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Argos / Unfair returns policy

1 DundrumDublin, Ireland

Do not buy a watch from Argos

Please be wary of buying a watch from Argos. They provide nowhere near the level of service a jeweller would.

My wife bought a Rotary ladies watch for €139.99 from the Dundrum, Ireland branch of Argos yesterday, 7th August 2015.

She liked everything about the watch and was told by the assistant that the metal chain link strap could be adjusted to fit her wrist there & then in the store.

At no point was it mentioned that the strap might not fit or be suitable for her wrist. So, she purchased the watch, received her receipt and the supervisor came out and removed the links to fit it.

She did mention that once the links were removed the 30 day refund policy was void as they now deemed it a 2nd hand item, but at this point the watch had been purchased.

Unfortunately no matter how many links were removed or popped back in the strap was either extremely tight or extremely loose on my wife's wrist, so completly unwearable.

The supervisor stood her ground and said that they could not issue any refund even though in our eyes the watch was not fit for use. This was a shock to us as surely the idea of a watch is that it fits you comfortably and functions correctly.

If we had gone to a jeweller I have no doubt they would either have advised us that the strap was probably not suitable for my wife's wrist, or at least tried to remove links to see if suitable before selling the watch. They would not and could not have sold a watch that did not fit.

We have contacted Argos Customer Service in the UK and they are adamant that - even though, in our eyes, the watch is perfectly resellable, they just popped a couple of links out - they deemed it 2nd hand and not covered by their returns policy.

Nowhere in the catalogue, online, in store or it seems via a sales assistant does it point this fact out about watch straps that might not fit & that you have no come back if you buy the watch and take the 50/50 chance you hope it will fit and if it doesn't, you are scuppered.

To my mind this is deceitful selling, an unreasonable returns policy and incredibly bad customer service from the sales agents and supervisors of Argos both in Ireland & the UK.

I reiterate, if we had gone to a jewellers we would have got a watch that was correctly fitted, this is fundamental to owning a watch.

I am not sure if we have a case under the Fair Trading Act but I believe we should do and am going to pursue it.

Argos are part of the Home Retail Group. Their Chairman is Oliver Stocken and I also intend to write to him about this, I'm sure he'll never see the letter but ultimately he is responsible for this.

So, please avoid Argos like the plague if you are looking to buy a watch.

Once you part with your money in Argos they do not want to know you and do not provide helpful customer service.

Aug 8, 2015

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