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AmericInn Motels / Vacation bust

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My wife and I planned to stay at the AmericInn in Hartford, Wisconsin, while attending the 105th Harley-Davidson Anniversary 40 miles away in Milwaukee. We had to reserve our stay months in advance and AmericInn charged our credit card immediately for the entire stay of a mandatory five nights at over 150% of their usual prices. While traveling enroute to their location we had a motorcycle/car collision and were unable to continue on.

We phoned them from the emergency room by 3:00 that afternoon to give them notice that neither we nor our vehicle were roadworthy and would need to find transportation to return home. Even though others in our party gave the office advance information of our situation and were there when the desk turned away guests due to no vacancy, we only received a refund of a single night while they pocketed over $600. We heard from the other members, that made this trip, that their accomodations we OK, and the only thing they disliked was how we were treated. We even tried to get their corporate offices and staff of the Innpressive Club to mediate in our behalf, but absolutely no assistance was given. We were amazed that the corporate offices said that they could not intercede because each AmericInn is independently owned so they have no control. Needless to say, they can keep their Innpressive Club and we will never again give them an opportunity to treat us so badly.

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      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I am currently dealing with a similar problem. I canceled one of our nights well within their policy. I called the main reservation number after failed attempts to reach the hotel direct. The first night was canceled, a confirmation email sent to me, but not passed on to the hotel. I was charged as a "no show" to the card I used to "hold" the room. I only wanted to use that card to hold the room and planned on using cash to pay for it. My card was put over the limit and they are saying it is the reservation companies fault and they won't pay the fee. Now I am battling with the reservation company. They say they will call back, but I always have to call them, only to get another excuse. Our travel softball team travels about 8 weekends out of the summer and we will never use this hotel again. Very bad customer service.

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      4th of Feb, 2012
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    On February 1, 2012 I checked into the Americinn Fort Collins to stay while saying good bye to my father who is under hospice care. The staff was initially accommodating and your facility is beautiful.
    I am dismayed to report that on Feb 3, 2012 a problem has ensued and the staff has been very inappropriate. First I witnessed Amanda, the manager allowing several non guests young person into the pool area for free. At first I thought this was a nice community gesture. Later I came to the pool area to swim and Jacuzzi to release stress and found the pool to be jammed with young people who were very loud, two couples were making out in the pool and it was a wild time being had by all. I opted to Jacuzzi for a short time, removed my shoes, and began to get in spa when I notices green pieces of broken glass around the entrance of Jacuzzi. I immediately went to the front desk to report and witnessed Amanda, the Manager, in a lengthy phone conversation lamenting to someone about how she was having a bad night and how crazy the guests were getting. She went on to say that she had been wanting the Jacuzzi cleaned for quite some time for a variety of weird reasons (that was unpleasant for a guest to hear) and that something had to be done about the situation. I waited for her to come to me and told her of the safety issue in pool area. She abruptly interrupted to tell me that she was aware and taking care of things. I stated that there should be a sign to warn the hotel patrons and she became exasperated and told me that I had I rudely interrupted her phone call. I was shocked. It appeared to me that she had finished as she had approached me at the front desk. I again tried to speak with her regarding the situation and she firmly said that there was no safety issue what so ever and that her first priority was to report to pool company. I mentioned that her first priority should be the safety of her guests and stopping any potential injury. She told me that I did not know what I was talking about and that she found it strange and bazaar that I was complimentary earlier and now was trying to make trouble for her. She was intent on telling me that I was a problem and not offering her any courtesy. Amanda never apologized. Amanda said the Jacuzzi contained glass but the pool was safe. Amanda, your Manager, stated that there was nothing she could do about what goes on in the pool area and could not be held responsible. She continued to try to find fault with me. I later returned to the pool area and found that although the glass on ground had been removed, there was no notices posted to patrons that there was glass in Jacuzzi. I politely mentioned this to Amanda and she was again rude and defensive. She stated that it is Americinn policy to allow non guess to enjoy the pool and there was nothing that could be done. I mentioned her attitude and the lack of apology and she gave a very deep sigh and gave a lackluster and loud “IM SORRY”. This was very upsetting to me. Amanda is aware that I am in Colorado on a Hospice situation and yet seemed to feel that it was appropriate to admonish me for attempting to report a potential safety hazard to your Guests.

    On the morning of Friday Feb 4, 2012 I visited the pool to swim and took off my shoes to go in and stepped in to feel pain on the bottom of my right foot. I could see varying sizes of broken green glass on the steps of pool. I tending to my bleeding foot. I am a diabetic and cuts on my feet are potentially problematic. There was bleeding and I was able to pull a small piece of broken glass from my foot. I went to steps to pull out glass but it had apparently swirled into the pool. I limped to front desk to advise Summer of the safety situation and she gave me blank stare and advised that she was aware of the Jacuzzi situation. I reported how I had been treated the night before and she told me that she could only report to Amanda. I asked her to view my bleeding foot and she walked away and asked if I wanted a bandaid which I accepted. Still no apology or any sign of concern for the potential safety danger to your Hotel Guests here at Americinn in Fort Collins. I went to my room to tend to my bleeding foot and then returned to pool area again to retrieve my belongings only to find a father with his small daughter walking around in the pool with no sign posted of the broken glass in pool. I advised the father of my earlier findings. He stated that Summer had told him that only the Jacuzzi was involved. I returned to Summer to ask about the situation and she rolled her eyes and told me that I would need to talk to Amanda ( I had already advised her that Amanda was difficult) and that the real problem was that she looked and saw no glass in pool. She was also now rude and disinterested in protecting your guests. She is also aware of my reason for being at this hotel and showed me a total lack of respect even though I was only trying to protect your hotel from allowing further injury to your guests.

    I have reported this situation to Scott Doble 1 952 294 5277 by phone and left multiple messages and tried to contact your customer service line to no avail. NO ONE CARES THAT I WAS INJURED OR IS WILLING TO TAKE PRECAUTIONS TO PROTECT GUESTS. Your MANAGER and staff seem intent on ignoring this situation and Amanda treated me with a complete lack of respect.

    I can do nothing to further protect your guests and have been contemplating contacting the police to determine who to contact regarding this matter.
    I am very upset about this situation. I came here for sanctuary during a very difficult time. Your hotel is wonderful and hope it prospers but with staff that is only friendly when there are no important concerns, I wonder if the potential is there. This is disturbing. GUEST SAFTEY SHOULD BE A PRIORITY WITH ALL OF YOUR STAFF AND MOST CERTAINLY WITH YOUR MANAGEMENT. No guest should be made to feel like an imposition and all safety concerns should be shown immediate attention.
    Please contact me regarding this matter,
    Terri Foster
    209 271 4254

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      15th of Jan, 2016
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    i stayed at the ammerican inn in inver grove hghts mn for nine days. when i checked in i was only checking in for one night well they pe authorized my card for several different ammounts thru out the stay until my card was declined for insufficent funds. they called my room and told me i had two hours to come up with 117.00 dollars or i would have to leave by four pm. and i needed some other form of payment even tho i justed loaded my card with another 720.00 dollars. they ended up costing me 600.00 that i have to wait to be put back on my card. i will never stay there again Terry D Schmitz 651 274 6059

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      29th of Dec, 2016
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    They were only suppose to charge my credit card a $30 holding fee ended up being almost $400 froze up my account ha no money left and no money to get home, what a pain in the ### won't ever go there again! WORST HOTEL EVER.

  • Fr
      7th of Mar, 2018
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    Double charged me for a prepaid room, will not return phone calls it has been a month thieves. Madison WI Grand Canyon Road Patrick Siras General Manager.. [censor]

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