Ardent Properties / Poor service

OH, United States

I am having an issue with my A/C not working, I called the office first on the 15th of March, the maintenance man came over looked at the unit and left. The next day i called the office again and he came over again, this time saying that he did not have the equipment to test the unit. On Monday the 19th i called again and was told by the office manager that he would call the AC company since they did not work on those units. i wasted 3 days with this.. The AC company showed up late Wednesday afternoon, added freon but apparently there is s leak in the system. I talked to the manager and he said the AC people needed to get into two other apartments to check for the leak, He needed to give these two apartment residents a 24 hr notice before entering. He told the that would be done Wednesday the 21. I was promised by him that the issue would be resolved today the 22nd. I call the AC company because as usual the manager does not return phone calls and they told be that they wont be coming out until Monday the 26th. So i have been repeatedly lied to my the manager and i still have not heard his explanation as to why this is taking over 10 days to resolve.


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