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Reviews and Complaints

service issue

I was seen at Aspen dental and was told by Dr. Yumang that I would need an apico ectomy done. I was then sent to the office manager Andrew Robinson who tells me that I don't qualify for the payment plan so I'd have to come up with $1, 321 up front. I then got a new insurance called United Healthcare which, Dr. Pethan Tin, the oral surgeon, at Aspen Dental just so happened to be the main provider. The receptionist gave me an issue about being seen even though they were in my plan. I finally got an appointment set up with Dr. Pethan Tin the oral surgeon. He didn't even bother looking at the tooth, spoke to me for less than 5 minutes, and then quickly referred me to an endodontist 83 miles away. I have insurance in which Aspen dental is the main provider but refuses to work with. When I complained to Andrew Robinson, the office manager, he asked me "What do you want? Do you want me to do the procedure for you?" in which I responded, "I don't need your sarcasm and you're being extremely rude." I find it really strange that I was asked in the beginning to come with $1, 321 for the apico ectomy and then when I didn't qualify for their payment plan I magically didn't need an apico ectomy done anymore and was sent out to an endodontist 83 miles away. When I asked Andrew Robinson about this he told me that the reason I was asked to pay was to be seen as quickly as possible and I would have paid the $1, 321 up front but when the oral surgeon would have seen me he would have refunded the money. I have been getting the run around from them for over a month. If you want to be treated with respect and want prompt, courteous, professional service then AVOID ASPEN DENTAL!

  • Jo
    Joan2015 Jul 29, 2015

    I had dentures made two yes ago...they broke b4 my warranty and made me pay ...those teeth top and bottom broke several times...they made me a new set ..this year..and same thing broke several times...I want my money back..the dentist told me I wasn't chewing my food directly..and I was costing her too much money..that I have to cur up all my food.. The stress and this is affecting my health I want to put my name on a class action suit against Aspen Dental. In Saugus Massachusetts...I don't know how to go about it...at this time I asked for my money back haven't heard yet.and I am seeing another dentist for a new set of teeth...this is affecting my mental...emotional ..health and financial state of circumstance...thank you Joan Johnson at [email protected]

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Abcessed and calcified tooth!

Beware of Aspen Dental. On November 24, 2006, I went to Aspen Dental to get a second opinion about some gum inflammation I was having. Dentist said, I had early stages of gum disease; because my teeth were not getting cleaned good enough. Aspen Dental took all their own x-rays. The dentist, seemed very knowledgeable. Eventually I agreed to have Aspen Dental do the Deep root scaling and planning teeth cleaning. Dentist prescribed antibiotics for the gum inflammation.

The first half of my mouth was cleaned that day. Also, they did a very hard sell of the Rotodent Electric toothbrush. The hygienist was worse than a vacuum cleaner salesman. Eventually I was talked into the rotadent and was told not use my Sonicare. Needless to say I ended up purchasing a toothbrush. I had to return on December 7, 2006 for the second half of the cleaning. Then on February 8, 2007 I was told I needed a recheck and periodontal maintainence. In addition I went back on June 6, 2006 for more periodontal work These procedures were expensive; but it was worth it because my gums were feeling better.

BUT... In June 2007, I was moving out of state. I asked Apsen Dental for copies of my chart and x-rays. So that I may present them to my new dentist. Aspen Dental called told me my chart and x-rays were ready to be picked up. The records were sealed in a manilla envelope. I made the mistake of not opening it right in the office. But I was relocating; too much stuff going on.

October 2007 I scheduled a dentist appointment for a routine check up and cleaning with a new dentist in my new area. At the appointment I opened up the manilla envelope what do I find. A few x-rays, and a note on Aspen Dental letterhead. The only thing legeable is Periodontal. The rest of it is a bunch of scribbles. My new dentist looks at it and says, "How on earth is anyone supposed to read this!" I had new x-rays taken. Plus I had Aspen Dental's x-rays. My dentist examines the new x-rays compares them to the x-rays taken at Aspen Dental. "Didn't they tell you that you had an abcessed tooth and it's nearly completely calcified! It was there last year, this year it's worse!" I said, "No I was never told." In fact, I had complained about that tooth for at least nineteen years. " I explained I starting having doubts about my first dentist. All my tooth pain and jaw pain was always caused by TMJ, tooth grinding or some other weird diagnosis. I went to Aspen Dental hoping to get a second opinion and better dental health care!

My new dentist, refused to touch the tooth. Sent me to an Endodontic Specialist. Eventually I had a root canal; but it failed. The tooth was so badly calcified the endodontist had a hard time finding the original canal. I just had Endodontic Surgery last week. It will take time to see if the surgery is a success. Otherwise, I will have to have my tooth extracted and replaced with a prosthetic tooth.

I still do not understand how this tooth got so bad. In my opinion my original dentist and Aspen Dental failed me. They are both negligent. The tooth was already 90% calcified in October of 2006. It should have been visable on x-rays in 2005! Not sure why it was not detected sooner. Even after I complained many times about the tooth. BUT the infected tooth is clearly visible in 2006 on X-rays taken at Aspen Dental office in Blasdell and they never told me. Four office visits and not a single word about my abscessed tooth.

