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Train Trip to Hell.
Message: On Aug 23rd I took a trip from Redmond OR to LA Ca. two days before my departure, reservation # 66B1B. a Debbie from Amtrak cs called to tell me my seating may have been booked wrong and I may or my service dog, may not have a seat reserved... (even though I booked and paid for this months ago and had received my tickets and called and double checked reservation...) She called back later to tell me every thing is ok.. and I would have no problems. why did she just not take care of this instead of worrying me and those who this affected? There were so many problems this trip, I will just list problems not in a story mode. So it won't read easy however there were so many problems that this will be easiest. I got to the train station in Chemult oregon ( you bussed me from Redmond to Chemult) and caught the train. Things went great, service was awesome, air condition broke, so we roasted...literally as there are no windows to open for fresh air even.. We were told sorry if we turn on your ac the upstairs gets too cold, if we turn it off, you roast, they let us roast. they did open the car door but bathrooms do not smell nice and the noise from slamming doors from passengers at all hours, No wifi like we were told. but conductor announced stops and when ok to get off and commentated on scenery. It was great. then in San Diego we hit a person on the tracks, that delayed us 3 hours. It was at this time we were told there were vips on the train and they may be coming around to see how service is ( which explained the great ride and service up to that point) unfortunately they got off the train and it was obvious... we were delayed another 1.5 hours making us over 5 hours late into la. ( I do not hold the suicide as amtraks fault but the additional 1.5 hours of delay definitely was ( twice we were stopped for another amtrak train announced, and once delayed for inspection.) I guess amtrak felt we were already so late what did it matter if we were later? Not happy!

Then I returned on Sept 3rd that trip was a nightmare! To start with they tried separating me from my service dog. Several employees were rude to me about my dog making comments to other passengers. I said NO!!! you are not separating us.. ( which is illegal amtrak ada would be very interested in this.) then they told all to take a seat. I did and took a seat that had plenty of floor space for my service dog, faced the direction train was moving so I would not get sick, the car attendant came up to me and rudely said, cover the seat with a blanket if your dog gets on it, I said she is trained to stay on the floor, close but out of the way.(I found out later why he said that) He left. the air conditioning did not work again. so they left the car door open and unfortunately the bathrooms were close. the chemicals from the toilets literally burned my eyes..I have a medical condition which causes severe chemical sensitivities, let alone the smoking in the bathroom made breathing difficult. the constant noise from the slamming of doors was ridiculous! Our attendants were not that observant, nor did they come down very often. the attendants and others used our cabin at stops to put extra luggage in so if we had an emergency the disabled cabin door would have been blocked by fallen luggage and we would have been trapped inside car. The conductor did not announce smoke stops ( I do not smoke however that is the only times I can take my service dog out to do her business)about 12:30am at Sacramento our cabin attendant came in and ordered me to move to seat 81 and 82 which was so small you could not stretch out your legs literally only knee room, and my service dog could not fit between seat and wall laying down let alone sitting up ( it was facing wall)so she had to sit on the seat which took up most of both seats ( as she is trained to lay down out of the way) so I had to literally put my legs on her and with ac out that made it hotter and very dangerous as I could not get out of my seat hardly, others had to help me out as I had to sit on my dog to get out. - it was like time out punishment in a corner. Those should NOT be seats!!! I asked why as there were 4 other people in the car that had two seats for one person and plenty of floor space.. He made me move anyway. he did offer to turn the seat around but there was lots of luggage in that space so I would have had to deal with that and still had no floor space, and ride backwards. the other people laid down on two seats and went to sleep, including the lady that he gave my seat to. After he left, I got up with help pulling me up on top of my dog and stood or sat on stairs to upstairs in the on off door space until 2:30 am when another woman attendant came down. I told her look where me and my dog were "seated" we can not fit. She went inside, shook her head and woke everyone up to move us around giving me a seat this time where I had to ride backwards ( my original seat I did not because I get severe motion sickness and backwards riding does not help at all.) He put a Kathy H. in this small seat, she too is filing a complaint. the woman who took my seat apologized I told her I did not want kicked out in the middle of the night as amtrak has done if a person complains too much. she said I should not have moved. this cabin door had still not been fixed so the smell of urine and feces was overwhelming at this point . and the door open constantly allowed the mothers with screaming kids to come downstairs and into our cabin and let the kids scream and any one who wanted downstairs for what ever reason to be in the disabled car, many other women were not happy about this esp when men who caused problems and said things came in. finally door fixed then broke again, others came in and once the attendant said a man who was not disabled, could not sit there he said one more stop two hours away so he let him stay, this guy got up and tugged on door one of the other women shouted at him to leave it alone.. where was the attendant? he really busted the door now again trying to get it to close. they finally got it to close but by then the smell was so bad it made no difference, feces and urine, horrid!!! I could not even order food. ( which when we ordered yesterday the attendant after telling us not to forget his $10 tip, informed us the menu prices were not correct, I said that was your tip sorry... when we were not charged the menu price. Also one of the other passengers who had a wheelchair, not only got front row room for his chair but got two front facing seats to sit in on the trip, he informed me he was going from Sacramento ca to Birmingham Alabama in a sleeper car for 3 nights for $361.00 I got told for one night from oregon to ca $601.00 he showed me his ticket so verified it. he also got an additional 15% discount off his disabled ticket for having a public disabled pass ( which I also have) but I was not given and additional discount. Why the huge difference? 601.00 is ridiculous for a roomette he got a handicap room... and all his meals included. Also amtrak is supposed to give me reward points for all my train trips I have NEVER got mine and emailed numerous times still nothing or no response.

