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Today i received a recruiting phone call from ail, also going by american income life insurance saying they were responding to my submission of a resume to them, which took me off guard because i actually had submitted my resume to many different places and was not sure of all the jobs i had submitted for. So eager to find a job with a layoff 4 weeks away, and this being my first call back about an interview so far, i continued the conversation. It struck me as extremely strange how quickly the "hr rep" said his company's name and his own and moved right on to asking me a couple of "preliminary interview" questions about a supposid management position for this new office they had in central pa. I found it to be extremely weird that he was at all pleased about my rushed, taken off guard - type answers i gave him, and how quickley he said "great, we'd like to have a sit down interview with you tomorrow at 10:20 am". Eitherway i agreed, and came back to my desk in which i explained to my fellow co - worker what had happened, and he let me know that it was an insurance sales scam that he had gone through 9 years ago, and his story was exactly the same as all the other complaints you will read on this page. Also, some things to consider about positions like this are door to door sales jobs in which you are an independent contractor, meaning ail does not have to pay you benefits, and also that anythign they will pay you in the first year will be taken out of any income you produce on your own. I. E. You make nothing. All of the people i see on here defending the company are obviously working for the company to do just that, try to dispell the truths about the company on blog pages like this. If you are a salesman with this company and you actually think you are going to rake in the money and retire at 40 as i saw one person write. . . I would say that maybe you should comment on your status after you have been with the company for more than 2 months. . . "they sold you and you just haven't realized it yet!!!" these guys are wolves in sheeps clothing. I concluded my 1 / 2 hour long experience with this outfit by calling back the # provided to me to reference if i had any questions (Which of course went to a generic voicemail with no prompts) and let them know to lose my number and resume and that i didn't appreciate the phone call or misleading approach they took. I pray that someone responds to my voicemail by actually calling back so i can really sound off.


  • Ji
    JIIB May 05, 2009

    I received a similar call. I was out so they left a voice message saying the company was "AIL Central PA" with the phone number 717-975-3454. They "saw my resume and had a few questions for me on it" indicating an interest, so please call. Since I did not apply to any company names AIL Central PA, I figured it as something I should stay as far away from as possible. I couldn't even understand the person's name after replaying the message about five times. I began thinking this is another one of those independent contractor scams with no benefits or base pay and basically anyone who can create a resume that says "sales experience" without misspelling it will be a potential candidate. My search of the name pulled up this web site and the above complaint. ... THANK YOU! It is tough enough finding a real job without having to deal with this *&%$*@#!

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  • Si
    silvertip257 May 13, 2009

    I received a phone call today from a manager named Cynthia at AIL [717.975.3454]. I happened to miss the call and it went to voicemail ... I could hardly understand the person's name and almost even the company name - I had to replay the message 3 times before I had all the info.

    I called the number back and spoke with an agent right away (not an automated system) who forwarded my call to Cynthia.

    She explained to me where she had come across my resume and that it passed a preliminary screening process. Then she began to ask me questions: Would I want to continue working in the IT field? My answer yes ... "we're sorry but we do not currently have any IT jobs". She quickly cut the conversation off and hung up.

    Waste of my time.
    My resume blatantly states my objective and any related career fields I would consider ... sometimes people just need to read.
    I called back almost 30 minutes later and the manager claimed it was 10 to 15 minutes later ... ha!

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  • Ad
    AdamD. May 13, 2009

    I literally just received the same exact phone call from the same number [(717) 975-3454] and was also instructed to meet Chris for an interview at 10 am Tomorrow at 702 Lisburn Road and that I would need to get company references to back up my work experience.

    I was a little shocked to even get a phone call, but I was excited someone contacted me. The phone call was very scratch so I couldn't quite understand the name of the company; so I came online and checked my online resume to see who looked at it. That is where I discovered it was "AIL". Not knowing exactly who they were, I googled them, found their online home page, and this one. I'm so glad that I clicked on this one. Your story is exactly like mine and I couldn't believe it. Thank God I didn't contact my coworkers to ask for references, I would have looked foolish.

    I just called them back to let them know I would not be in. At first I suspected the phone would not be answered, but after four rings a woman answered, the conversation was as follows:

    Receptionist: "Hello AIL"

    Me: "Hi, I just had a phone conversation from someone named Chris, and I just wanted to let him know I am no longer interested in the position."

