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Arby's / rude personell

1 Jefferson aveCookeville, TN, United States

I thought I was in the twilight zone! Entered store at 6:02 pm sun 4-19-04 and loud arabic sounding music was playing over the restaurant sound system, it was extremely strange and irritating. I asked the young man at the register what it was... Right then it started sounding like weird gypsy - mexican music. I asked if it could be turned down and why it was playing in the first place. He didn't answer. My wife and I sat down to eat and, jeez it was even louder. I asked another employee what happened... Apparently
The manager dottie had turned it up and announced that she didn't care what the customers thought. Now I like to hear ethnic music when i'm
In a mexican or whatever restaurant where i've gone for the atmosphere but this stuff wasn't even music. It sounded like tribe laeders yelling 'awrence 'awrence were going to ride their camels out of the kitchen at any moment while waving deadly out of tune banjos like swords.
As we left I spotted a large short angry looking women named dottie by the fries and asked what that strange music playing so loud was and why. She said rudely said greek! And then ignored me completely.

Well I like greek music and i've been to a wonderful greek wedding but this garbage sounded like nothing i'd ever heard before. I'd
Tell you what i'd say the same thing if they were playing slim whitman loudly in a greek restaurant. I'll be calling the district manager first thing monday morning on this crackpot.

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