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Dear Amerigas,

You really need to manage your Gualala CA office better. The manager, Joe, needs to be on top of problems and not feign ignorance or try to blame the customer when problems happen. I have been an Amerigas customer at the above address for 12 years. In the past 12 months, I have 'fallen between the cracks' on 3 occasions.


Third time in one year they have left my vacation rental without propane. I have refunded 1425.00 to my customers because of Amerigas. Yep, $1425.00 lost revenue nights, refunded nights, extra cleaning fees where people were not scheduled and buying them a hot meal in a local establishment to show them I do care about their comfort on vacation. ((3 nights at 333.00 each, plus 2 cleanings added to the schedule with no income for the substituted home, 250.00: Feeding the really irate family of 5 at a local restaurant when they couldn’t cook 125.00 and the final 51.00 feeding the family of 3 in Feb. The bill for feeding the family of 5 this week hasn’t reached me yet…..))

Problems started this past fall when the driver admitted he ‘just didn’t stop as he was running low on propane BUT planned to come by the next day”. BUT he didn’t come by and I had to call to find out what was going on????...and he hadn't been there in over 60 days??? That renter was REALLY irate, cold, heat, no hot water, no cooking. Just ask the driver, Cory, or Melissa in the office, they can tell you HE WAS NOT HAPPY….I spent over 2 hours listening to him rant and rave that this was ruining his vacation and it was all my fault.

Okay, so I moved on and sucked it up…..In Feb. 2011, Amerigas changed out my tank WITHOUT NOTIFYING me...which meant, as no one was on the premises, they didn’t relight the pilot lights and LEFT THE PROPANE DISCONECTED. Funny, I have electronic locks (and the staff at Gualala Amerigas used them on the first ‘mistake’ to let themselves in to relight the pilots) and the code is supposed to be ON FILE for emergencies. Oh what fun that was to get a phone call from a vacation renter at 10pm on a Friday night that there was NO HEAT, NO HOT WATER AND NO PROPANE TO COOK WITH. Lucky me, I had a vacancy of one night at another rental 25 miles away and the people were gracious enough (with the incentive of a refund) to stay there until the propane was filled...and then I was so happy to pay a cleaning fee to the housekeeper for the one night unpaid rental (plus the refund of the other house)...

I guess I really am stupid...I didn’t cancel my service then...and now, I have allowed your Gualala Office do it to me again!!!This past Monday, July 11, I received an email at midnight, “the oven doesn’t seem to light’ thought I needed to call Sears for a repairman…BUT… On Tuesday approx 10am after talking to the renters and having them check the propane tank level….EMPTY….I called the Gualala office...The manager in Gualala, Joe, blamed me for the lack of propane???? Funny how they made it monthly from Nov to April without my calling them...but have missed me for the past 3 months. He said "it is all computer generated" Oh?? Then why the skip??? He had no explanation….

I have 4 other rentals and have all set up with Kemgas on auto-fill with auto pay, I’ve NEVER had even ONE problem with Kemgas. Joe could not offer an explanation for the missed Amerigas deliveries nor did he offer to compensate the renters or me….all he could think to do was tell me he has never heard of his branch having ANY problems, let alone MY past problems. I suggested that as MANAGER, he should have weekly STAFF MEETINGS and ASK his employees if there have been any problems or concerns with customers in the past week….OBVIOULSY his STAFF does not keep him informed.

So…..Guess these renters just received a night's refund on my dime...AGAIN!!! As I cannot afford to keep refunding money to paying guests because AMERIGAS can’t seem to get the COMPUTER to generate a TICKET for DELIVERY to my home on a RELIABLE basis...I contacted Kemgas (who service my other tanks) and have given them this account also. Joe didn't seem to care one iota that he was losing a customer. Great way to do business Amerigas. I will be doing my best to spread the word locally that your Gualala office doesn't give a damn about its paying customers.

In this economy, no one can afford an unhappy consumer...I sure can' they can leave negative feedback for my rental(s) and that could impact my future earnings. So, you bet, I bend over backwards to make sure people feel treated well by my business.

Guess Amerigas is SOOOOOO BIG, you just don't care about individual accounts???? That is the point of view I was given by your Gualala office….

Really Amerigas?? You care not for your customers and what YOUR mistakes cost us????

Fed up and moving on...but NOT letting it drop. I will do my best to spread my tale of woe and poor customer service with AMERIGAS to any and all who will listen.


Mrs. Petersen

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      Jul 15, 2011

    Hi, my name is Fran and I work for AmeriGas. I’m sorry to hear about your issue and we would like to help you. Please send your account details to me at [protected] or fill out the following form: so we can promptly assist you. Thank you, Fran

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