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I bought a sofa in 2017. Prior to that we bought a sofa loveseat set that started falling apart at the frame. It was replaced with this set we have now. I have had repair people out here a few times. This is the worst set u have ever purchased now I have a tear in the seat. I cannot prove how it got there but am told if it was my dog it will not be covered. The support of this couch is horrible and it or completely ruining my hard wood floor. I will NEVER shop there again and I have purchased many pieces of furniture from you. I will also make sure my family and friends do not go back there and they have also purchased many items from you ! Very disappointed



It was great to see that elliot closed all Jordans stores because the health and safety to his guests and...

carlos the bully

There is a voice recording going around the receiving dept of Carlos telling Nate that Carlos was going to...

East Taunton Furniture

kyle hinchcliff receiving team lead

I am so glad my coworkers told me about this website. Kyle Hinchcliff puts the fun in disfunctional. Jordan's Furniture feels that safety is very important, almost over the top. It's amazing how Kyle will hurry us Along all day putting away and off loading. He is always telling us what safety issues we are not doing right. Today Kyle tells Tony Costa to go outside and unchaulk a trailer. Tony removed the wrong chaulk from a trailer that had people in it working. Because that was a big safety issue Tony got sent home. But Kyle did not. Tony would never have removed that chaulk if Kyle had not sent him out there to do it. Kyle should have been sent home to for instructing tony to be unsafe. Jeff the supervisor brings this up in his safety meetings. I guess safety doesn't pertain to Kyle. Kyle is the worst lead anyone could work for. He once made up a story about Mason Roy, Kyle told his manager that mason got upset about a task he was given and took his two wheeler and pushed it hard into a metal cart because mason was upset. Kyle made the whole incident up. Once the manager reviewed it on camera it was proven that mason did nothing wrong and that Kyle lied about the incident. If this is the person Jordan's furniture thinks should be leading their receiving department they should have their heads examined. Kyle is not fit to be a lead in Willy wonkas chocolate factory. Kyle is a proven liar because of what he did to mason. Kyle does documention on us, I wonder how much of it is made up. If they fire tony they should fire Kyle. Great job Jordan's furniture on placing a bitter, angry man who probably has absolutely no control over his life except for being a dirtbag team lead at Jordan's furniture.

  • Updated by Henry Kong · Jan 15, 2020

    What an interesting day. Jordan's has very strict safety rules. Today Kyle Hinchcliffe the receiving department team lead told Tony Costa to go outside a remove a wheel Chaulk from a trailer. Tony removed the wrong Chaulk from the wrong trailer that people were still working in. This is against the safety rules. Tony got sent home. Tony said he was told he was being sent home because Jordan's takes safety very seriously. The only reason tony made that mistake is because Kyle told tony to go outside and do so. Kyle didn't get sent home. Kyle should have been sent home to because if he did not tell tony to pull the chaulk it never would have been removed. Jeff the supervisor goes over these safety rules in his meetings. I guess safety doesn't apply to team leads. Kyle is a proven liar. He once made an accusation against mason Roy. He told the manager that mason didn't like a task he was given and took a two wheeler and pushed really hard into a cart because he was upset. When the manager reviews the cameras he saw that mason did nothing wrong and that Kyle was lieing. If Kyle lies about something like that what else does he lie about. Kyle does documentation on us. Who knows if he lies about that to. This is the crap we have to put up with everyday. If tony gets fired Kyle should get fired to since he is the one that told tiny to be unsafe. But that's how Jordan's receiving team leads are merchandise handlers have to follow the rules but the team leads don't. Kyle is an angry bitter man who is miserable everyday unless the supervisor is around. Kyle couldn't be a lead for the munchkins in the wizard of oz. if this is the kind of person Jordan's thinks should be leading people they should have their heads examined. What ever happens to tony Kyle should have the same medicine since it is his fault that tony did what he did. I'm sure nothing will happen to Kyle his nose is all brown.

sofa sectional

SCAMMERS ONLY LOOKING TO MAKE COMMISSION. I am having the worst experience with Jordans. I will never buy...

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brian faucher receiving manager

More magic tricks by corrupt management. If you ask a question about certain policies. You are told that each...

