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Fannie Mae / The Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA] Complaints & Reviews

Fannie Mae / The Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA] / agent/broker

Jan 17, 2019

Dear Fannie Mae, my name is Linda Futch, an I'm contacting you in regards of a property that me and my husband, Charles Futch would like to purchase. The address is 3383 Smiley Rd. Ludowici, Ga 31316. The listing agent is Kathrin Egner. I contacted Kathrin on 1/8/18 and was informed...

Fannie Mae / The Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA] / mortgage insurance / servicing

Dec 05, 2018

Jacquelyn Faye Lowden™©, Estate, In care of: Occupant to Executor Office 30650 Rancho California Road, Suite D406, 19A Foreign Non Domestic Temecula California ZIP Exempt Postal Code DMM 602 1.3(e)(2) North America / Northwest Territory U.S.A. UCC 1-308; 1863: Book 12 Statutes at Large...

Fannie Mae Foreclosed Home / Water leak in property represented by fannie affecting my property

May 14, 2016

Hi I live in a property beneath one you guys represent at Royal Palm Fla; 126 Sparrow Dr unit 14A and Fannie property is unit 13B. Is been two weeks since May 6 2016, on this day I came from work to surprisingly find out when going to my bathroom (master bathroom) the floor was flooded with...

Fannie Mae / The Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA] / Return of Earnest Money

Oct 01, 2014

I put in an offer on a house August 2014 the offer was accepted and earnest money was sent the SeviceLink title company in Anaheim CA. September 8th after paying for an inspection Fannie Mae states that they "do not own the home" and they pull the contract. Since this date I...

Fannie Mae / Breach of contract

Jul 24, 2014

After building I was renting was foreclosed on by FNMA, I agreed to move out by a certain date and leave the building "broom swept clean" in exchange for a move-out fee of $750. I moved out as agreed and left building as agreed yet FNMA will not pay me because they said a cabinet was left...

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services / Fannie Mae / Relocation assistance

Jul 22, 2014

On friday, june 6th, 2014, I received a letter for notice of sale of condo unit I was renting because I wasnt aware that the unit was in foreclosure. On June 16th, 2014, the condo unit was auction and bought by Fannie Mae. On June 17th, 2014, I received a notfication from landlord that I...

[Resolved] Fannie Mae Homepath / Fannie Mae Homepath

Jul 03, 2014

In Naples, FL we submitted an offer for Fannie Mae property at 5031 HICKORY WOOD DR, NAPLES, FL 34119 - REO ID A131Z58. The Buyer is a First Time Home buyer and qualified to purchase. This is the exact buyer profile the Homepath was setup for. Getting First Time owner occupants in these...

Fannie Mae REO home sale / breach of promise on Request for Repairs

Jan 15, 2014

I purchased a Fannie Mae REO home in 2008 with Results Realty as the listing broker. A Request for Repairs was added to the purchase contract and my real estate agent received notice from the seller's agent that all repairs were authorized on the list from Fannie Mae, seller. However, two...

Fanny Mae Phoenix arizona / policy change

Aug 16, 2013

foreclosed house right in the middle of owned family land with no right of way in 2009 brother-in -law and sister lost their house in the downturn. Fanny Mae had a lawsuit for right of way from my dad, they lost. today 2013 after it was put onto the open market for sell we submitted three...

Fanniemae and Seterus / Loan Modification

Apr 03, 2013

The Loan Modification that Fanniemae/Seterus is outrageous or a bold face scam. I was approved for a loan modification that changed only the loan term. It changed it from a 30 year to a 40 year mortgage. Giving them an estimated profit of $125, 665.59 in interest payments for a $2988.42 of...

Fannie Mae / No over sight

Jun 27, 2012

There is no over sight for wrong doings of the system, Fannie MAE is blameless because the appointments of power, from HomePath all the way down to the appointed realtor. The amount of abuse and back door dealing is appalling. Buyers are nothing but sheep to this system and the only fraud...