Comp a ride from redmond oregon to la calif any time of my choosing in a handicap sleeper car... and give me the reward points I have earned.. what is sad I have many people who wanted to take a train ride cross country and were waiting for me to share my experience... you loose amtrak.,

I could not put this in a time frame (bullets) as it was whole trip!

cooperate human resources
washington union station
60 massachusetts ave ne second floor
washington dc, 20002


poor service, unprofessional

Amtrak Texas eagle is a complete joke, train both ways were hours late, food was terrible, staff were typical government employees, lazy with attitude. Train smelled of chemical toilet, I spent more than a plane fare to try the train and never again! I am a veteran, but the only way to get the veterans fare was to join a for profit organization called "veterans advantage" for $60. dollars. What a joke, don't do me any favors! We should stop funding this waste! of course it is governments job to waste our money isn't it?

lunch car operator rude and i'll prepared

I travelled on train 94 from Newport News to Philadelphia on April 11, 2011and found the cafe car operator very rude and ill prepared. It's a seven hour trip so I was on long enough for breakfast and lunch. She had no toaster or it wasn't working to toast my bagel. She was unapologetic and her attitude sucked. She acted like she was annoyed with me for asking. When I went back later for lunch the item I asked for wasn't available and neither was about 75% of the menu. How could you possibly not have lunch menu items at lunch time? Since there were no sandwiches I thought I'd have a soda and chips to hold me over until I got home. I asked for a diet coke and she threw a diet pepsi on the counter. I told her I wanted a diet coke and she said, again with no apology. "we don't sell coke products". By this time I'm fed up with her and said well I don, t want that. Do you have water? I didn't notice a name tag but I'm sure I provided enough info for her to be identified. There are a lot of people out of work so I'm sure she can be replaced. Maybe she could find something NOT in the service industry.

amtrak communication error is costing the customer

On March 3rd 12:56pm EST, I booked tickets online for a trip with Amtrak.
I realized I made an error in the dates and on March 3rd 2:39pm EST (1 hr and 43 minutes later), I called to have those dates changed.
New dates resulted in a new price (lower). I was told by the person on the phone that I would be charged the new amount and sent the correct tickets. I know this because I asked specifically.

On March 4, Fed Ex attempted to delivery my tickets. When I received the envelope (March 8), they were the wrong tickets and (after checking my bank account) I was charged the wrong amount.
I called Amtrak, spoke with 5 people, including Customer Relations.
They essentially said that the only way for me to get my money bank (difference between original booking and new booking) and get correct tickets is to:
1) go to the train station now or wait for my trip and hand in the old tickets and get the new and my money back
2) send the tickets I have back at my own expense

I told Amtrak this was unacceptable. I am not near the train station and would like my money back before my trip. I also felt that I should not have to send them back at a cost to me, as I was given (evidently) the wrong information by the person who changed my reservation.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that Amtrak would not issue me a pre-paid envelope or provide me with a shipping account number. I was told I could mail them back with a stamp, but without delivery confirmation, there's no guarantee they'd receive them.

