Amtrakamtrak communication error is costing the customer

On March 3rd 12:56pm EST, I booked tickets online for a trip with Amtrak.
I realized I made an error in the dates and on March 3rd 2:39pm EST (1 hr and 43 minutes later), I called to have those dates changed.
New dates resulted in a new price (lower). I was told by the person on the phone that I would be charged the new amount and sent the correct tickets. I know this because I asked specifically.

On March 4, Fed Ex attempted to delivery my tickets. When I received the envelope (March 8), they were the wrong tickets and (after checking my bank account) I was charged the wrong amount.
I called Amtrak, spoke with 5 people, including Customer Relations.
They essentially said that the only way for me to get my money bank (difference between original booking and new booking) and get correct tickets is to:
1) go to the train station now or wait for my trip and hand in the old tickets and get the new and my money back
2) send the tickets I have back at my own expense

I told Amtrak this was unacceptable. I am not near the train station and would like my money back before my trip. I also felt that I should not have to send them back at a cost to me, as I was given (evidently) the wrong information by the person who changed my reservation.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that Amtrak would not issue me a pre-paid envelope or provide me with a shipping account number. I was told I could mail them back with a stamp, but without delivery confirmation, there's no guarantee they'd receive them.

I suggested that Amtrak refund me the $15 charge for sending me the tickets. I thought this was a good compromise. I was then told they won't do that because, you know, they DID mail me the tickets (even though I did not think they would be mailing me the wrong ones).

Understanding this may have boiled down to a communication error on the part of the Amtrak employee who changed my reservation, I thought that the $15 fee refunded to me was a reasonable request and would allow me to then take that money and mail back the wrong tickets.

Alas, I have been told by everyone I've talked to that they won't do it, and that going to the train station (thereby leaving me out that extra money for a while) or mailing the tickets at my expense are my ONLY options.

I was told by Brandy in Customer Relations that I was free to call the corporate office if I so desired. Which I did. I left messages with Joseph Boardman (CEO/President) and Matthew Hardison (Chief, Sales Distribution and Customer Service). But I was also told by someone else in the corporate office (when I attempted to reach HR) that Amtrak was never going to part with their money.

Really? Such a small amount to make a customer happy?
And really now, this is sort of an issue about principle. Shame on you, Amtrak.

It's unbelievable to me. And me, a long time Amtrak customer. Maybe not for long?

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