  • Ru
      28th of Dec, 2009
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    I sent my son the Aspen to have his teeth cleaned. He is 21 (a college student, still my dependent) and had his teeth cleaned regularly since he was 2. His regular dentist retired. He had the same experience at Aspen that you did. He waited for over an hour to be seen. Then after the poking around, he was seated with the billing girl and presented with a "treatment" cost of $1200. He told them he would have to talk to me since he was on my insurance and I was paying the bill. He never got the cleaning. When I inquired about the treatment, I was told that he had peridontal disease and needed deep cleaning and special products. I told them they were crazy that he had his teeth taken care of and the cleanings were covered in full by my insurance and any fillings would cost my only $20 or $30 out of pocket. I was told that the other dentist was not cleaning his teeth properly!! When I asked for the breakdown, I was treated very rudely and told that the cost was for the total treatment. I insisted on a breakdown and finally had the paper literally thrown at me. It consisted of alot of unnecessary items. Things that the insurance would not cover. NO cleaning cost that much!!! They even charged for the visit and xrays even though they advertise that they are free for the new patient. When I asked about that, the girl conveniently had a large cardboard sign right beside her and she held it up in my face and pointed out the fine print that stated it was not include with any insurance coverage. Right there I knew they were scam artists. I said my son would not return. Bad part about it is that he now has to wait another 6 months for a cleaning at another dentist since they got the insurance money for that visit even though they did nothing. What crooks they are.

  • Ma
      17th of Jan, 2012
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    they wanted to charge six thousand worth of work and wouldnt give me a copy of the exam what kind of dentist wont give you a a copy of the exam? whats the secret? It definitely seemed like they were running up the bill and they wanted 40 percent that day! 40 percent of six thousand??? what a joke

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