I suggested that Amtrak refund me the $15 charge for sending me the tickets. I thought this was a good compromise. I was then told they won't do that because, you know, they DID mail me the tickets (even though I did not think they would be mailing me the wrong ones).

Understanding this may have boiled down to a communication error on the part of the Amtrak employee who changed my reservation, I thought that the $15 fee refunded to me was a reasonable request and would allow me to then take that money and mail back the wrong tickets.

Alas, I have been told by everyone I've talked to that they won't do it, and that going to the train station (thereby leaving me out that extra money for a while) or mailing the tickets at my expense are my ONLY options.

I was told by Brandy in Customer Relations that I was free to call the corporate office if I so desired. Which I did. I left messages with Joseph Boardman (CEO/President) and Matthew Hardison (Chief, Sales Distribution and Customer Service). But I was also told by someone else in the corporate office (when I attempted to reach HR) that Amtrak was never going to part with their money.

Really? Such a small amount to make a customer happy?
And really now, this is sort of an issue about principle. Shame on you, Amtrak.

It's unbelievable to me. And me, a long time Amtrak customer. Maybe not for long?


I strongly feel Amtrak should be DEFUNDED IMMEDIATLEY. There should be little loss. If there is true need for...

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amtrak locks wheelchair bound passenger in train follows dangerous security protocol endangers lives

Amtrak locks wheelchair bound passenger in train Follows dangerous security protocol He was trapped on a...

amtrak smashed 25kwheelchair & 2.5 k disability scooter

Amtrak is doing nothing but stalling I have lost at least 2 job ops due to me not having my scooter and...

not the best, especially given the high price

I received unnecessarily rude and aggressive treatment from the conductors aboard the train from Boston to New York. I was settled in sitting on the left of the train and was using my laptop computer. When I tried to plug my power adapter into the sockets next to my seat, I discovered that none of the outlets on the left hand side in my car were functioning correctly. I therefore carefully ran a wire across the car to the outlets on the right hand side. I was careful to ensure that the wire was flat with the ground, and not a hazard. The train attendant soon stopped over and told me that this was a safety hazard and that I would have to move to the other side of the train. I had no problem with this, and began to gather my belongings to shift sides. However, I was treated in a rude and abrasive manner by the attendant and his colleague. They told me no fewer than 6 times in quick succession that I should cross to the other side, even though they could clearly see that I was already making preparations to move across. After about 10 seconds he yelled at me that he would "unplug my power adapter in 2 seconds" if I did not immediately comply with his request. This was unnecessary given that I had already started moving. I did not expect to be treated so rudely aboard an Amtrak train, especially given the high cost of the tickets and the expectations of high quality service that I therefore expect to receive aboard the train. Neither attendant expressed any interest in finding out why the outlets were not working, or fixing them. The names of the two train attendants that were rude to me were Kevin and Dave. I do not look forward to travelling on this Amtrak service again in future, and will be taking the bus, which not only has more pleasant staff but also offers working power outlets and WiFi.

  • Ca
    CarlaH Jul 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree. They almost allowed an elderly women to bleed to death had I not been on the scene only to find out that I had no accommodations for my family which was reserved a month ago. The conductor who promised me a refund, which I took on the honor system, was no good. Customer service told me that it was my job to assist because of my medical background and pretty much told me they were not obligated to give me a refund because they screwed up and the conductor did not put it in writing. I am seeking legal action against Amtrak, along with the Attorney General and BBB. Date of incident July 13, 2010 time 11:20pm. Conductor Thomas Jordan Customer Service Agent Carla (My name Carla Hall email [email protected]) If anyone out here would like to be apart of this suite against Amtrak please email me ASAP.

