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American Income Life
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I had been without work for a few months after being laid off from my ten year position in the Electronics field. I had seen an ad on Craigslist and decided to send my resume because it said it was a Union job. I thought it was odd because the name of the company sounded like an insurance company. I have been a long time member of the union for Electician and HVAC and never heard of an insurance brokers union. But, being desperate for work, I decided to send my resume. I got a call back from a rep named Craig. First, he acknowledged that he received my resume from Craigslist and they wanted me to come in for an interview. He then told me that I would be meeting with an Ernesto and to bring an extra copy of my resume, and dress professionally. Pretty much red flags up to this point because I've been duped like this before. Why would they have to tell me to "dress professionally if they had seen my resume and know I have been working in a professional field for a long time. You usually tell that to snot nose kids still living with their parents, chasing the drea of easy riches. So, I asked him what the position was for and if he received my resume, do I really need to bring another one? He said all my questions would be answered by Ernesto and that he was just setting interviews. So, to indulge my curiosity and with really nothing to do, I decided to check them out. The interview was pretty funny. I was dressed in a nicer suit than the guy who interviewed me but I was polite and heard his pitch. Well, that was exactly what it was, a pitch! I then asked him what the job title was and he said that I would be training for a Managers position and would be building my own team. Then I advised him I had applied for a Customer Service position, not a Managers position. He did't have an answer for that so I decided to throw another question. I asked what the pay was. He sits back in his chair and begins to tell me that if I hustle, I could make a million dollars in my first year. I laughed and asked, "So, this is a commission based position, right?" He explained that yes, this was a commissoned based position and would later turn into an hourly plus commisssion. I pulled out the craigslist ad and showed him what I had read. His smile turned into a frown and told me that I probably wasn't a good fit for the company. I laughed and asked, "What comapny, buddy?" I grabbed my "fresh" resume from his desk, thanked him and left. I told others in the waiting room that this was an employment scam and to rethink applying. Three others around my age walked out.


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D  13th of Aug, 2009 by 
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N  17th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Do you know that people question your intelligence when you type in all caps? It's very annoying.


It's like that.
N  2nd of Sep, 2009 by 
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I agree with BobtheBob, ALL CAPS is completely annoying. Despite that, if you're happy making $50k a year, before expenses and think it's the best job in the world, then perhaps typing in all CAPS is your way of dealing with your short comings.
N  4th of Nov, 2009 by 
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These guys called me today, all of you out there that blog the bad guys...Thank You! Shawn
N  15th of Dec, 2009 by 
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YOU ARE ALL CRAZY...hae any of you actually worked at AIL? it does take alot of hard work, time, and miles on a car...but so does a vacation or working in construction...my husband sets his own hours and makes right at 2100 a week...more the he was working as a paid fireman...insulting someone because the type in all caps is pretty low...when someone types in all caps it means they are upset and are getting their point across...so have yall actually researched the company and not the past emplyees that could not hack it...do yall know who warren buffit is? he own AIL and tourch mark...he is the second richest man in the world...for u that dont do ur reasearch...sales is not for everyone...it is a hard job and a real job...AIL has given more the 300 in gas expense to my husband...they sent him to texas for a leadership confrence and imagine this they paid for everythng...nothing out of pocket...he does put in late hours on thuresdays but he loves his job...life insurance is important...if it wasnt good company then why would so many people be happy with what the agents sell...i mean that should say something...try the company and then form ur opinon...shawn do u know they are bad? no cause u didnt even give them a chance...so ask ur self what did these people do that got them fired or let go. sometimes its the emplyees fault not the emplyor...u passed up a interview because of some lazy peoples opinons...ur loss
N  20th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I have been with the company for almost 8 years and my wife almost 9. We have been on numerous trips with this wonderful company. I see all these LAZY people posting how they couldn't make it... I am an RGA with this company and I love the life that I made for me and my family. OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED... Are you up for a challenge? Selling Life insurance is tough... Go complain to your mommy and have her give you a bandaid for you booboo and give you a kiss and hug and tell you it's all better... then go work for a company who will tell you what time to be at work, how many hours you will work, how many sick days and vacation days and the kicker is this is all you will make this year. LOSERS compain... WINNERS do whatever it takes to be successful
N  23rd of Dec, 2009 by 
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After trying to read all of your posts, I've decided that I need to pay for you to go to school and re-take 2nd and 3rd grade. No adult I know has as bad grammar and spelling as you do. Besided the spelling you can't seem to form a sentence. I actually feel sorry for you, well rather your husband who has to come home to you every night. Maybe Warren Buffet (you seem to really like him) can help cover the costs to help you form a sentence. He would have to sell some Torchmark stock to help pay the expenses, but I think he'll manage. Maybe you can take it from the hundreds of dollars per month your husband is making at AIL.
N  19th of Apr, 2010 by 
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I can not really say anything about this post but i still want to comment on it for just a few things. THGO68 there are some things in your post that i like and some things that i feel differently about, but that doesn't change your opinion, everyone has one and you are entitled to it. First just because you haven't heard of a company that does not mean it doesn't exist or that it is a scam. You may have been union but just because you're union doesn't mean you're involved with your union or you know what is going on in your union. But then again it may be that American Income does not work with your union. With that being said, If i were in the same situation I would have red flags thrown up too.