    Receptionist: "Oh OK, your name?"

    Me: "Name"

    Receptionist: "OK, I'll let him know, thank you."

    Me: "Thank you."

    So, Thank you for posting this. I'm going to go to and post a topic about the very same thing. I can't believe I almost fell for this; Thank you again.

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  • Da
    Danner May 13, 2009

    Same deal just a few minutes ago, said they looked at my resume via HACC and wanted to give me a mid-management position. I always Google the name when I get a offer like this and came accross this information. Thanks for the posts.

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  • Ck
    ckh May 18, 2009

    Thank you so much for this info. I just received a call from them 10 minutes ago and got the same conversation. I was excited for a job interview and after getting off the phone started wondering how they could be interested in me since the call caught me off guard and I was not pleased with the way I answered their questions. I talked to a woman named Tia and was also told that they only had 10:00 AM appointments. After finding this website I thank God for the information and am canceling the interview. When people are out of a job and are looking for one I think that these people should be ashamed of themselves for wasting our time and money.

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  • Me
    mensafrog Jun 02, 2009

    I just got the same thing but it came in the form of an email saying that they didnt have my phone number...even though it is clearly listed at the top of my resume! It was signed by a "Liz Horetzky, HR Mgr". They must have a lot of turnover there...LOL. Thanks for posting helped me avoid wasting my time.

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  • Di
    Dizzle Jun 03, 2009

    Ha I set up an appointment with Liz tomorrow at 10am. She said after looking at my resume, that I met the qualifications for a "management position." It strikes me as weird because I have no management experience. I think I'm going to pass on the interview with the "regonal manager." I'm glad I did a little research before wasting my time going there. Thanks for the heads up.

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  • Va
    vacuumfolder Jun 17, 2009

    I am suprised AIL isnt getting more bad rap here. This Co. and its agencies have the worst hiring practices, with a 96 % turnover rate and false union benefits, DO NOT fall for this scam

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  • Mi
    missrh2008 Jun 18, 2009

    I just received this same call! I got a call from Liz as well. She wanted to set me up for an interview tomorrow. She did not ask any questions or seem to care much about my experience. I am always cautious when someone mentions a "management" position, since I am right out of school. The strange thing is that she said AIL was a Labor Union Benefit Company, that meets with unions in the area. I received the same address and phone number as everyone else.

    I will definitely not be going to my scheduled appointment on Tuesday. I am disgusted that there are such terrible people out there looking to scam others. Soo glad I did my research first!

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  • Mi
    mikeman102 Jun 23, 2009

    So glad you posted this. Had the same call and everything today from same number. She didn't keep consistent with what their company did or their name. Additioanlly, they wouldn't let me request a different day or time for the interview, so that added to the skepticism. I live an hour away, so thank you ver very much for saving me the wasted time and energy.

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  • Ol
    Older and Wiser Jul 03, 2009

    Thanks heavens for the Internet and search engines! When you are unemployed and having been looking for a job for months with no success, an unexpected call from a recruiter offering an interview is exciting and an immediate morale builder. But after the same type of short phone call from Liz at AIL in Camp Hill that the others on this site received, I reflected on what had just happened. Why didn't Liz ask me more questions? Why didn't she offer more informaiton about the company and the position? I had specifically asked her to send me an email confirming the meeting and with information about the position, but it was just a short date, time and place confirmation. I phoned the office number, talked to who answered the phone (Liz was unavailable - surprise!) and repeated my request for email information about the position. When after a while I had received nothing, I sent an email reply to the original messaage from Liz to cancel the meeting and never contact me again. Thanks to all of you for sharing your negative experiences about the AIL recruiting process.

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  • Su
    suspicious31 Jul 22, 2009

    I received a phone call today from a woman who said she saw my resume on hotjobs and wanted to interview me for a management position. She said the position is one in which the employee reviews benefits with union representatives. After reviewing my resume on hotjobs, I saw that it is listed as unsearchable. I googled A.I.L. and found this site. It makes much more sense now.

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  • Je
    jessika420 Jul 23, 2009

    Just received the email... this is so frustrating. I am in desperate need of a "REAL" management position and it is just sick that these people are able to stir up false hope for people looking for legitimate employment. I too have posted so many apps and wasn't sure if AIL was one of them so I goggled the "company" all excited to see where I could possibility be working in the near future and came across this blog. VERY disappointed, but VERY thankful for all your posts. I will be calling them per their email to give them a few choice words.

