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My wife bought a garden gazebo, not an expensive item,at the local ARGOS
We set it on the lawn and after about three weeks we came down one morning to find one of the metal legs had collapsed.
She complained at the local store.
Nothing we can do we don't have any more. Anyway, that was a windy night...we've had lots of complaints about this happening, accidental damage,
I wrote to Richard Joyce, Customer services at ACTON Gate, about 3 weeks ago, no response not even an acknowledgement. Finding his name and avoiding an 0870 number is impossible. I rang an 0800 number i found to be told it was really an 0870 line, but I got his name and address. Why should you pay a premium rate call to complain about goods which are unfit for purpose?
A gazebo which cannot resist a summer breeze is as useful as a chocolate fireguard, the company selling them even less so.
I have asked my wife not to shop at ARGOS again. They need treating with the same contempt they hold their customers in!

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  • Da
      Oct 22, 2007

    Argos are the most inept, crudely run company I have had the misfortune of dealing with. They have cost me £1,000 in bank fees by not refunding money due back to me on the day they promised and instead of informing me of the delay I was forced to chase them for the refund which turned up 5 weeks later and 1,000 worse off in bank fees as the £400 refund was not paid in and therefore did not cover DD's that were due after the date they promised me - eventually the money went in and left me £600 overdrawn.

    Thanks Argos and thanks for ignoring every attempt I have made to speak to non-loony tune in your crap company.

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  • Na
      Dec 16, 2007

    i am a fifty year old girl who just wants to waste money on goods i bough a mp3 player and i faulated i took i back but they said nowt we can do its your product and you dont have a recit and you could hav found it and pleaded money outa this argos store in jarrow i wish never to shop there again

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  • Ah
      Nov 09, 2015

    Argos is very upfront with promises to customer to walk in spend money on a product with warranty guarantee and 30day money back. Unfornately may all public be aware shopping with Argos and not update with their false statement inadequate customer service can cost more than expected up refundable and the vendor to keep the damage item as a result of a manager or lousy staffs decision. Customer service needs to meet up inline with update revised relation towards their policy and service. My opinion shop with John Lewis as they have almost or more than Argos choice better service guaranteed replacement, slight dearer but safe shopping. Argos is not a reputable shop you want to waste resources with as numerous complaints have been updated on the consumer throughout whole uk. The directors need to wake up and understand it doesn't take minutes to go into liquidation as we customers are their money having products on shelves and online would not benefit the company if there is no sales and disappointing customers with their products.

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