Aramark Uniform Services / alfredo pasta and other dishes

I order Alfredo Pasta from the sautéed station in the Cafeteria. The food wasn't the hottest for it being sautéed and was extremely too much sauce, I barely had any noodles. I asked a girl working there could she give me more noodles free of charge, since it was heaping amout of sauce left. She said she couldn't do it but sent an another gentleman to address the situation. He said there was nothing he could do about it either, basically you get what you get. And if I wanted more noodles, I would have to pay for them. Keep in mind, I am a daily customer with Aramark, and they ofter serve old, cold food. Lastly, this dish was $8 and I'm upset that nobody cared about customer service in this organization.

Aramark Uniform Services

Nov 28, 2017

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