Applebee's Restaurants / applebees brenham, tx

Me and my bestfriend meet up in brenham at the applebees there and was having a nice time talking and drinking until a older man walks in with a dog and walk to the bar and our waitress stop him and played with the dog so that let me know this is a ongoing thing so i then ask for my waitress but she went outside to play with or talk to someone else and i told the man i dont like dogs can he shorten the Dog leash because he came and sit at the bar and we was sitting at the table right by it so then here comes our waitress and i told her to bring to go boxes and we paid and left we was there only 30 mins and just received the food and know that was not a seeing eye dog bc service dog have vest and also the bartender give the dog something to drink out of a bowl please tell me applebees do not run there business like this the staff all was touching on the dog and handling people food and in and out of the kitchen

Jul 29, 2018

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