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Aspen Denal / Dental Services

1 Vestal, NY, United States
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I started going to Aspen Dental to have some work done in Vestal, New York. At that time the dentist said there was an area of concern on my tongue maybe being cancerous. However, was not able to make an appointment with the surgeon because I had 2 different insurance companies and hadn't gotten the other card yet.

Didn't care and refused to bill my insurance company for the visit to the surgeon. Was taken in and a print off was run for all the services that I had to have to have done and until I was able to come up with 50% of the fees then nothing could be scheduled.

I felt so be betrayed...My insurance would have covered the fees with no problem for the surgeon. Instead of letting my take advantage of the bennefits that I worked so hard to get they said that I would need to sign a contract and pay for services that weren't even going to be rendered in the same calendar year.

Then I had a problems with my face being numb on my left side because I had some infection going on in my upper left side... I went in and they wouldn't even let me see a Dentist until I signed a contract.

John - the General Manager - came out of the office because I wasn't going to sign because not all work was being done. I explained to him that I had a problem with being charged for work that wasn't done in the same calendar year. He was one of the most rudiest people I have ever seen and I thought to myself he is a General Manager????? As a matter of fact the whole office was so unprofessional it made me sick. When I just went in for a numbness on my left side of my face - they didn't care if you don't sign a contract then you don't get to see the dentist. John - the General Mgr. said if you don't like the way the do things go some where else! I said how can you charge for something that is not going to be done until the following year. He looked at me and said are you wanting me to commit insurance fraud. I was so angry I up and left that office. Went out to the car and called the office and who answers the phone ((((John - General Manager)))). He really was so unprofessional it made me ill at my stomach. I told him was face was numb and that you refused me service... I also told John - General Manager that I was going to call both insurance companies and file a complaint against Aspen Dental.

He then got half way decent and said well come on back and you can see a dentist. Well, I had taken off work and had to go back to work so he said he would talk to the Dentist and have them call a presciption in for the infection in my mouth.

To all of you that are thinking about having work done re-think going their because the same thing will happen to you. All these people care about in getting you in and then running their famous printouts and having you sign a contract in which you aren't allowed to pay when they do the work.

Aspen Dental shouldn't even has their doors open to the public because of the way they treat their customers.

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