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Ardent Property Management/Fieldstone TraceTheft & Fraud

Rented there from [protected] and what a joke. This place was also run by a bunch of monkeys. Triangle Real Estate Services had to change their name to Ardent Property Mgt. due to numerous complaints filed against them. First, the windows were horrible. You had to layer on the window insulation during the wintertime or else your furnace would run constantly. And second, you were forced to use "Columbus & Central Ohio System" for water, and "American Power & Light" for electric, both of whom were directly tied to Ardent Property and both were simply power & water "re-sellers". They buy power & water, then turn around and resell to the residents at a higher rate, further lining the pockets of this greedy corporation. In other words, you were charged for water & electricity as a "unit". Regardless of how much or how little used the number of apartments within your unit divided the total. Then you were left feeling like you paid for someone else’s usage. I painted, cleaned, and did everything as noted on the move out sheet that wasn't considered "wear & tear". I finally moved out on 11/15/08. Then, on 12/12/08, I received a damage bill from Ardent Properties for almost $4, 200. Their claim for damages was absolutely absurd. That place was only put back into its original condition prior to taking occupancy. Since when can you be charged for carpet after 4 years of residency? It's called "wear & tear". It ‘s not like this carpet was made from imported Egyptian wool. I'm just outraged. The apartments were almost 30 years old and were showing horrible signs of aging; it wasn't the Taj Mahal. Funny thing, they "claim" to have a "new look". Yeah, YOU pay for that "new look" from all the upgrades they charge to your unit once you move out. I've checked with the Better Business Bureau, which Ardent Property maintains they will no longer respond to any customer complaints, nor will they arbitrate with them. Triangle/Ardent both have an unsatisfactory standing with the Better Business Bureau. I have also obtained a very large stack of complaints through the State Attorney General's office on Triangle Real Estate/Ardent Property Mgt., all of which show poor consumer practices. In addition, I contacted a public non-profit attorney group, which Triangle/Ardent would not mediate through as well. They seem to distance themselves from any consumer group, trying to make people feel helpless so they have to pay their outrageous charges. My roommate & I figured it out: the longer you live there, the more they try and screw..I mean, "charge" you once you do move out. Well, they won't get another dime from me. Beware of ANYTHING owned by Ardent Property Management. Research online for yourself before you decide to move ANYWHERE owned by Ardent Property Mgt. and you'll see EXACTLY what I mean.


  • Wi
    Wildflower-Child Feb 29, 2012

    I guess I will find out in a few short months!

    Aside from poor insulation...
    When I moved in, I noticed plenty of minor flaws within the apartment; I guess they will attempt to charge me for them. For example, the one kitchen light never worked. No matter how often I change the bulb, the light burns out. The circuitry is terrible; every time I use my microwave, the power goes out. Moreover, a few kitchen drawers completely came undone with just normal use. Every bedroom door is warped and will not close and/or lock. You can practically push them open once they are closed. The garage door also has a nice dent on the outside. They "should not" charge us for a carpet "cleaning" since we take our shoes off in the house; the condition is perfect.

    I plan on videotaping the entire clean up and repair process and have an attorney on deck. They are not getting a dime out of me without serious consequences. I will be the one threatening this company.

    Resident at Fieldstone Trace

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  • Ja
    Jackie Smith Patel Jan 18, 2012

    My husband and I lived in the Residences of Gahanna from Feb 2008 to May 2011. During our stay, we always paid the rent early or on time. When we moved out, we received a bill for $300 for damages in addition to our deposit. They charges us for defused light bulbs, black marks on the walls (caused by the couch touching the walls), marks on the kitchen counter tops and cabinets, painting, carpet cleaning, and other things which would have been normal "wear n tear" after 3+ yrs of stay. They charged us for some items, which do not make any sense. They charged us for garage which we never rented. I disputed the charges thru email, and in the return, they sent me another letter saying all charges are valid and I need to pay them. That's it! No explanations or argument.

    When we left the apartment, we asked the lady in the leasing office to have a walk thru wit us, but she refused. She assured us that we will receive our deposit by check in a 4-6 weeks. Little did I know, they will ask for $300 more! We asked for proof of the damages, but they did not have any.