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bad policy with very bad service

I do not complain often, but I would be remiss if I didn't write this after the way I have been treated by Amtrak. Two years ago my husband bought me $200 worth of gift certificates to take a trip from OKC to Ft Worth. Months after that, I discovered I could not reimburse these gift certificates because we did not have a train station located in OKC. This is a stupid policy to begin with, why sell certificates to people if you can't use them from where you live? So, we finally reasoned with the company to send us a $200 voucher. We haven't had the money to take a trip since my husband lost his job shortly after that occurred but I have been saving the voucher. I wanted to give it as a gift for my in-laws for Christmas. I got it out only to find out it is expired. I called the company to see if there is anything I could do, even getting only half of my money back. After explaining the whole scenario, I was treated so rudely I broke into tears when I got off the phone. Not only, was she unsympathetic to my problem but she was curt, rude, and demeaning toward me.

stolen luggage

I have so many complaints I really do not know where to start, My suitcase was stolen all because after I...

refund policy: no rules

I purchased tickets online and called two days before trip as courtesy to cancel.
Informed that you can keep a xerox copy of the tickets, drop them in the mail and in 10 days you will see the money refunded onto your credit card. If not give us a call back."

Amtrak has conflicting policies on ticket refunds.
NEVER mail back tickets for refunds.
If you do send them certified mail.

REPS will tell you conflicting times for your refund
anywhere from “ten days or so” to 3-4 months.

Instead of having each person have accurate information
(they don’t like to be bothered with looking up the policy using
their computer, they usually just make up a time in their head
and strive to get you off the phone. From rep to rep, operator to
refunds deparemtn to customer service to getting hung up
let go of expectations. Getting help via telereps is not going to happen.

Forget about “oh I understand”
or the traditional “how can I help you?”
or “I apologize let me see what I can do”
as a question the rep will probalby just pull something
out of his/her hat instead of offering accurate information
“Can you hold on while I check on that?” will only
be offered if you prompt the customer service rep
(one claim: there are only 40 of us and I’m the only Chris.)

At Amtrak 8 times out of ten (we tested this)
you are treated like a nuissance.

Customer service reps are the
“last chance” to get any info from
and they refuse to transfer you to a supervisor:
“We each handle our own calls. Otherwise you need to write to
washington DC.” (Which sounds like a quick solution, no?)

BEWARE: AMTRAK charges you a 10 percent fee to cash in
(a restocking fee obviously, or maybe to bankrole new training
for reps that give misinformation, burn out, or get booted out!)

BEWARE: AMTRAK has an unending
robotronic voice system that eventually
gets you to be put on hold:
(est. 3/4 hour per chance at getting a “real” teleservices person)

BEWARE: REFUNDS, you may as well keep the tickets and hope you’ll have the guts to take a trip on the train in the next year.

That is unless you have the fortitude to play investigator, enjoy frustration, being treated poorly, and having absolutely no solution to your problems.

Just an FYI: Buy your tickets when you board the train,
then again you’ll face a stiffer ticket price.
E-tickets need to be mailed to you if you don’t have
an open Amtrak office close by.
Reps will make you feel like you made a mistake
and no one is going to say “sorry.”
THEY KEEP 10 percent of your ticket value
and you’ll wait months to get the refund.


  • Tr
    trainernomore Aug 20, 2009

    Amtrak is financed partially through tax payer money.
    How unusual (not) to be given misinformation, treated poorly and be refused to talk to someone who has any power to help you.
    Thx for the ticket info. I'll pass it along to my e-mail list.

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  • Sh
    sherria Aug 28, 2009

    Amtrak is backed by the "amtrak Act" which disallows any lawsuits involving the company. Presumably this includes the case of a woman in a wheelchair being "thrown" off a train . the court ruled in favor of Amtrak due to the law that favors Amtrak, presumably to keep the "trains moving" regardless of instances of misinformation regarding refunds, train collisions, disabled being ousted, etc.

    AVOID the hassle. DON"T TRAVEL AMTRAK. Perhaps we can all send them a message.