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  • Je
    jessika420 Jul 23, 2009

    I just posted my complaint above and wanted to post the scam e-mail I received this morning here for all to see:

    Attention Applicant,

    Earlier this week I received your application / resume from one of the Job Boards that our company works with, (Monster, CareerBuilder, Hot Jobs).

    However at this time the only contact information that I have is your email address as your phone number did not load properly.

    I am interested in setting up a first interview with our Regional Director at your earliest convenience.

    Please contact me Wednesday or Thursday at 717-975-3454 between 12:30pm and 3:00pm so that I can schedule your interview.


    Liz Horetsky

    Human Resource Manager


    702 Lisburn Road

    Camp Hill, PA 17011

    Phone 717-975-3454

    Fax 717-975-3525

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  • Ze
    Zembo Jul 29, 2009

    I recieved a very similar call. Since I have an English degree with no manageent exp, I was of course flattered. However, I couldn't remember the exact name of the company and so I looked up the phone number: (975-3519). I tried the number to ask to reschedule but got someone named "Lou". I'm just glad I found this page (especially on a day when I am sick as a dog.)

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  • Sl
    slody911 Jul 30, 2009

    I received a call from Beth the H.R. Manager of AIL of Central Pa. Curious about the company I googled them and it led me to this site. I felt something was wrong when I did not apply to this company but they were contacting me for an interview. Thanks for the info

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  • Lb
    lbrbenfitsls Aug 03, 2009

    Just got the call from Camp Hill- saw your resume on Monster. Thanks so much for the info here. Saved me 2 hrs of driving and a wasted morning.

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  • Do
    dogboy Aug 04, 2009

    i just got the exact same email that jessika420 posted above. if i lived closer and had the time, i would actually go to an interview and act like a total jackass. perhaps i'd say awful and weird things. maybe come on to the females there and make everyone at that damn place feel very uncomfortable for doing what they do. yeah.

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  • Ma
    MaryM80 Aug 13, 2009

    Oh my gosh I'm so glad I googled! Here I am scrambling because I thought I missed the opportunity to set up an interview and I see the same exact email posted above! Thanks so much

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  • Je
    Jennifer929 Aug 25, 2009

    I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow (8/26/09) at 10 a.m. and came across this site when googling the company's address. I'm so glad I did! I too received a voice mail from a girl named Liz, and when I called back, she was very eager to schedule an interview, as my resume showed that "I meet all of the qualifications for a management position that involves providing benefits to labor unions." At first I was a little put off, as she yawned at one point during the voice mail-very unimpressive!-but I figured I would schedule the interview and see what it's all about. But, after reading what seems to be a scam, I 'd rather not waste time on my day off! Thanks for all of your posts!

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  • Ob
    Obammy Aug 26, 2009

    Does anyone have a funny feeling that this is linked to SEIU and the current administration in the White House? Are they trying to recruit "community organizers" or union thugs?...just a thought.

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  • To
    Tonie Sep 01, 2009

    Thanks for all the posts - I, too, got the same exact email posted above!!

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  • Ha
    hank92253 Sep 03, 2009

    Yes Thank you, My appointment for "interview" was scheduled for 9/9/2009 @ 10 am. I'm a transport driver. Had full phone conservation as others posted. Was also told needed to dress "office attire". You all saved me from wasting time, buying clothes and getting a haircut!!

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  • Si
    sillyalexa Sep 13, 2009

    I just recieved the same email earlier in the week. I couldn't figure out how my whole resume would load, but not my phone number. I'm glad I googled first instead of making the trip up there (I live near OC, NJ and am relocating to PA).
    These people should be ashamed of themselves, especially in a time like this where so many people are scrambling for jobs!