but more importantly something that I wanted to make sure got commented on was the fact that you were offended when they asked you to "dress professionally". You may have known to dress professionally but not everyone just just automatically gets that. I have seen first hand people coming in overalls or shorts or their work clothes because they just left their job or its a hot day or that's just what they are comfortable in. I am sure that you've seen people during your interviews looking for a new job not all of them are dressed appropriately. It makes it a lot easier when we tell everyone to dress professionally because some people just know it and some people do not. For me to just assume that just because a certain individual has been at these types of positions they dress professionally, or just because of this persons age they have no idea how to dress or what to wear or because of this persons resume they will wear inappropriate clothes. That would be prejudging which is never a great thing because it always comes and bites one in the butt. Which I am sure all of us have done and seen the results of it. I do hope you have found another job that is better suited for your talents though. And from what it sounds like the person who interviewed you and possibly even called you was very new at it. Everything is a learning curve even being a great electrician.

I welcome all questions from people who have questions though my Email and my phone number are on my profile.
N  26th of Apr, 2010 by 
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To MichaelAIL

You're missing the point entirely again. It's not so much that people are told to "dress professionally, " more that you can tell someone (poor excuse for HR) is reading from a script. They are reading from a script for a job intereview, yet have the audacity to tell people to "dress professionally." How about "acting" professionally? Why don't you guys try that for a change?
N  2nd of May, 2010 by 
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Telling someone to dress professionally is wrong? Let's put it from the employers aspect. You are looking for a job, I am offering. I ask you to do a few things to prepare for that job, if that offends you; that's fine. But unemployment only lasts so long. So just quoting you so when " They(assuming you mean AIL HR) are reading from a script for a job interview (person who is jobless or soon to be jobless and looking for a new one), yet have the audacity to tell people to 'dress professionally' As a potential employer I'd say yes, they have the 'audacity' to tell someone to dress professionally. When you interview for Mcdonalds or a warehouse job or any job in general, they can tell you to dress however they want, they are potentially employing YOU, not the other way around. Most jobs go not 1, or 2 but 3 and 4 steps further by not just telling you how to dress, but what shift you will be working (whether you like that shift or not) how many hours you'll work, how much you'll get paid, and anything else they see fit to say.

how does one "act" professionally when it involves calling someone in for a possible job interview (emphasis on calling). Because I didn't know there was some sort of etiquette to being or acting professional to the aforementioned. Since you have so many great ideas help me out, I would love to take advice from you because you must be pretty successful yourself aren't you?

What would make a phone conversation more professional? Should I use an automated machine? or online application that you walk into a store, or log on to a website to receive this information?

There was no point that i missed in there because the person above didn't make a point other than wow they are reading a script and since they are reading a script it must be a scam because no one uses scripts.

And in all honesty, how is reading from a script unprofessional? Is it because it's not the person who's on the other line with the potential hires own words? Is it because they don't sound overly excited like you just won a million dollars?

I really think you missed the point because you first go and say that it's not that people are told to dress professionally but its because someone is reading from the script. they are reading from a script (in your words) for a job interview, which what i think you meant to type (we all make typos) they are reading from a script to a person who might be coming in for a job interview, but because they are reading from that said, script; they should not tell someone to dress professionally because reading from a script is NOT professional and before we tell someone to dress professional we should act professional (which again i assume it means not read a from a script).