    Later on, I received a letter from their collections agency. I called the number on the letter. I am sure everyone is aware of the guy on the phone. He cursed, yelled, did not let me talk or ask anything, and finally hung up on me. At first, he seemed scary and frustrating, but do not fall for his empty threats as long as you are sure that you don't owe them anything. I am sure he is just a barking dog, who cannot bite you! All I can tell you is be prepared, stay calm and positive. May be for a change, you can be the nightmare that he does not want to deal with! I would have paid every penny, if they would have taken the time out to explain/talk to me properly, like a business is supposed to be handled. But no way, I am going to deal with such unprofessional, barking dog. He is not getting a single penny from me! He can bark his loudest!!!

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  • En
    enise becker Sep 19, 2010

    i am a great tenant at ardent comunities ashbrook run canal winchester ohio am a current reisent with new baby who hasd paid rent in advance for up to 3 months always now paid up to date thay asked me to leave in 5 days because a nieghbor here does not like a friend of mine who is a retierd police officer with concealed carry permit this man hit on me tryed to sell me pot with i do not smoke and hit on me complaied to office that he walks around with gun intimidating wiyh is un true office accused me of having illegal tenanat with is untrue can prove otheriise he only visits when in town told me to move with no evidance of wrong doing tryed to apply at 3 other complexs with good credit history no record of doning anything tio anyone in the past aand when comunties i aplled to asked for renatal history via fax the manager said i have ilegal tenants (plural) beware how could you ask someone to move and prevent tham from getting in elseware without soled reason to deny me i am devisted and scared being a single mom with new baby also the guy on the corner who complain about my friend is GROWING AND SELLING POT OUT OF THE HOUSE AND THER IS A CONVICTED FELLON CRACK DEALER AROUND THE CORNER WHO I HEARD BRAGING ABOUT THIS AND LIVES HERE ILLEGAL WITH GIRLFRIEND ILLEGAL why am i getting thrown out i truly loved it here and did nothing to desreve this any advice please email me at [email protected] please very freaked out think it may de discrimination cause office worker commented negitivly on my accent

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  • In
    infuriated person Sep 14, 2010

    I am so infuriated!!! I moved out from Cameron Ridge Apartments last month and after cleaning the whole place and painting I received a bill this month for $315.00 after they took my 200.00 deposit. I am being charged for having the exterior of the front door painted. Are you freaking kidding me!!! I have nothing to do with the exterior. I'm also being told that I am being charged for 190.00 for painting the walls inside the apartment. Are you serious! First of all it's called "wear and tear" after 2 years, second of all I painted from the paint the apartment gave me. So if it does not match it is not my fault! I am so infuriated with them. Very tempted to tell the management that they can take me to small claims court.

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  • Ca
    cab56 Aug 09, 2010

    Has anyone th0ught of making a complaint to the FTC? If the FTC gets involved Ardent could be in for a big surprise.
    Has anyone been told they could not be present for the walk through?

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  • Di
    Disgusted101 Aug 08, 2010

    We are getting a group of people together to stand up against this company. I have already received multiple emails regarding these crooks. Please email me at [email protected] if you wanna join the group or just tell your story as a "witness".

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  • K8
    K85258 Apr 13, 2010

    I received one of these bogus charge sheets as well. I moved out in October 2009. I spent 3 days cleaning the apartment inside and out. I was charged $800!!! We lived there from Feb 2008- October 2009...almost 2 years!!! They took my deposit and now want $700!! I contested the charges only to receive a letter 30 days ago stating they will not give us a break on the pay in April and make $50/mo payments. We gave up. So we were planning on making a payment at the end of this month...which is still April! I just received a letter from Ardent at my work!!! They know where I live and know they can reach me there. I am filing a greivence with the state and posting my story on every website that comes up when you Google these crooks. If there is anyone in the Columbus area that wants to go in with a non profit lawyer on these clowns let me know. I would also like to know a little more about Ravmor Property Management (?) which is the people that inspect and clean their apartments. I took a picture of these people cleaning the carpets at Fieldstone Trace and STILL got billed for new carpet!!! Email me at [email protected] . We are more powerful by numbers.

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  • He
    helpneeded Apr 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ardent properties seem to skate through all consumer protective services. The Better Business Bureau rates this company an F. They have had over 50 complaints and we are told Ardent refuses to work with the BBB. The Ohio attorney Generals office has had numerous complaints and they too choose to do nothing. Shame on the BBB and the Ohio attorney generals office for knowingly allowing this company to abuse and harass former tenants with bogus damage claims and criminal collection practices.

