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American Signature / finance dept

1 Duluth, GA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 678-718-1400

Back in late Feb or early March of this year I purchased some furniture from American Signature. When I made the purchase, I gave them all of my correct info, including my address and soc sec #. I opted for the 0% for 1 year, then decided to be more realistic and change it to the 9.99% apy for 5 years. They couldn't even pull up my account because they had it under the wrong social! I changed it before the furniture was even delivered, which was very quickly. My furniture arrived right on time, no complaints. And it was beautiful. When I made the purchase, they could not quote me an exact amount of what my payments would be, but assured me I'd recieve a bill soon.
A little over a month went by and I hadn't received a bill yet, so I called the store. The had sent it to the address on my driver's license (not the address the furniture was delivered to or the one that I'd put as the billing address on the application). Except the address on my driver's license is my parents' house & they never recieved a bill either. They said they would update the info and send a new bill out. A couple weeks later, still no bill. Overall I called 4 times and visited the store twice before I got anything from them, each time I was assured I'd receive a bill soon. And they couldn't access the acct because they never put it under the right social! So I couldn't make a pmt at all either.
On Father's Day I get a phone call saying my payment was due on the 6th, and if I didn't make a payment immediately I'd be charged a late payment fee. I informed him I'd done my part and never received a bill. When I got my bill I'd make a payment. Okay, we'll make a note in the acct.
The next day, I get 2 phone calls from a number I don't recognize while I'm working before within 5 minutes of each other. The third time, I'm finally able to answer and it's another person from the finance company threatneing me with a late fee if I don't pay today. 15 minutes later he also agrees to put a note in the account ( I wasn't very nice this time).
Almost immediately I call the store & get the phone # for the finance company to complain. Except I can't even get a person on the phone because the automated system requires an account # before it will do anthing! I haven't gotten a bill, so no account #!
So I call back to the store & tell the lady in charge of finance in the store what's going on, how I'm receiving harassing phone calls (I work in collections, I know 3 calls in 15 minutes is illegal!) and I only want to deal with her.
Now it's October, they only last month got the account under my social and I'm now receiving bills. But once they put the acct in my social, now my interest jumps to 24.99%, except my account was supposed to be in good standing the whole time! And it's "time consuming" to get the info as to why my interest rate more than doubled. I'm about ready to tell them to come pick up my living room set, give me my $$ back, and forget the whole thing!
I could have very easily not done anything, and it never would have hit my credit. But I tried to be honest & make everything correct. Now I'm the one getting screwed!


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