Amerigas / Propane Gas Crooks

Kinston, NC, United States Review updated:

Beware of AMERIGAS! They will rip you off. Early winter they filled my tank and charged me $5.03 per gallon. I complained and they dropped to $2.60 per gallon. They Just did a refill which I did not ask for and charged $5.23 PER GALLON. I called two other companies and the price was $2.44. I told them to come get the tank and cut me a check for the gas and they will not even come and get the tank. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR POCKET BOOKS! AMERIGAS is out to rob you! They will not answer the phone and they have the door locked at the office! Wow they really value their customers in Kinston North Carolina.

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  •   Feb 03, 2015

    Amerigas bought out essentially all of the competitors in Michigan and the price you quoted is essentially what they charge there, about twice what it was with the other propane suppliers. I am certain that they got fed money to pull that stunt. You can't sell a house fired by propane there. In rural areas, natural gas heated houses literally fly off the shelf. Propane fueled ones go for a pittance if they sell at all..

    Socialism requires that no competition in the market place exists.. An American would have to go to Europe to see what I mean and how it affects pricing. Just think of the US before K Mart opened up.

    Never EVER! vote for a Washington incumbent - I don't care what party. They are for all intents and purposes, all in on it. Don't believe a thing they say..

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  • An
      Mar 30, 2015

    I also live in North Carolina and agree Amerigas should be avoided. I was just charged 4.21/gal...and competitors are selling gas for 2.19/gal! I also called Amerigas pretending to be a future customer and they said I can lock in the price of 2.19 right now! Crooks. This is completely criminal behavior! We need a class action Suit! (March, 2015)

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  •   Apr 03, 2015

    That's cheap! Try over $5 a gallon in Michigan.

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