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  • Da
    Dani Bond Mar 11, 2010

    I resided in Forest Brooke in Delaware, Ohio for 18 months and left the place as clean as could be. About two months after leaving there i received a letter stating that i owed Ardent almost $600. The list of what they claimed to be wrong was absolutely bogus!

    I advise anyone who is residing there to take photos before you leave of EVERYTHING. That way when they try to say something is broken (when it wasn't) and try to charge you, you'll have proof otherwise.

    Absolutely stay away from any Ardent community.. regardless of whether it's a nice place or not!!

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  • Fy
    f you ardent Jan 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They invented the fact we had a pet, charged us pet rent back till the day we moved in, charged us for carpet and a whole bunch of other ###, when I fought it they just laughed, these people are a bunch of aholes, watch your back if you rent from these people.

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  • K8
    K85258 Jan 07, 2010

    I totally agree with every one of you. They are now doing this to me. They are trying to charge me $400 for replacement of carpet and other stuff totaling $1k. I was just called my my prior neighbor stating the carpet was being cleaned by a Property Management third party right now. Ran over there and took a picture of the van. Anyone wanna go in on a Fraud lawsuit with me please contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ca
    Cantwait Dec 14, 2009

    OMG... i just stumbled across this... i used to live in residence of Gahanna as well, and i cleaned that place up like no other, and they sent me a bill for 642 bucks, and not knowing any of this, i just assumed i didn't do a very good job, and paid the fee and moved on... not knowing any of this, i then rented from field stone trace another ardent property, and my lease is up in June... i have been here since April 2008, so basically i pretty much need to prepare myself for another fee. wow. should have known. can't believe this. how can they do this? and the reason i stumbled across this is because i am planning on buying a house after the new year and wanted to see if i could get out of my lease, guess i can cross that off the list. PERFECT!!!

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  • Si
    silvercivikz Oct 29, 2009

    I can completely agree with everyone on this company. We currently live in Fieldstone Trace and have gotten eviction notices for our water bill being over due by $50. It is ridiculous. If you need basic things done like snaking the tub you have to pay $14. The front office is ran by a fat, ugly mean lady that bases her life on ruining everyone else. BEWARE do not move here it is HORRIBLE!! Our neighbor moved out a few monthes ago leaving her place in perfect condition where they then charged her over $600 in fees for things like new carpet and painting the walls... The best part is she came back and looked inside and they did not even change the carpet... That is fraud if I ever saw it. This place is a joke and they will get what is coming to them

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  • Wi
    winning regardless Oct 07, 2009

    I can completely relate to all of the above statements. I live in the Residence of Gahanna. I just went into contract for a house and called to see if we could work something out on the lease. That "being" who they have in collections is exactly as described. Is there anything we can do about this as consumers? A class-action, maybe?? The bully threatened to put a lien on my home that I havent' even closed on yet. And the may as well leave your apartment as-is because they like to conjure up charges out of nowhere.

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  • Sh
    Shamus Cassidy, Esq. Apr 03, 2009

    Ardent Property Management is one of the most unethical companies in Columbus. A check of the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office reveals numerous complaints filed against this company. Potential renters beware - go somewhere else!

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  • Ti
    TimT1983 Mar 31, 2009

    Having just today contacted the 'gentleman' in charge of collections at Ardent Property Mgmt, I would like to add a bit to the review above . Anyone who calls this man BE WARNED. He will threaten you, he will be very rude and you won't get a single word in edgewise. He employes word and mind games to trick you and put words in your mouth. Its nearly impossible to have a productive conversation whatsoever. You will feel hopeless and forced into payment you don't understand. I was even hung up on by this bully.
    Also, no matter how clean and undamaged your unit may be when you leave they will find (or invent) a slue of seemingly horrible things for you to pay for.
    What a nightmare living at Forest Brooke was!! I urge anyone in the Delaware area to avoid Forest Brooke Apartments. The superintendents (i had four in ten months) were useless and confused about policies. And, if something is broken you might as well fix it yourself. My a/c was broken in the heat of the summer for three weeks. My roommate and I asked for assistance daily, getting only empty promises. In the end, the heat got to us and we fixed it at our own expense.
    I could go on and on. Rent only if you want to throw away your money.

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