Which what my comment was saying was that reading from a script is company standards 101. 99% of all companies have some form of scripts or slides for all or most facets of their business in either selling, hiring, growth and expansion, products and even firing! These are for several reason, which I won't delve into but one of the main ones being there are some things you can say that are okay and there are some things that you can't say that will get your company sued or you fired. For instance, if someone comes in and says "Your Human Resources told me This and This and This and now I come to find out that This and This is not true" It makes it so I can say well actually sir, this is what was said... because if everyone involved is on the same page (pun intended) then PR problems or just misinformation, is a lot less likely to happen.
D  12th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I am a Manager for AIL. I will only address one thing. We are at a point in time where in society today, unfortunately we have to tell applicants to dress professionally. Parents have not raised their kids to look for a career. Consider it a favor.
N  21st of Jun, 2010 by 
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Good for you buddy. I am so glad you walked out like that with your chin up. That is exactly what these types of companies need at this roughe economy we are all going throught. That is ridiculous, trying to scam people into "management" positions like that. And the worst of all, they call themselves, American Income...Such a shame. They ought to change the name to "Scam Income"!
N  21st of Jun, 2010 by 
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I am guessing that you've never heard of AIL have you? Or why their name is American Income?
A  28th of Jun, 2010 by 
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You cannot be a union member and a 1099 employee, not to mention management. MichaelAIL must know that. Call OPEIU. If you are paying dues Michael, where are they going and for what? Warren Buffet's pocket? Roger "I came from a GED background and care enough about the union workers right's vs. corporate greed that I became president of a company that pushes itself off as union but really isn't and is using a telemarketing type scam to make money" Smith's pocket? He's a piece of work too. And if you are not paying dues? You are not union. You represent no one but yourself. Any union member should bring this up at their meetings or to the attention of their steward/agent/president of their local.


President's Office
80 Eighth Avenue
(entrance at 265 West 14th Street)
20th Floor
New York, NY 10011
(800) 346-7348

Secretary-Treasurer's Office
1660 L Street, NW
Washington DC, 20036
(202) 393-4464

Glad you agents are making money. This a free enterprise system. But you are misrepresenting yourselves. Too many brothers and sisters work hard for their CBR's. You know what that is Michael? Your union. Where is your pension and health benefits? We fought for ours. You have none, so don't play it off as if you do. I know, you make enough you don't need a pension. But you know we're right. You are not our brothers and sisters! That is why you are here so vehemently defending your product. I guess the hospital or something is good, except it's not offered any more cuz it was good. Oh, and AILMGA, thanks for telling me how to raise my kids. Another reason to dislike your company. Maybe we can post that. Jeez, will you guys knock it off already?
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I do have health insurance plan, it's a reimbursement plan.

I decide what kind of insurance fits my family or my personal situation, I buy it. American Income reimburses me every single month. This reimbursement does not stop unless they do their periodical check on the status of your insurance, and it's no longer active. Or, you are an 'inactive' agent.

We don't have your typical retirement, I don't want your typical retirement. I love the way that our system is set up, which is "renewals" or residuals. I get to make my retirement, I don't have to work 'A' hours to get 'B' benefits and to work 'C' shift. Just to work 30 years or more and get a sub-par retirement, that leaves me deciding on if I need to be working a few more years just to stay afloat.

The OPEIU local 277 does do a great deal for us, they've locked those said renewals in for the rest of my life. Where most other insurance companies say once you leave, so do your renewals. AIL has it [thanks to OPEIU] to where on your 10 year mark, you're vested for life. And not just your life, the life of the policy holder, every policy holder you've ever enrolled, or anyone in your agency has ever enrolled.

You might want to do a bit more research before you go spouting off at the mouth like you know what you're saying. You don't just because you're a part of OPEIU [I am assuming] doesn't make you Mr [or mrs.] Sheriff for the betterment of companies.

Also, if I remember correctly Michael Goodwin has Colleen Pederson as his assistant along with Sandra and Victoria, who listen to colleen Pederson. They are all OPEIU, sounds almost like Michael is managing Colleen and like Colleen is managing Sandra and Victoria.