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backed up toilet

I travelled on Amtrak with my wife and 2 children earlier this month. We took our van and travelled from Orlando to DC. During the trip we noticed a foul smell of the toilet and after a few hours we notified the attendant. They agreed there was a smell and said they would go get someone to assist but never returned. We ended up covering our mouth with our blanket to stop from throwing up and at 9am the following day arrived in DC. When I arrived in DC I contacted customer service who told me this was a problem they knew about and offered me $100 credit which I felt was an insult to me as a customer who paid over $500.00 for this trip which was supposted to be fun! I recommned you re-consider if you plan on taking the Atrak!

broken ticket scanner

I purchased a ticket for my son at amtrak on line services. They printed me out a reservation no. and a code bar to scan at the amtrak machine in bridgeport, ct.
when my son arrived at the station he proceeded to scan the reservation conformation . The machine was broken and would not
print the ticket I paid for.
Since all he had was the paper with the bar code, he proceeded to board the train and showed the paper to the conductor. He then told him to get off the train. My son told him the machine was not working and that the ticket was already paid for. He told him to get off the train or buy a ticket for cash, not even at the online price.
It was very important to catch this train, yet no one helped him.
He called me after the train left. I contacted amtrak and they told me
that he would have to purchase a new ticket at nearly double the price in order to board the next train. He did not have that amount in cash on him and holds no credit cards.
He was then forced to take a late train after I wired the money, and there was no metro connection that late at night, so I am forced to pick him up at the station when he arrives. I have recently had a heart attack and have no business out at 2 am. thanks to amtrak I have no choice. If anyone knows where to report this situation please let me know. I can never trust amtrak online again and would advise others
to be very careful purchasing any tickets from their website. They just don't care, they feel no responsibility to their customers.

  • Cg
    cgardner Oct 19, 2009

    To the person who had to deal with the broken ticket scanner issues out of Bridgeport, CT and the stranding of their son:

    Contact your credit card company ASAP and contest the charge for the original fare. Be prepared to present all receipts for both tickets so you can show that you had to pay a fare twice for the same person on the same day for the same trip which should be evidence enough that you never got what you paid for the first time.

    Additionally, if your son was a minor at the time I would also consider bringing charges against Amtrak for the reckless endangerment of a minor, and maybe even a suit for causing mental anguish and all that if you're so inclined. Even if you don't win they'll think twice before doing something that stupid again. Good Luck.

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After july 4th, the day of america's founding day which celebrate the premise of freedom and Equality in...

broken laptio

I paid for a trip for my parents to come visit me in California. Although, the actual trip was good, it was not the trip that they had problems with. When I went to the LA Station to see them off, I immediately went to the Conciere to find out about getting my parents wheel chairs and they said they did not have any but for them to sit in the assisted waiting area. We were the first ones there, we sat down and waited, as we waited I had spoke to several Red Caps trying to find out when their train was going to be there considering it was so loud we could barely here the announcer. Everyone that I spoke to said not to worry we will come get your parents when it is time for them to board. Everytime I saw them come over on the Tram I stopped them and asked them if it were time for them to board. Everytime I asked they replied not yet but we will come and get them when it was time. When the time finally came no one came to get them I just kept asking until the redcap told me it was their train. Everyone started loading on the trams people that were not ever in assited waiting were loading on. These trams were for people whom could not walk all the way down on their own. I watched many people get on that were not even waiting they just walked up and got on. When I finally started walking up to the tram to help my parents get on they shewed us back in a line. At that point I was really upset. My parents carry on luggage was in the line where they were standing my mom stepped back away from her briefcase and one of the assisted helpers bent over picked up the bag and tossed it approx 5ft to the tram. It had a (brand new laptop in it that I gave them for christmas in it) I placed a claim against the gentleman that threw it on the tram and that was 01/04/09 it is now 06/26/09 and I am still batteling with the Customer Relations. (Carolyn Gilmore) she has been adamint about me sending my original claim and repair estimate to her.. The orignal was sent to the LA Station as I was instructed. I keep telling her I do not have the original. Then they told they needed me to have the laptop repaired and send them the receipt. Once again I did this and yet they are still telling the doucments are not sufficent for the claim. I can't believe that I am having so much trouble over $350.00 dollars. That was the total amount to have the laptop repaired. Not only that they are trying to tell me that it was our fault because this should have not been carry on. I'm curious why they advertise they have internet connection if you can't bring your laptop on the train. Please give me any suggestions of whom I can contact at Amtrak. [protected]

lost luggage - no recourse

1st class r/t ticket Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles. One of the perks to having a 1st class ticket is that the Red Cap will load your luggage on and off the train for you. There is no need to check baggage. It travels with you in the 1st class car. Everything's fine until the return trip and the porter gives my wife's bag to a traveler who gets off in San Jose. SJ traveler doesn't notice right away but eventually returns bag to SJ station. SJ station puts bag on next train going north (24 hours later). My wife is told Amtrak policy says they can't forward her bag across the border to Vancouver for security reasons. Passengers must accompany their bags. My wife had to spend an additional night in Seattle waiting for her bag. Not only was there an additional hotel stay, but nearly $100 in phone charges trying to find her bag ($2/min outside Canada on her cell phone). To add insult to injury, her jewelry was missing when she got the bag back.

