Applebee's Restaurantsemployee complaint


My name is Gabriela Martinez and I am a former employee of Applebees in Topeka, Kansas. While working at the establishment I came across some information. The general manager Shawn, i'm not sure of the last names to my managers, is currently fraternizing with one of the prep cooks/servers. Her name is Kellsey. At first i thought it was a joke and rumors but the longer I started working there I heard stories from people and have seen Kellsey casually flirt and rub on shawn during one dinner shift.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Topeka, KS Kellsey gets away with a lot, in my opinion, and creats a bad work environment. She is constantly fighting with someone. I know this is a serious accusation but I would not report it if I thought it wasn't true. I've also heard the other manager, Jessica, ask employees for rides to/from work. I know her license is suspended. I had no idea it was not allowed to give managers rides. I'm not sure of the job title but I know Shawn's boss' name is Mark. I believe he is in charge of a few Applebees establishments in the Kansas area.

Aug 19, 2018

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