AmolatinaAvoid this website at all costs

I am a little bit different than most of you guys. I am Colombian myself and looking for a lady in my own country. So I was trying it through amolatina. I had a very nice chat with two ladies. They were shocked that I wasn't a gringo, but they really enjoyed that they could talk to a paisano. I dont know if I was talking to a 'translater', but I mentioned a few very specific things about my city in Colombia and also I talked Colombian slang, and it seemed this girls were real. Unfortunately they didnt want to give me their emails 'yet', they admitted this would get them "fired". But I know I could probably offer them a lot more then what they get from "amolatina". I prefer givin the money to the girls than to amolatina. So next time I talk to the girl I gonna propose exchanging numbers and I'll say I'll pay her twice what amolatina pays her, so she shouldnt be worried about losing her "job" (yeah "job"..)


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