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I got on a west bound train for Los Angeles, destination is Anaheim, Ca. I sat on the seat number 18, the gentleman that had the window seat which is the #17 asked me if I want to plug my laptop on the plug which is on the window. He left for awhile, and so I moved over and used the plug to watch a movie. This was my very first time to board a train this far since my Navy days.
My complain is this; i have 3 huge bug bites on my left arm, which I started scratching since I changed seat with the gentleman I mentioned. When I got home that early morning, I kept scratching and thought nothing of it, today, saturday the 4th of August, I still felt the lump and the swelling of my arm, I took some benadrile for allergies, thinking it was just that, but now, when I looked at it closer, they are bug bites. I think I'm gonna see a doctor tomorrow.


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    wifi8827 Aug 05, 2012

    and what does this have to do with Amtrak?

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    Helen Peoples Apr 18, 2018

    I took Amtrak train# 97 out of Rocky Mount Carolina on April 16, 2018 going to Alexandria Virginia.
    The train was suppose leave at 10:03. It was 2 hours late. I sat in a handicap seat. The conductor name was Annette an excellent worker, very kind and considerate caring person. She was bent on making sure her passengers was comfortable but she was working against a train problem. Water was coming out of the rest-room something fierce. she kept putting on blue gloves using paper towels to get up the water. spraying to get the smell out of the restroom. Returning on the same train 4/17/2018 #98 was worst. Annette was again a person doing an extraordinary job working against high odds. this time the smell got so bad no one could use the rest room until Annette could do her magic with her spray bottle and yes she had mops. Amtrak need to fix this problem.

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    Heid McCormick Apr 20, 2018

    I am wondering if you found out what the bites are. My daughters boyfriend traveled on Amtrak the first part of March and immediately after he got to her apartment and stayed 1 night she started having bites. The doctor didn't know what it was, she went and checked twice as they were getting worse. Then yesterday I called an exterminator to have check her apartment. She now had bed bugs!! They came from Amtrak, I am 100% certain of that. They were not there before his visit and he does not have them at his home. The infestation is small so it hasn't been there long but it is there and we now have to pay to get rid of it and keep it from spreading.

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    Bed Bugged Aug 24, 2018

    Hello. Please tell me what train your daughters boyfriend was on when he got bitten. Also, was he in a sleeper car or in coach? Thank you!

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    CHC19 Jun 25, 2019

    I just got home from my trip to VA on Amtrak. We were on the train overnight. Before I fell asleep last night around midnight my left arm was fine. I woke up this morning and my upper left arm was itching and I kept scratching it. There is a circular area on my arm with about four or five insect/bug bites and is also slightly swollen. They were not there before I got on the train. As soon as I got home, I cleaned the area with Peroxide and put Cortisone cream on it. The itching has subsided, and I will keep an eye on it for the next couple of days. My husband has the same marks on his ankle and lower leg. We were not in a sleeper car, we had Coach seats. I was on the Crescent train, #19. We left home on Crescent train #20 and did not experience any bites.

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