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I had dinner at Applebees in Merritt Island last night. Checked my bank statement and there were 2 withdraws from my debit account for the meal purchased. I called and spoke with the manager (Justin). He informed me that it may have been my bank mistake because their records only show one meal charged. Also...the tip of $8.00 was not on the charged purchase. Justin explained that the tip would be charged at a later date. I was instructed to wait a week and recheck my bank statement. Unacceptable resolution and explanation for service charged and I am concerned that they will continue to charge my account at later dates. My resolution will be canceling my Debit card until this discrepancy is resolved.

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  •   Jul 07, 2011

    And in the case that it was an error on the employees part, assuming she charged you twice, she would have voided one of the transactions. It will still show up on your online banking site as a pending charge, but that should be gone within 3-5 business days. Also, if the manager did a transaction recall, it would have printed out an itemized list of charges and would have listed your meal purchase one there twice. Unacceptable resolution? I'm not really sure what you expected him to do about it. Try paying with cash next time.

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