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Today, and is not the first time, it has happened many times, i have visited Argos in the Broadmead galleries in Bristol and i have found the staff there to be unbearably unfriendly and unpleasant.
I went to return a good i had bought there three days ago and i found the staff looked down on me and also she could not bring a smile on her face, it looked like she was not being rewarded but rather annoyed by what she was doing.
I suggest Argos have a good look at some of the staff in some of the stores because the way some deal with the customers is totally unacceptable. If i ran a business like this i certainly would never aprove the attitude the staff had with me today. I nearly asked her if she needed a tip to get a smile out of her face, God, what a flat ### she had, like she was really pissed off there, maybe she should consider whether this job is right for her.
I am afraid if Argos do not take care of their staff and most of all its customers, i think that could damage the image of the company a great deal,
I am not obviously seeking for any compensation, i am just doing Argos a favour by giving my feedback about the the rudeness and unfriendly attitudes of some of their staff. Maybe these need some training on how to smile!!
Kind regards

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  • Pa
      Feb 09, 2009

    Not suprised at your treatment, you probably look like a knuckle dragger, if your spelling or grammer give any indication.

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  • Mo
      Aug 07, 2009

    Nobody deserves mistreatment but if you worked for Argos like i do you would'nt smile either.

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  • Th
      Dec 13, 2009

    its not about the store or the job, you live in bristol, thats enough reason to be upset dont you think
    go to a decent city with a decent argos store n get some decent service, if thats too much for you to handle then stay home and order online and stop moaning

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  • Wi
      Jun 19, 2012

    They are bad to work for as they promise they will give you training and then keep you in the stockroom. I was 21 thinking they would be cool to work for and boy was I wrong.

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