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Applebee's / unhappy with the service!

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We visited an Applebee's the other evening and were very discouraged by the service we received. We arrived around 7:30pm and were seated promptly from there the service went down hill.

After about 20 minutes the waiter took our drink order which he messed up then he took order for dinner. we waited 45 minutes then asked if we could have our dinner salads. We received the salad about 15 minutes later. There was an employee appreciation or party going on in the back which we could hear during all this time. We asked if there was a problem as we had been waiting 55 minutes and still didn't have our dinners. We were told no and finally after a little over an hour we received our dinners. We were not the only ones unhappy with the service that night. I feel that the customers should always come first and pary later. Thank you for letting me file this complaint.

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  • Ja
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    My family and I went to Applebee’s after being at the pool to have a late lunch on Friday, June 08, 2007. We wanted to have a nice family lunch, just relax and enjoy our time at Applebee's, as we have in the past. NOT anymore! Our server was great however, when the food came out I took a bite of my chicken & portabella mushroom sandwich and thought it was good so I proceeded to give a bite to my wife. She took a bite and there was a piece of plastic in the sandwich. We were very surprised since we've never experienced anything like this at your restaurants before. Nothing was asked of the server. I showed her the plastic and she took it to the back saying she would get us a replacement. No problem. We did not ask for our meals to be free, we did not ask to be compensated; we did not ask anything at all. The server offered to get us a new sandwich. A few minutes later, the kitchen manager came out and proceeded to insinuate to us that we "purposely" put the plastic in the sandwich. He went on and on and on about how he personally made the sandwich and that he would never do such a thing and there was no such plastics inside of the restaurant. Fine, but the point is that the plastic WAS INDEED in the sandwich. He then said that he would make us another sandwich but then would have to charge us for TWO sandwiches. OBSURD! We did not cause a scene when we discovered the sandwich had plastic in it, but then it became a blown out fiasco with him trying to convince US, that we put the plastic in the sandwich.

    I was angry, my wife was furious, and we asked to speak with the manager and the kitchen manager informed us that there was no other manager in the restaurant our waitress informed us otherwise and had the manager stop by our table. Still not causing a scene the manager came out and defended his kitchen manager, WITHOUT apologizing in any way, shape or manner for what had happened, and he also began to insinuate that we put the plastic in the sandwich. He sat there and looked at us as if were making up some grand story to get out of paying for our meals and went on to tell us that people do this sort of thing all the time. ON THE CONTRARY! We have plenty of money, and we have plenty of options as to where we can eat. We chose Applebee's.

    Never have we ever been through such an ordeal as we went through at your restaurant located on 2728 Spring Road S.E. Atlanta, GA 30339. Check# 1762, Table #5. Even now, my wife and I are upset that this scene was caused IN FRONT OF our children. We are a mixed couple, I being Hispanic and my wife African American. After the incident they were constantly BLASTING rock music whenever a rock song came on in our section ONLY, it became borderline racially offensive. Why would the music be so loud ONLY when a rock song came on? Why would a piece of plastic be put into MY sandwich only? And why did they still charge us for TWO sandwiches?

    Either way, we are still not seeking any compensation or asking for anything in retribution. Not food, drinks or appetizers. Nothing in exchange at all. Our wonderful server, Crystal saw what we had went through and she had the heart to not charge us for 2 drinks. But the managers of that restaurant, not only were completely unprofessional, but also were borderline racial toward us. I am contemplating making a call to Lord, Bissell, & Brooke, and trust me; they are not a two-bit law firm.

    We still are not asking for anything, the reason of this letter is to notify whoever has the power to make appropriate changes and ensure that no other family will have to be embarrassed or harassed the way we were. Bottom line, Applebee's has lost our business.

  • Yo
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    I am a regular customer at applebees at 674 w. Arrow hwy., san dimas, ca 91773. Two weeks ago your bartender deanna served me a small and large bottle of wine. Yes, she cut me off which is fine. But i have to disagree where she could have been nice enough to let me know it was last call. We where talking about a personal friend my daughter was dating. She then out loud for everyone to hear said "you are cut off"... That night my 30 year old daughter went to applebees. She is a l.a. Sheriff. Deanna showed her how much i drank. Which was uncalled for. I can't believed what I've been through. The following week i showed up on a day i didn't realize she was working. She came up to me and told me she would like to talk to me outside. She told me she was still 'angry' with me and other things. I don't feel i deserve this treatment from your employee. I feel harassed. She took a personal issue and made a seen in front of customers walking in. I am a good customer of applebees and would like this issue to be addressed.

  • Ri
      22nd of Jul, 2007
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    I have a complaint i was at the applebbes in addison ill. This afternoon, with my wife i asked for smoking and the guy at the front said there was not any booths because of having a large party, which i understood and went to non. After about five minutes he sat two women in the smoking area, and then three more and then four more i was very upset and couldn't figure out why he did this it wasn't a party at all. Is it because me and my wife our overweight it seems like that. Then my waiter when i ordered my chicken and garlic i ordered a salad we waited over an half hour and he brought my salad with my meal well i usually get the salad first so i told him to take it off the bill, don't know if he did or not we just wanted to get out of there and away from the prejudice people. It seemed like all the help was playing games and the greeter was talking about when he went to the bathroom and he pulled it out. I don't want to hear this neither does my wife. We will never re visit any applebees again no wonder they are being bought buy ihop.

  • Ma
      30th of Aug, 2008
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    Aoolebes is one of my favorite resteraunts, however the past 2 times I have eaten there, I left angry. We were seated right away, howver, we waited for the wiatress to come. finally she came and then about 10 minutes later another came. They argued about what table belonged to who. Then it took 30 minutes for us to get salads. My coffee was cold, my sld for 8.69 was not 1/2 it was 1/3 and it was horable. My spinach was wilted. The service was terriable and the food sucked.

    I will not go back there. I usaulalybring my associated there for lunch, no way not now. Thank you Applebees for the wilted spinach and the 1/3 portion of the worst garbage I ever tasted.

  • Sh
      11th of Jul, 2010
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  • Mj
      28th of Apr, 2013
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    went for my birthday on sunday after noon at the Herkimer NY, and the place was empty only few couples. Long story short the Long wait about 30 min after order, , , food was ice cold, meat was raw and bloody ..the butter wouldn't even melt on the veggies. No coffee refills..Told the waitress and received bad attitude, and talk back...will never go again...

  • Ap
      3rd of Aug, 2014
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    We went to eat at the Applebee's in El Paso Texas on Yarbrough and gateway east (I-10) we had our kids with us and it was one hour after they had opened the restaurant there was only a couple of customers but when we walked in they try to seat us at the very back of the restaurant and when we asked for a table half way towards the front we were denied any seating and of the excuses for one of the tables we tried to request was that it was for seating 6 not for the five of us. We left the restaurant after being denied seating. Sounded to us like a good lawsuit! Our lawyer agreed.

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