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I was totally disappointed with my visit to your restaurant. Your half priced appetizers changed. You use to have vegetable pizza and quesidillas, but now most of the appetizers are fried. I ordered Orange Chicken, small order. It was so spicy I could not eat it. I asked the waitress about it and she said that it had crushed red peppers in it. The meal was $7.49. I called the waitress over and asked for something else. She was not sure if I could do it. I asked for the mini bacon cheeseburgers. She was not sure of the price, but said that she would call it even. Well the cheeseburgers only cost $5.99, but we were charged the price of the orange chicken. Also my husband got the sizzling fajitas at the price of $8.49. He was charge the more expensive order of $11.99. When we left we checked the menu prices and call this to the attention of the manager. Instead of the manager adjusting our bill or backing it out, the waitress took the difference of $4 out of her tip pocket to take care of the price difference. This made us feel terrible that she was giving up her tip money. We gave the money back to the manager for him to return it to her. We concluded that it was a bad experience and will not return to Applebees. We were even overcharged with a second mountain dew which we did not order.


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