FannieMae / Underwriter Appraisal

Mar 19, 2012

Doubt any recourse is available for this situation. Appraisal and subsequent agreement both state property zoned residential (not quantified at all, just listed as residential R3. 7 years later we have decided we'd like to remodel with an addition and find that property is actually...

Homepath Property - Fannie Mae / Getting Screwed by Agent and Fannie Mae

Mar 01, 2012


Fannie Mae / Paul Whittle

Mar 01, 2012

After finding a condo a putting a bid that was accepted. Mr. Whittle called to set an appointment to close disregarding the fact that the house was currently rented. I informed him that I would not close until the renter had moved out. In the process of the inspection it came up that the...

Fannie Mae / Pulled back on rental agreement

Feb 13, 2012

I am half way through the lease of a single detached home I 've been renting, The owner let it go to foreclosure, it went back to the bank (Fannie Mae). I finally got through to them to set appointment with there property management team to view my lease and we did agree on an amount...

Fannie Mae / Fannie MAe Housing

Jan 13, 2012

We recently went into contract with Fannie Mae in November. We found a house listed around 160K W finally placed a bid and got the property at 137 after they ended up reducing the price after 2 months. We saw the house and placed our bid. Fannie Mae and us knew there were issues in the...

Fannie Mae / bids on there houses

Jul 28, 2011

I put a bid in on a house that was Fannie Mae/Reo owned that was priced way over what it was worth. The price 183, 600.00. my bid was 110, 000.00. This was a cash bid, no financing involved. We just received there reply and I quote buyer needs to come up with a serious bid or move on the...

Fannie Mae / Stay away

Jul 27, 2011

I bought a house in May 2009 in California. My job was transfered to Oahu so I had to move. Now I can’t buy another house because Fannie Mae rules state I have to have 30% equity in the Concord house, 30% equity in the house I want to buy and 3 month’s reserves in the bank to...

Fannie Mae / Retaining Ernest Money

May 23, 2011

Seller refusing to retain Earnest Money after not responding within contract guidelines to repair request. Notice of Contestment Non Return of Ernest Money I Nichole Freeman Coleman previous potential buyer of property 657 Village Crest Circle Hoover, Al 35226 request return of earnest...

Fannie Mae / They Harrarased me an I want to sue them

May 05, 2011

I had a morage with Bank of America, at the time, I was in a one bedroom condo, an things were going good, then I was trying to sell my small one an the realator helped me get into a two bedroom condo an at the time, I was working, but still was hard, I did not want to go into it, but bank...


Mar 26, 2011

My Time Line of Modification Process with Bank of America 18 MONTHS OF HELL TRYING TO GET A FANNIE MAE LOAN MODIFED AND ITS STILL NOT MODIFIED. WAS NEVER LATE UNTIL I ASKED BANK OF AMERICA TO HELP ME AS THEY ARE THE SERVICER!!! July 20, 2009- Faxed an authorization letter to BOA for Terecia...

Fannie Mae / Loan Modification

Mar 20, 2011

Since I spent two days in NACA in September of 2009 trying to get Wells Fargo to work with us and was told we would be seen and leave with an answer, they came back ten minutes later and told us Wells Fargo was too tired and was going home after two 12 hour days of standing in lines. Then...

Fannie Mae / broke contract

Mar 13, 2011

I have a contract on a home with fannine mae through a REDC. The auction company contacted me after I contacted them to tell me 6 days before closing the house was sold in dekalb county in a tax sale. Dekalb said the taxes are payed up and has not been sold in a tax sale. The clerk in the...

Fannie Mae / 'Non disclosure' regarding property.

Mar 10, 2011

We recently purchased a foreclosed home from Fannie Mae. There were obvious issues with the property that were discovered during walk through & inspection process. For example the copper pipes were removed from the property subsequently a thorough plumbing test could not be completed. Seven day...

