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Straight up an scam. I expended over 8 months chatting with this girl and after all this time all I get is a sorry.

This is the worst kind of scam I seen in many years. Please blast this all over the web and let's make sure this doesn't happen ever again.

Her name is Bella her ID number is 1154745

She'll sweet talk you all the way to the bank and more.
Them she'll ask for money to help pay for the us embassy paperwork to come to the USA to visit you. The only thing once you send the money is over

Apr 15, 2015
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  • Sp
      Jun 08, 2015

    That is tame compared to my experience. I spent thousands on chat with different ladies at 1 credit per minute (about 80 cents) it sneaks up on you . you buy 16 or 30 dollars in credits and it goes quick. You get 20 credits for $15.99 and if you go video chat it runs you 6 credits a minute. so I had been burned by chatting one girl who seemed completely genuine. We chat a few hours a week for months. When I finally had time in my schedule and could plan a trip to visit her in Colombia I told her and she told me she needed to know me better( basically she wanted to chat more). I wrote it off and avoided the site. I have a trip planned to Colombia so I figured I'd try again. This time different girls. Yes they were all incredibly interested and thrilled I was planning on coming to Colombia until... Until I started making plans to actually meeting. They were talking marriage and promising the world until I tried to nail down a specific meeting time and place. I had 2 that I had spent hundreds of dollars chatting with that I planned to meet. One in Cali and one in Bogota. The one in Cali could not recommend a place to meet. When I pressed for a place to meet she did not know it. I told her I have a Limo hired and needed to tell the driver where to pick her up and she changed the subject to sex. I then pulled up a map of Cali and asked here if she knew any of the major roads and she did not know any of them.
    I assume she is in a completely other city if not country. The girl in Bogota, she was telling me she loved me and we were planning our future. She was planning to get a passport so she could join me. She was excited to learn to drive a car and we talked about our families and how she was concerned about how my family would accept her. Everything to lead me to believe this was a girl very interested in a permanent relationship. I had requested a meeting with her thru the site and told her she had to send me 4 emails. I didn't get the emails and got a little concerned. I booked a hotel in her city for the date I had told her we were going to meet and told her what hotel She responded it was good hotel in the city center and a good location. I then pressed for the 4 emails to meet via the service and she told me she needed more time. Now this on it's own is plausible but not with the level of intimate conversation we had the day before. Yes, one might call it cold feet, but I promise you, after months of very intimate chat this was simply not the case. If I had only had this happen once I could say it was an anomaly but I promise you, these girls are aggressive until you go for a real meeting. I had read someone post that he had met girls from the site. I bet that post was from an employee of the site. The owner is getting filthy rich off honest people. This is a total scam. I was taken to the tune of thousands of dollars. I am embarrassed, I got fooled.

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  • Dear Spartacus80015,

    Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. Providing excellent customer service is our primary goal. We would like to know more details about your case.
    Please contact our Customer Service Team +[protected] and we will look into the situation immediately.

    Amolatina Customer Service Department.

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  • Co
      Jul 17, 2018

    Hi, I am so sorry to read about your experience... I have evidence to prove the profiles are fake and it has been shared with the the parent company of and a formal complaint is in hand with the better business bureau in New York which is where the headquarters of are located... I will give the website another week to confirm they have apologised to the members in question for the deception and provided a refund or I will instigate proceedings against the website.. I believe the website earned $4M USD last year and given the low cost of operating the profiles and hosting the website it is a very lucrative business..

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  • Pa
      Oct 30, 2018

    trust me complete scam _along with letters that make no sense (they are interested in your profile after chatting for weeks on intimate subjects - I even posted cartoon profile pictures with no real description of me and get many young women telling me they love me or want to know me - worst off I pictures of one model saying lived in Columbia and found same pictures under another name living in Texas - one women sent me her email address (surprised as chat will not allow ) and once I contacted her she stated she has not been member with amolatina for years and confirmed they still us per pictures to lure men to spend money

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