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Aspen Dental / Beware!

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Thank you all for your comments. I had just received dental insurance from my new employer, and of course, the only Dentist in their network was Aspen Dental. I decided that I would try them out before sending my husband and four kids there. My first impression when pulling in was fear! They were located in a shopping mall! Oh well, I had a coupon so I knew I would be out of no money, It was only x-rays. I continued and check in, they had me waiting for 2 HOURS!

During these 2 hours I had plenty of time to watch how they operated. First of all, ALL the technicians appeared to be fresh out of college. (Nothing wrong with that, but I would have preferred to see a few people over 30 overseeing things). Then they proceeded to bring my fellow waiters up to the billing clerk to receive money prior to service. Now I was quite a bit skeptical. But I stayed the course and continued to wait, being thankful that I didn't put my kids through this.

Finally, my turn!! I go in get my x-rays and continue to another room to wait, and wait, and wait another 45 minutes. Then a Doctor comes in, looks at my x-rays and tells me that I have the beginning stages of gum disease and 4 cavities. He then proceeds to insult an oral surgeon who had done work on me a number of years ago.

Then he has his assistant go through the "plan" with me. She said that I would need a slew of medications and flouride tied into all this work I would need. Flouride??? for $85?? I am over 30!! Now I am feeling like this is a joke and there is a camera somewhere. I continue to speak to the billing/insurance girl before I leave. She continues to inform me that all this work I need done is going to cost me $2500!

I have never had a single cavity in my 30+ years, and brush, floss and wash regularly. I told the girl that I would not be making another appointment and conceded that this experience was one of learning, taking 3.5 hours of my life to investigate a dentist that I now know I will NEVER bring myself or my family to.


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  28th of Apr, 2008
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I to was misled by Aspen Dental- I had services done in there Dedham, Ma office - I went in for a exam and consultation- I was told that I had gum disease and that before any other issues were taken care of I needed to have this addressed immendiatly - I was given a estimate of $1, 255.00 -and I was
told that my Dental insurance would not cover any peridontal cleaning- Jennifer the fnancial person said that because of this she could give me the package for $1, 155.00.
I also asked for a Fee for services schedule - ( a break done of
exactly what I was paying fo) her response was that Aspen dental does not provide that to its clients. I consulted with My dental insurance carrier and they told me no matter what I
should only put done 50% of the payment and to make sure
that Aspen dental submittied the costs to them- When I went in for the cleaning I paid $562.50 of course on care credit-
I was also given the Rotodent and was told that it was part of the packagee there would be no additional charge. A few weeks later I receive a Bill from Aspen Dental Headquarter in the amount of 1, 785.00- I called to question this and the very
rude CSR told me to ingnore this and wait and see what my Insurance paid- Well they did get $500+ from my Insurance
company and they expect me to pay them a additional $600+
and guess what the ROtodent isn't part of the package either
I have tried to resolve this issue with them to no end-
they will not receive that balnce from me I would rathert go to court to resolve this issue - They are very deceitful in there
business practices and thay commit insurance fraud .
  10th of Apr, 2009
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Aspen Dental is committed to providing all patients with exceptional service and care. Amy, we sincerely apologize if your visit to our office was anything less. We want to do everything we can to address your concerns. I have forwarded your message to a member of our Patient Satisfaction team who will get back to you shortly. Amy, we are committed to your total satisfaction and we look forward resolving any issues quickly and courteously. Thank you for letting Aspen Dental serve you.

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