Fannie Mae REO / escrow that was cancelled

Feb 09, 2011

I had a home in escrow, representing abuyer who is disabled veteran in the purchase of a forclosure owned by Fannie Mae. The buyer did his due diligence, was ready to close escrow, the listing agent that Fannie Mae hired to list the property, orderedkerosene oil for the stove in the home...

Fannie Mae / Level 2 Service Does Not Return Calls

Feb 02, 2011

After being directed to contact the "Investor" in my home mortgage--Fannie Mae--about the excessive escrow being drawn and deletion of this without the associated fee, I have not heard back from the Level 2 support after leaving two messages and writing a previous email (Wednesday 1/26...

Fannie Mae SE Regional Office / Fannie Mae Agents are deceitful

Jan 25, 2011

Never had I known so much pain until getting the news from Xeron Pledger, Fannie Mae representative, that my home was foreclosed on by the Investor whom just happened to be Fannie Mae themselves! I had been in a "supposed" modification of my home loan since June of 2010. I had traveled the...

Fannie Mae Homepath Program / No formal reply

Jan 20, 2011

I am trying to buy a Homepath Home in Florida and got the run around on full price offer and rejection but no formal reason. We got the house and then didn't get the house in Florida, 418 York Dale Dr. Ruskin, Florida 33570...per article the second worst hit housing area in the...

Fannie Mae / Unfair practices regarding foreclosures

Jan 18, 2011

During the entire process of the foreclosure on our home and subsequent eviction, things did sound or feel like we were being treated fairly much less ethically. From the very beginning we were told by the attorneys for Fannie Mae that we only needed to make the loan whole to get our house...

IndyMac/One West/Fannie Mae / Unethical Behavior/ Telling us to miss payments on mortgage to get help


I want to tell you all a little story. The story begins, as all American dreams do, with unfettered hope and belief, but has, over time, become a nightmare from the darkest recesses of our national psyche. This is not a fairy tale, and I beg you to see yourself in our heroine; for you...

Fannie Mae / Discrimination against Veterans


It has come to my unfortunate attention that Fannie Mea is grossly discriminating against any veteran who attempts to purchase any of the plethora of REO homes they currently have on the market. It’s so bad that if you contact either of the relevant federal organizations (VA Regional...

Fannie Mae / Instead of helping people, Fannie Mae is hurting people


I'm the owner of a property that went into foreclosure. I've stressed to the bank for over a year that I wanted a modification. All of the financial information was forwarded to the bank back in October of 2009, however they kept putting the modification and the foreclosure...

Fannie Mae / Fannie mae scams, must be loop hole for listing agents


the same thing happened to me two months back... I made an offer and fannie mae accepted it, then listing office told me that the property is not under fannie maes name.. that I would have to wait for the property to be listed again in 4 months and wait until the clerk of courts would...

Fannie Mae / Listing Agent


I viewed a REO property that was newly listed on Home Path and made an offer on Tuesday. The house was listed as having 3/4 of an acre but the yard looked much larger. My buyers agent tried to contact the seller agent about several questions I had about the property before we viewed it but...

Fannie Mae Loan/bank Of America / Loan Modification


I have been in a loan modification trial for seven months through Bank of America which is now under the umbrella of BAC LP. My trial period of lower monthly payments including Taxes, mortgage payments and( supposedly homeowners insurance ) is in its (7th) month. No finall paperwork and documentation... ...

Fannie Mae REO Homes / Subcontractors (Brokers)


Fannie Mae a privately owned Corporation, has unfair practices regarding the protection of buyer rights. North Carolina affords no protection for Fannie Mae REO home buyers - only protection for Real Estate Brokers and Agents representing the seller (Fannie Mae). All risk, expenses, and...

Fannie Mae / MLS listing abuse


Please help me investigate a MLS listing abuse in Phoenix-AZ by Fannie Mae local office. After our offer was accepted and the property pulled out from the listing, it came back in MLS at a much-higher price without any comment or regard to the initial commitment. This is the short version of...