As if this wasn't enough, Amtrak Customer Service will do NOTHING. She was told there is no recourse. No manager/supervisor to speak to. No address/fax/phone number/email they will give out. You're on the train for 36 hours between LA and Seattle and you are entirely responsible if anything happens to your luggage, including Amtrak's mishandling of it.

  • Di
    Dixie Kangaroo Dec 28, 2010

    A similar incident happened to me over Christmas. Amtrak lost my bag somewhere between Fayetteville NC and Wilmington DE. Twice I was told that my bag had been found only to discover that the found bag was not mine. It seems that nobody bothered to check my claim number or the description of my lost bag.

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  • Du
    Dupasque Aug 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Was a terribly rough trip, Aug, 13 2012 – 8 hrs late going from St Paul, MN to Everett, WA, Aug 22, 2012 – 4 hrs Late returning.

    On my return trip I plugged my laptop in to electrical outlet to charge battery, My hard drive and monitor severely damaged because of electrical power surge. There were no warnings posted regarding possible electrical damage, I would like compensation for being late for appt. with surgery and laptop damage.

    It was a very disgusting trip!

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  • Cs
    CSrespect! Apr 22, 2017

    I bought a round trip ticket from BWI to Fayetteville and back again a week later. My trip there was horrible and several people, as well as myself called Amtrak to complain. Everyone was told to call back at the end of our trip. On my way back the train was 2 hours late and I was so exhausted I left my bag on the train. I went into the station and I was handed a slip with a phone number for a station which was closed, I found out after I had called at least 12 times, I called the helpline and was put on hold for forty minutes only for the agent to give me a number of another station that was closed. I called the helpline again and was on hold for another forty minutes and finally a Lost and Found claim was put through. I called back two days later and the agent attempted to call New York Penn, where my bag would be, and she did not get an answer. I was told to call back in a couple days. I called back two days later and yet again the agent checked my claim and tried to call the station, both Lost and Found and baggage, and yet again no answer. I called back the next day and still there was no answer. I was transferred to customer relations. The man was very rude to me and had no interest in helping. He stated "our job is to get you from point A to point B and we did that." I decided to call one last time hoping my back would have surfaced after a week. The assistant called Penn again and there was no answer. This has been the worst experience ever and I will never rely on Amtrak again!

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  • Po
    P....of Jun 28, 2019

    I also lost my luggage. The driver of the bus we transferred to from Oakland to San Francisco, handed my luggage to another passenger without checking the name of the ticket to the luggage tag. I am having emotional distress knowing that it could have been prevented if the driver was diligent about checking names with the ticket. DO YOUR JOB AMTRAK!! Greyhound has a better security system handling luggage.

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Travel from Baltimore to NY on 11/30. Train had no working bathroom in the first 2 cars maybe at the back of the third car and was not an Amtrak Train, It was a New Jersey Transit Commuter train that we travelled on for 3 hours and 55 minutes. The traiun had short seats with no real leg room and a terrible odor that kept coming through the vents. It was bad enough when we got to the platform the trains all seemed suspended over head until we realized that this was not a normal platform you had to step up at least 3 feet to climb onto the first step that was short and narrow and then have someone behind you give you your bags if you are lucky if not throw them up and climb on board and I mean climb literally. Try doing that with an 80 year old with a bad knee/hip. Luckily the red cap person was very nice and tried to help. I traveled on train 3082 and imagine my surprise when cnot only was it not an Amtrak train but it was a NJ transit Commuter train with short seats, bad odor and extremly uncomfortablefor such a period of travel. My poor Gran sat with her leg hunched to the side because the seats are short they only support half your thighs and they was no heat. Today I have a cold and my Gran is home with an ache in her hip from the terrible travelling conditions that we paid overr $100 each one way for this agony. I paid money to ride an AMTRAK train with a bathroom, comfortable seats and leg room, i paid for comfort not bad odor and the makings of a cold. I did not pay to have my Gran Hoisted onto the train and then climbing precariously up myself., hoping you don't fall as you drag your bag and yourself up the tiny steep stairs. It was crazy. It was not at all what i paid for. When I spopke to Customer Service in Penn Station NY She said I should've told the conductor to hold the train while my Gran wobbled three cars back to get to a bathroom, and the 20 minutes + that it would take her to come and go how long would the conductor hold it. The only good thing that the customer service in NY did was let her use their bathroom. We still had 2 hours of travelling ahead of us and it was not fair to this elderly p[erson to be treated so for what was paid.