East Taunton Furniture


we purchased a love seat and couch back in 2017 after another couch and love seat fell apart that we also...

tempur pedic mattress

I'm complaining against Jordan's because we bought a Tempur Pedic Mattress and we couldn't set it up when it was delivered because the headboard couldn't go upstairs. So we had to remove some of the headboard to bring it up. When it time to put the mattress it couldn't fit because my mom did not know the bed was a queen size and not a queen. So customer service on the phone and the specialist told us we couldn't exchange because it has been 21 days. Based on the Sweet Dreams policy I should be accommodated. It is not fair they are not willing to exchange a 4000 mattress and rep wants us to buy a new bed. Especially when the policy states otherwise.

tempur pedic mattress

  • Jo
    Jordan's Customer Service Sep 25, 2019

    Good afternoon Thea,

    Thank you for letting us know of your situation, though we certainly wish it were under different circumstances. We do have our Sweet Dreams policy, which actually does indicate that Jordan's exchange policy does not apply to foundations or reselections for mattress size or height issues. This includes switching from king to queen or vice-versa. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

    All of that being said, we'd like the opportunity to speak with you to see how we might be able to help further. Please contact our quality response team at 866-856-7326 ext. 4089 at your earliest convenience and we'll be happy to assist.

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brian faucher receiving manager

This company is such a joke. They are trying so hard to prove that they are not a racist company. They are now hiring cape verdians some can't even read or write English. We have to do safety tests on the company computer and those that can't read or write English are allowed to have another employee take their tests for them. Now some of these employees are trying to play the race card against other employees. One employee made a statement that the cape verdes put furniture away fast. One the the cape verdes turned that statement around. He stated that the Caucasian employee stated that Jordans needs to hire more white employees. Another incident some of the cape verdes were in one brake room talking very loud and listening to music really loud. An employee from the adjacent break room got up and closed the door between the break rooms. The cape verdes in the other break room said that was racist to close the door. If any English speaking employee is negative or complaining the will be pulled into the managers office and he will threaten to fire them. If you are cape verdian and complain and talk negatively in creoles. That's ok because non of the managers, supervisors, or team leads speak or understand creole. Now you tell me where the racism is. It's a double standard by a corrupt management team. There is a merchandise handler his name is Carlos Fernandes, his wife works for a state agency that gives work permits to immigrants. Some how she has them fast tracked. Oh and if you say anything about Carlos doing something wrong or getting more over time than everyone else. You will get called to the managers office and he will tell you that he can train anyone to do your job. Just more bullying and intimidation. ICE definitely needs to raid this company. See address below.

Jordans Furniture
450 Revolutionary Drive
East Taunton, MA

leather couch

DO NOT BUY from JORDAN'S, they DO NOT stand behind their products!!! DO NOT BUY their SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE...

sectional sofa

The quality of the furniture is extremely poor. I bought one sectional that I returned because the fabric wa...

klaussner sofa and chair grey/w/ pewter nailhead

Beautiful when I first purchased it 22 months ago. However, cushions started to become mis-shappened way too...


I purchased a sectional from Jordan's Furniture in October of 2016. Ten months later, it was such an uncomfortable eyesore that I ended up putting it out on the curb for trash pickup this week. The cushions started to lose shape after just a month or two, and the fabric started pilling about the same time. When I contacted Jordan's Furniture about my dissatisfaction with the quality of their furniture, they emailed me a brochure on how to care for your furniture. It was so insulting. I was a customer since the 1990's, and I've watched the quality of their products decline rapidly over the past 10 years or so. Needless to say I'll be shopping elsewhere.


mattress/box spring purchase

Purchased a new bed/box spring and took delivery a week later. One of the guys making the delivery had been...

sell garbage

Once these guys have your money they will forget you exist.
I bought a power bed and high end mattress for my parents in March. The base unit that was delivered stopped working after a couple of days. I bought the split queen which is 2 power bases. One base would raise when activated and the other would not.
Jordan's does not service (or stand behind) the product so I had deal with the manufacturer to get a replacement bases sent in a week later. These worked much better but still occasionally acted up. Unfortunately this has gotten worse over the last six month. It is at the point to where these are absolutely unusable. I called Jordan's, explained the repeated issues and asked them to take the base back. They basic told me that I was S-O-L and that I would need to deal with the manufacturer.
So I contacted the manufacture and waited on the phone for 45 minutes before giving up. I'll try them again soon and update my review of this garbage product. Shame on Jordan's for putting their name on Garbage and then having the stones not stand behind it. I spend $6000 only to be treated like garbage once they had my money.