Mary Mahoney down to Juliet Casey down to William H.


Tina Roberson down to Heather Rose down to Shand Van Allen.

These all look, smell and taste like management hierarchies along with all the region Vp's and their President. Management structure that is all part of the OPEIU. Does that mean you guys are misrepresenting yourselfs, brother?

Point is, every industry and company [even unions] have management. The only time that Management should be disassociated with the union members is when they are not working for the employees best interest and just for the companies bottom line. In this case, it's not the same.
N  29th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Hey Michael,
I'm gonnna apologize for being kinda harsh. You seem like a sincere person and hold nothing against you personally. I get your retirement annuity renewal stuff, but you missed my point. Who negotiated it? My beef is not with you. I do not belong to your union and have no idea who you are talking about, but called the OPEIU number in NY and my Teamsters local. They both told me it is wrong to present myself as a union employee while classified as management and or a 1099 "agent". I was recruited as a union manager, paid as an independent, no base salary, nothing for years worked. Only "ifs". I can't be part of this "union". An' I ain't no lazy bastage, either. Ya gotta believe in the product, which you do and I don't. Strictly commission is tough gig, and it's even tougher if I feel I'm misrepresenting myself to you. Again Michael, nothing aginst you as a person. Wish I could see you selling for someone else. I might buy from you.
N  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Hello BurgerMeister -

I apologize as well, I thought you were just another remake of the 'fail7 -Fail2010' who is the same person. Which, now it is apparent you aren't.

AIL is part of OPEIU local 277 and our contract was negotiated between AIL and OPEIU, what was negotiated was for life time renewals [which takes the place of retirement or pension] vesting contract, the bonus structure that we have as a company and the free [depending on your agency size] offices, with next to no overhead expenses on supplies [unless it's above and beyond the necessity]. We are 1099 employees which gives us certain rights and takes away some others, in which is not so typical in other unions. The union contract that we hold is very valuable though, because of the 10 year vesting process, which [at least to me] is the main reason why most people get in to the insurance field, renewals. But in our case, it's renewals that come to my family for the rest of my life.

You are completely right, when you're in management you typically cannot be part of that respective union [in which you work with currently or work at]. The reason for that is because most management is based off of the best interests of the company, not the employees, so they set it up that way so that there would be no grey area. The reason our management system is set up differently in the sense that we are still union members is because [this is all speculation, and my personal opinion] we still do all the aspects that a regular 'union employee' would do. I still do all the things that I did when I came on board to AIL in October 2007, except now, I am just teaching people what to do [or not to make the same mistakes I did] But I'm doing it, not because it's better for the company but because I [again, my own personal goal, there are managers who hire just to make money] want to make a positive change in peoples lives. I like being a part or even a defining factor in changing peoples lives for the better. I think that is why we are still able to be union members, because unions are based off brotherhoods, sister hoods, essentially; family. I feel like all the people that I work with [or work for me] are like my family. And I'll do everything in my power to help realize or create their dreams.

Commissions are VERY tough, it has it's ups and it's downs. The worst part is, the downs are triple downs, and the ups are triple ups. It's hard to keep an even keel, to where even a very 'go getum' type person is worn out. The lazy people have no chance, but because the ideal of money, money, money, money; catches their eye. They go after it, and fail miserably.

on a side note though AIL is not chartered in New York, National Income Life [also under TMK] is though. I don't know if NILICO is union though [since i'm not part of them].
N  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Oh, and all the people I mentioned Like Mary Mahoney and Juliet, they are all a part of OPEIU international group and Mary is Juliet's boss.
Tina R manages her whole sector, to heather R who manages all of the 'secretaries'.
N  30th of Jun, 2010 by 
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So do you do raises? I was offered a position by a competitor, same premise, and their bonuses could have been 100% if the stars aligned right, but I don't know if there was, say, a cost of living type increase involved.
N  3rd of May, 2011 by 
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My name is Anthony Osborne, CFO of American Income Life and Regional Manager in Southeastern TN. Need help learning how to work your way up in this company? shoot me an email: anthony-osborne@utc.edu... I collect a salary of over a million per year and I can teach you the tricks!

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