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For the remittance process to be carried out, those who are residing outside the united kingdom are to use the services of our affiliate courier service company whose duty is to deliver their cheques to them in their house address while they are to bear the cost of delivery. Please note that for this option, delivery cannot be carried out to p.O. Boxes.

However, for the courier delivery option which is for winners who do not reside close to london i.e. United kingdom, you will be required to contact our affiliate courier company who will then ship your cheques or transfer their winning prize to them in their respective countries while they in turn pay the delivery expenses and proceed with the cheque to any bank in their country where the full value to the cheque will be paid to them.

This is to inform you that you have been cleared a winner of the microsoft word lottery, uk. I am happy to inform you that we have forwarded your original winning certificate and your certified bank cheque to the courier company.

Find below the details of the courier company below:

Delivery department contact information
: [protected]@live.com
Dispatch officer: mr. Jerryandersona
Office mobile : +[protected]
: +[protected]

Please send your details to amtrak courier services.
Full name:
Marital status:
Next of kin:
Residential address:
Phone/fax number:

Please note that considering the amount of money that is involved, we cannot enthrust the postage of your cheque in the hands of any other courier service apart for our affiliate.

You are adviced to contact the courier company for their courier cost of delivering your winning prize safely to you for immediate claim. When contacting them, you are to include this order number as your subject. Please you are adviced to write down the order number and save it.

Your order number is ms/35468/ptl.

Note: this office will not be responsible for any outstanding fee. Services rendered by the courier company are to be paid by you and not the lottery board, for the fact that the lottery organizers didn't make any provision for any upcoming expenses regarding delivery of parcel or any such..

Have it in mind that your won prize cannot be deducted from your winning prize, this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds.

Furthermore, as soon as you receive your cheque from the courier company, you are to proceed to your bank in your country so that the full value of your cheque will be paid to you. This means that your winning cheque is a certified cheque and as such can be cashed across the counter of any bank in your country.

Once again congratulations!!! From our members of staffs, we do hope that with part of your winnings you take part in next year's grand draws.

Warm regards,
Mr. Wouter miller.
Claims officer,
For ms word lottery
Copyright [protected] microsoft word lottery promotions.
All rights reserved. Terms of service - guideline
[protected] [protected]

  • Ah
    Ahmed Mohamed Omar Nida Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir


    and say in content: CONGRATULATIONS! I hereby notify you that I have forwarded your winning cheque of 500, 000.00 GBP to the courier firm that will handle the delivery.

    And ask me to send:

    Full Name:
    Marital Status:
    Next Of Kin:
    Residential Address:
    Phone/Fax Number:

    I want to know please, Is this mail is truth or trickery?

    And if truth, understand me what i do and next procedure?

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  • Sh
    shilpa Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is a spam mail, even i got the same mail today... Please do not give any info abt yourself, they'll track your back acc and steal the money or they'll tell us to pay some amt for shipping chargers.

    0 Votes
  • Pr
    prathima.S.Bhat Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,

    This lottery is true ?, Please dont play the games with people,

    is it true, please explain what is the use of this to you

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  • Um
    umesh jaiswal Oct 04, 2009

    if they are right person, whu they don't accept payment against delivery.I think they are not genuine person.

    -1 Votes

place for homeless

The Amtrak station platforms are becoming infested with homeless people. It's not safe to wait outside for trains anymore. You can wait for your train and be accosted by a homeless person or Jehova's witnesses for up to 30 minutes before the staff will call the police. I try to move away from them, but they get belligerent, demanding money and yelling at you and other passengers if you don't give them what they want. I've spoken to conductors, but they are government workers and only care about their narrow job, which isn't passenger safety throughout the journey.