  • Jo
    Joanne Quinn Davis Apr 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The quality of the furniture is extremely poor. I bought one sectional that I returned because the fabric was worn, puckered and pilled after only a few weeks, the cushions started to break down almost immediately. I had to pick up part of the cost of that return. I got a new set and it's just as bad. The protection plan doesn't cover it and they won't send anyone to look. I was told that I might be misusing it!! We don't have kids at home, we have a tiny dog, we sit on it and watch TV a few hours at night. I have seen furniture sitting on the curb that looks better than mine. PLUS, my husband is constantly reminding me that I purchased a $4, 000 piece of junk. I do hate when he has one up on me.

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Scott Ambrault the receiving department manager used the "n" word to an employee. There was an investigation done by the COO Peter Bolton and human resource manager Maureen Murphy. They found tha because it was not a dirogitory he could keep his job. This is a company that supposedly has a zero tolerance policy against such comments. One of the receiving team leads Kyle Hinchliff stated that the need to get rid of old management and bring on new. This is unacceptable Scott Ambroult should have been fired. Just another discriminatory company.

Chair - fix

I bought a sunbrella set from jordens in Nashua a year ago along with many other pieces of furniture and...

late delivery

We purchased a dining table from Jordan's Furniture, Reading MA; on 8/17/2014. The salesperson mentioned...

do not buy their warranty

I bought my entire bedroom set from Jordans with full warranty on the Dresser and a few other items. I was told that my warranty covers me against all accidental damage to the product. I had a small cut on the top and I called Jordans. They schedule a warranty service with a third party company who came in and made a mess of my furniture. I called back again, and they came in again to try to fix it .. and instead ended up leaving me with a bigger patch with rough surface and different shade of color on 3 spots on my furniture. I called Jordan back again and they asked me to call the Warranty Company to explain this. When I called the Warranty company, they said that if I am unhappy with the service I should call Jordan's back.
I called Jordan back again they said that their is nothing they can do.
Simply put, Jordans warranty service SUCKS. I will NEVER give them any business again. I have had better warranty service with other smaller companies who stand behind their service.

Please see the attached image that explains you what I am saying. This patch is on top of my dresser and I look at it every day.


do not buy their warranty

3 month old sectional sagging and losing shape

I went shopping at Jordans for a sectional back in October. I picked out my style and fabric options and was told it would be up to 6 weeks for the manufacturer in California to make the couch. 10 weeks went by and it was almost Christmas. I was going to have a house full of people and still no couch. I called and was told that some of the pieces for the couch were on backorder from CHINA, which should have been my first clue. They asked if I would pick another fabric selection that they had available on the floor. So I settled, because I really needed a couch, on the blue/gray microfiber option they had available and it was delivery to me mid December.

After 1 month, the couch began to rip at the seams on the seat cushions. Called Jordans and told them I believed I had a defective product. They told me it was fixable, sent a tech out, and he "fixed" it. No more rips at least. Some more time has passed and here we are in March. The couch looks aweful. It's sagging in some places and the tufts in the seat cushions where the seams meet are no longer indented like they should be. They are flat and looks just plain aweful. Others who see the couch always ask "Didn't you just buy this couch? What's wrong with it?" POOR QUALITY is what's wrong with it.

I called Jordans yet again, I sent them photos of what I was trying to show and here is what I was told: "That is NORMAL wear and tear and not covered under the manufacturer's warranty." "WHAT?! After THREE MONTHS it's normal for a brand new sectional to look the way mine does?" was my first question. To which I was rudely asked "Well how often do you use it?" I don't know about about anyone else out there, but as a family we use our couch everyday. After the hustle and bustle of working life, we plop ourselves down on the couch to watch some TV every night. I'm pretty sure that's normal right? I didn't know I was suppossed to alternate between the couch and floor every night to make the couch last!

So $1800 for nothing is what I'm coming up with. WHAT A BAD WAY TO DO BUSINESS!

  • Bu
    buyerbeware22 May 11, 2012

    same here. bought a sectional for about $2K from them that was delivered on 2/7/12. by 5/11/12, five of the six seat cushions have lost any firmness to the point where no one wants to sit on the couch. no one in the house weighs more than 175.

    basically going to call an upholsterer and have the cushions replaced.

    will NEVER buy from or reccomend Jordan's again. waste of time and money. instead of movie theaters and trapeze amusements, they might want to focus more on product quality.

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