Aspen Dental 2100 Chili Avenue 14624partial denture

Hello I am writing in regards to a major issue my husband is having with service and product.. The office is Aspen Dental 2100 Chili avenue 14624... We were talked into purchasing the FlexiLytes partial denture at a high cost we were told it was superior to the Cast partial. Well almost going on way over a year and a half and we are still having to go every 2 weeks for adjustments. We were told by the dentist Dr Sai.. Who is excellent so nice that we were not told the correct info and were pressured into the purchase of the FlexiLyte He said we can Talk with store manager Tatiana and we should be able to get some refund back The store manager that did the original deal was no longer working there. Well... I have never had such POOR, BAD, DISRESPECTFUL customer service in my life! We were talked down upon yelled at and basically told to shut up! Tatiana said they will not honor any guarantee and if we want to order the Cast Partial it would be and additional almost 500$ more... We were so shocked and disappointed that they would treat a customer that way.. Never have we been treated so poorly with any service Tatiana needs to be retrained or REPLACED! I hope you can help us resolve this issue as we have payed in full for the denture and have had to miss so much time off from work he works a high stress level job and I am retired and I am on any hippa policy to have full permission to discuss any medical need. Well he had a missed phone call after his visit so I tried to call and was again very rudely told I could not be given any information. So again he had to take time from his work. Is this not why we have a Hippa policy in place we are extremely disappointed in our service we have had. I have recommended people to that location because of the excellent care of Dr Sai and now to be treated this way. Then to see commercial and advertisements all the time about money back guarantee and peace of mind warranties when we have had anything but.

Jun 06, 2018

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