  • Dj
    DJ Mixer Jun 24, 2009

    Hey this is Roy I'm the vice president for Amtrak . I have the Amtrak police at the train stations to look out for homeless people and suspicious activity.And I get some police to watch out for people failing to stoping for the railroad gates when they come down.

    0 Votes
  • El
    Elvis Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just purchased a ticket online from Boston, MA to Kingston, RI on December 9th. The fare that came up was $16.00 for Coach. I opted to pay the extra $12.00 for Business. When I did this, the fare went up to $28.00. I did not notice that I was charged $33.00 for the ticket until AFTER I hit 'ok'. I called the 800 number and your customer service representative, while professional, told me that it was because "The coach fare was for a 14-day advance ticket. The regular price is $21.00." Well, if it IS $21.00, then shouldn't it be advertised as such? I feel completely misled here, scammed truly. There was NOTHING that said "your price WILL go up" just something that said "your price MAY go up". This is completely unacceptable...I anticipated paying one price and got shnookered into paying another price. I didn't want to press the issue at first, but then I realized that you are truly not being upfront about your ticket prices. $5.00 is $5.00. I understand completely that it isn't a large amount of money...for one person. I just can't help but imagine how many people Amtrak has done this to unknowingly.

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Carl S Mar 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Several times a year, I would like to travel on Amtrak from Boston to New York City...I understand that prices are lowest when booking a month in advance...roughly $46 each way. But the closer one gets to travelling, say a week before, this same ticket goes to $95 each way...Most people including myself do not plan specific dates way ahead...more like 5-7 days ahead...So as a result, I end up taking the bus, for $18-24 each way...

    I wonder how many empty seats Amtrak has because of this...They do not run it as a business. It's not like an Airline, because there are alternatives--

    busses and driving in one's car...I think if Amtrak were a privately run company, they would do things differently...And they would actually

    show a profit...If only they would hold prices down for ticket buyers who buy with a week to go before riding, they would sell a lot more seats!

    0 Votes
  • Gl
    glueonhair Jul 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Roy! In the words of the prophet, you are most definitely a 'pillock', n if you more than likely don't know what that means, get yourselsteal, which is more likely, of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are many words in there, but alas no pictures to colour in! You will find many many exciting and wonderful revelations, such as words that have not only 1 'p' but another too! I know, i know it, s all too much isn't it? I would certainly recommend a course in humorous prose as well, as i didn't laugh very much either! Shamone!1

    0 Votes

scam and cheating

In October of 2007, my wife and I (65 years old) began a two thousand dollar Amtrak trip in a standard roomette. We were soon subjected to stultifying high temperatures and a lack of ventilation in our 6 and-a-half by 3 and-a-half foot compartment. The unsmiling, condescending and insolent conductors professed helplessness in the face of the oppressive conditions, and when I asked one of the conductors what his name was, he immediately covered his identity badge with his hand!

We continued to object to these conditions, and finally the conductor had the train stopped, called in local marshals, and ejected my wife and I from the train in the middle of the night.

We were forced to quickly pack all of our luggage and drag our bags off the train without any assistance. We had our tickets confiscated, and were left standing in the dark around midnight, after being told that we were forever banned from Amtrak trains. However, we were not the only couple who was profoundly distressed by our Amtrak experience. When the conductor overheard me speaking to one of the marshals about this, he immediately returned our tickets to us and offered my wife and I the option of getting back on the train the following day! What was it that I told the Marshall? That approximately 12 hours before, another couple had been kicked off the train with the accompaniment of the police for complaining about the suffocating conditions!

It's one thing that Amtrak charges high prices for the honor of occupying a tiny bedroom in one of their obsolete railcars. It's another thing if in addition, the service personnel are generally rude, insulting and sadistic. The only exception to this would be in the dining car where a gratuity is expected. My wife and I sued Amtrak for this abusive service and our abandonment in an unknown town in the middle of the night. We won with little difficulty.

It seems Amtrak has a stable of attorneys on call to take care of litigations of this type. Make sure you are prepared with adequate legal support the next time you travel Amtrak.

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