As far as my original dentist, I have nothing good to say. But that is a different complaint. As for Aspen Dental, in my opinion, Aspen Dental would rather see all your teeth fall out. They can make more money doing implants, bridges, making false teeth, and selling motorized toothbrushes. This outfit is not interested in preventative maintainence. They only want to make a lot of money real fast! I am troubled knowing that I could have had a root canal a year earlier, maybe even two years ago. I did everything a person is suppose to do. Regular check ups, brushing twice a day, flossing everyday.
What do I have to show for it. A failed root canal, leading to Endodontic surgery. Maybe tooth extraction.

The best thing that could have happened to me and my teeth was relocating to Mississippi/Louisiana area. The dental care I have been getting; is far superior than what I received in New York! I can not stress enough, stay away from Aspen Dental. If you are a current patient of theirs, I highly recommend finding another dentist in the area. I wish I would have done my homework or asked friends and neighbors for a referrals. If you ever need a dentist in Western NY ask me. I tell you who NOT to see.

I think Aspen Dental are a bunch of crooks! I wish the New Media would do some undercover investigating, I am certain they will end up with one shocking story!

  • C
    C Jan 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for aspen dental. I think you are wrong. When the doctor looks at your mouth they tell you everything that you need done. We put it into a treatment plan. There is no way a doctor would miss an abcessed tooth!! How could YOU! miss and abcessed tooth. you would be in pain. And it would be inflammed!!! There is nothing wrong with the aspen dental I work at in CT. You shouldn't bash all the aspen dentals, you only went to one and had a bad expierence at it!!

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  • Br
    Bruce Graham Feb 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would avoid Aspen Dental having had
    them try to overcharge me for
    unnecessary work at the Seekonk office . Plus sometimes the dentist
    is right out of school and they lack experience.
    Check the internet there are complaints everywhere
    including at the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Mi
    mistygirl06374 Mar 17, 2008

    LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.....ASPEN DENTAL EMPLOYEE! I have been to 4 of your offices. THE ONLY ONE I didn't have trouble in was in the RI office in which the dentist spoke no english and the receptionist spent her time picking a wedgie.

    NOW, AFTER DEALING WITH people sitting at front desks with NO clue about insurances, office managers that know less than my dog about how insurances work, about customer service and about how to bill insurances, patients with discount plans and how to apply fees... that is only the beginning.

    Every single filling my daughter had... at one office fell out within weeks or months of being placed. I had to go to yet another office and have them redone. Why? They made the mess, they should have cleaned it up... and sucked up the cost. YEt, I paid for the redo... ONLY TO FIND OUT THEY HAVE ALL MY BILLING SCREWED UP, HAVE done something fraudulent with my credit balance and no paper trail that is clear and never filed on my dental insurance for all services in the last 8 months.


    They did a couple of things to my daughter that I think were both inappropriate and irreversible.

    And to top it off,... they talk to people in a condescending manner....even when they are wrong.

    I am beginning to wonder why they are trying to soak in cash like crazy, to the point of fraud, unnecessary procedures and padding billing. I think the federal government should be investigating Aspen Dental... and fast!

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  • Jo
    joshua Apr 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I like how people are quick to call out aspen by name. You can google anything and find bad complaints about it on the internet. With anything in life you should always do your homework and maybe the doctor at that particular aspen missed something. After all were only human right and its the narrow minded humans out there that keep life interesting with garbage like this. I like how they never mentioned the name of there original dentist in there review. I dont claim that every aspen is awesome !! In todays world and with all the resources people have now adays you should of used the internet to learn a little bit about your condintion instead of using it to spit crap out about aspen dental.

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  • Allie at Aspen Dental Apr 10, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. Connie, we sincerely apologize if your visit to our office was anything less. We want to do everything we can to address your concerns. I have forwarded your message to a member of our Patient Satisfaction team who will get back to you shortly. Connie, we are committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you for letting Aspen Dental serve you.

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  • Mh
    mhirsch4150 Sep 10, 2009

    I had an appt today at Aspen Dental. First time appt. Wow waited over an hour in dentist chair. Finally he looked at my teeth and then said I had gum disease! I said what? He said no big deal we just need to give you special type of cleaning. The manager tried to sell me all of his supplies. I need personal service and not feel like I am in a production line or sales office. Horrible.
    You should get dedicated individualized service @ dentist. Not with this big company!

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  • Mr
    mrsafetyman Dec 07, 2009

    remeber everyone has a right to thier medical records including dental records. Look at them dispute them in writing if you need to correct any errors. Challenge care plans since it is ultimately you that has control over your health. Also certain procedures can cause other dental related issues such as absess from inproper cleansing after a procedure or even antibiotics that were not prescribed. Also with Aspen Dental, get quotes upfront. Make sure they have a your cost final side and a their cost final side and what insurance will cover if you have it. Be aware and on guard because they are also their to sell you the world of care since it is their job to do so. Remember, try to discern between necessary care and care for looks or looking good. This is where they get you and its really not thier fault its ours. Get educated about your dental care.

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  • Mo
    mortifeus Jan 08, 2014

    I have an appointment at A.D. next week. They say I need the scaling and root planing procedure. I agree with that. However, is $1750 for just my bottom teeth a little overpriced? I read that it's like 400 a quadrant, which would only be 800 max.

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