ArgosTerrible Staff Attitude and unwillingness to compensate.

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I was shopping in november of last year with my then almost 3 year old who was at the time potty training. I was also 7 1/2 months pregnant. Unfortunatley my daughter had an accident so I informed a member of staff too ensure the mess was cleaned up. The informed member of staff then informed several other members of staff who were laughing hysterically before returning to me and passing me a large mop bucket of soapy water and explained that it was my responsibility as a parent to clean it up. I asked if he'd carry ita nd he said no. I then struggled to carry it while other customers were pointing and laughing. I was distressed and angry so much so that my mum took me straight to hospital were my labour had to be stopped. I wrote to argos twice allthough they state they only recieved one l;etter, they have said theres nothing they can do and they are unwilling to compansate as i have no financial loss. were do we go from here? emma

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  •   Feb 03, 2009

    or maybe Jason your just a troll who likes to go around and put people down. Really go back to youtube and start posting up hate comments again.

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  • Ic
      Jun 20, 2009

    May I please state, that health and safety regs do state that employees cannot touch anything of this nature.
    How were staff to know your child wasn't carrying any form of infectious or health-damaging disease or illness?

    Argos have no reason to financially compensate you, read consumer law on compensation. In no way have you made a financial loss to them and it does not warrant a goodwill gesture as there was no ill-will intended.

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  • An
      Aug 02, 2009

    I bought a washine machine from argos that is obviously faulty and cannot get any satisfaction regarding this. I stated that the machine would spin sometimes and not others, fast spin somestimes not others. I was told bythe customer services that this was a particular feature of this machine and it was not faulty. I did have an engineer out who told me the machine was so sensive that it was not faulty but this was afeature of this machine. He also told me to throw a towel in the maachine and then it might spin! I was also told that if the load was too small or too big it might not spin.

    I asked the lady I was talking too if that we be accetable if she had to play around with her machine to make it work to which the reply was "I don't have that machine".

    In the course of ringing the complaints department for over a week I have had many different telephone numbers to ring, spoken to Doris twice at least, Hannah, Sacha at various other people on the phone.

    I was told by someone that they had only got listed that I made two calls, very convient for their records.

    I was told on many occaisons that I would recieve a call back, that I would get an email, that I would be sent a manual. Of course none of this happened.

    Beware people who wish to get customer satisfaction, you won't get it at Argos.

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  • An
      Aug 02, 2009

    Dreadful service or should I say no service at all!
    I will be very wary of getting any white goods from your company in future.

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  • Jo
      Aug 28, 2009

    I agree with you andrew their service is dredful.

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  • Ma
      Feb 02, 2011

    I bought a ps3 that came with a big ben acessory pack. Sony have now done a update so no third party controllers work. I complained to argos stating that it was bought in a bundle from them, and then iv'e now had to go out and buy a official controller. Argos blames sony for updating there systems and sony blame argos for selling third party controllers. I am now at least £37.99 out of pocket and left with a bundle pack of big ben that no longer works. Aparently the third party controllers still selling in argos have been updated. but where does that leave me.

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