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American Signature Furniture / DISCOUNTED FURNITURE

1 United States

In July 2008, I walked into American Signture Furniture in Atlanta, Ga (Lenox), the salesman helped me pick out what I wanted. Although, there wasn't much I found that peaked my attention this living room suite caught my eye. I was very fond of American Signture's furniture.

While visiting in Louisville, KY I was able to purchase the furniture (there is a reason I had to purchase in KY), the furniture was delivered from Buford, Ga. 7-28-08. The first month I notice a pen sticking out of the the love seat which scratch when you sat down. Within 2-4 months the sofa pillows on the sofa and chair started to deteriorate, there was a board pushing in and out on the sofa and a popping sound when you sat down by the armrest side. On the chair at the top of the armrest the cushion made an indention. This clearing was turning into bad furniture I purchased. When asked in the KY store if this was "ALL" Am Sign. furniture he replied yes!

I purchased a warranty and fab protection and finally notified the co. They (Am. Sig.) informed me my furniture is not discontinued although my mother in KY said the furniture is still at Value City currently. They were willing to give me credit to purchase another set or anything in the store. This is when the salesman and the ladies in the back customer service told me about the tags. I should have been told the furniture was not from Am. Sig but another manufacturing company by the tag. (OH) The black & white tag reads Am. Signature and only the red & white is the discounted furniture but it does not say who from only "This price is guaranteed".

As upset as I was when walking around the store informing them I was not purchasing from the red & white tags, I noticed the difference. Am. Sig. furniture was more expensive. Even the salesman told me I knew their secret. (Tags) He even agreed that they don't tell their customers with the red & white tag it's from another manufacturer other than AM. Sign. Had I known the difference I would have had the option at the time to purchase the AM. Sign. furniture or the discounted but I was not looking for discounted furniture only American Signature. I could have went somewhere else.

The problem is I really didn't see what I wanted but was going to purchase less furniture (I had a 3 pc living room suite) and still be over my limit or the 3 pc and still be over by ($750) which they should have chucked up. They wanted me to pay the overhead even now when I talked to corporate. Lucky for them I still need to purchase my matching dinette tables like my coffee tables. Which I saw was a red & white tag! I only had one minor problem with those.

Mind you, this is the only way I will get my refund back is if I come in and purchase the dinette they will give me the remainder. He would not agree with refunding my money because I had the furniture for 6mths. I could change my mind about the purchasing the dinette set. This really infuriates me, that they sold defective furniture and won't allow me to have my money back. Who cares if they can't re sale it. This is not normal wear and tear in 2-6 months. The repair guy said my furniture was made out of cardboard, and basically he said all the furniture was. That's what the board and popping sound really could have been. Now the sound and board is gone but the plushness is gone.

Miss. Jeffries
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

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