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  • Ju
    JuneI Sep 23, 2009

    I had an interview yesterday with this Company AIL. Since I have my application out there for different jobs I didn't think to much about it. Was a little distracted when they told me to bring a fresh resume and dress professionally. Pulled up to this place in Camphill and all the alarms went off in my head. Went in for the 1 minute interview and then was told to sit in this room with all the other candidates. Now - my time is valuable. And then Chuck ( the manager ) informs us we wouldn't be leaving until sometime after 12 noon. OK - I'll sit and listen. But as the seminar started it was clear this was too good to be true. And when it got to the point of telling us that we would not be paid for the first 6 weeks and that we needed all this upfront money for licenses and other fees. The alarms were ringing hard in my head. So I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Called home and was going to vacate the residence. When one of the "employees" there followed me to the bathroom telling me what a wonderful company this was. Now I knew it was time to run - but - I wanted that exit interview. My exit interview was approximately 30 seconds. I sat down - Chuck - looked me in the face and ask me if I understood everything. I looked him straight in the face and told him I understood everything. Needless to say - he didn''t question me at all. And it was finally over. I felt like I was trapped in a cult. This place is such a scam - they want you to work for nothing - and then front all this money . Plus you work 6 days a week. I will work for my money - but - not for nothing!!!

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  • Pa
    paula269 Sep 24, 2009

    I just received a call from them today, 9/24. Same thing as everyone else - I couldn't remember sending to them but I've sent so many that I thought I could have forgotten the name. I am not driving over 1.5 hours for a 1 minute interview. Money is too scarce for this. I guess no one wants sales jobs that pay nothing. DUH!

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  • Ko
    koppmjzi Oct 05, 2009

    I just got a call for my husband whom is stationed in Iraq for the time being. I got on the computer to tell him about the phone call i received from Liz. He didn't even send his resume to A.I.L He sent me this page that he found. Thank You for all the posts. It would have been a waste of his time. He has enough things to worry about while he is overseas.

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  • Pr
    prettyeagles Oct 06, 2009

    Thanks! Just got a call this morning saying the exact same thing that was said to everyone else and to be there tomorrow at 10:20am. I didn't even get a chance to ask anything about the company. This is just wrong & sad.

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  • Sm
    smg825 Oct 06, 2009

    Wow thanks for posting this.I received the same email from Liz also claiming a missing phone number when the fact is I have both my home and cell phone numbers on my cover letters and resumes. I was very excited to call and set up pan interview, but I had no idea what AIL was. So I googled it and then I came across this page. This just saved me what probably would have been a huge headache. It makes me sad though that this is what scamming has come down to, scamming people who are out of work claiming they have a "job" for them? Yeah, that's pretty low.

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  • Sa
    SatireFireFly Oct 09, 2009

    I received a call from Liz saying I had passed the preliminary screening and they'd like me to meet with Garrett Kuhm. I had a hunch this was sales or some sort of scam but I need a job so I set up the interview and drove almost an hour from hom! I walked in and there was someone else in the waiting room. Another arrived, then another. By the them Chris (Garrett was apparently at a funeral..) came in there were TEN of us in the waiting room. They took us one by one and luckily I was second in line. I told him up front I wasn't interested in sales (The position offered was a, "management position") I left feeling angry I had been misled, spent money I didn't really have on all that gas, took such a long ride, both ways, and that the receptionist was so snotty! She barely looked up from her desk! Shame...Then I got an email about a week later saying I'd not contacted them re: the offer. So I emailed then and said I had responded and I was def. not interested.

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  • Sa
    SatireFireFly Oct 09, 2009

    I had the same issue! I received a call from Liz saying that Garrett Kuhn wanted to interview me for a management position. I drove an hour away (and an hour back..). When I first arrived I noted another woman in the room. Very unprofessional to have the competition scheduled back to back in my opinion. By the time Chris (Garret was said to be at a funeral) arrived there were TEN of us in the waiting room! They scheduled us all for 10am and it was a first come first served. Luckily I was second so as soon as Chris asked me what I wasn't interested in I told him sales. I'm in Admin, it's what my resume says. I'm not trained for sales, not looking to train for that was it. Two minutes and another hour drive home! Fr0m now on I'm going to google the company's name before I go and I also intent to write a note to careerbuilder.

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  • Bl
    bluecat158 Oct 13, 2009

    Received same email today. got very excited since I just started the job search. Many thanks to other posters who pointed out that this was a scam. I'm not interested in sales or management (I'm in management now and sick of it), so glad I found out before I made the call back to "Liz." I also checked my resume online through, Phone number is right there before my email address. Thanks but no thanks.

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  • Ma
    MaraJade256 Oct 17, 2009

    Thanks for the heads-up. I just got that email too. I didn't recognize the company so I was googling it and this site popped up too. I definitely won't bother wasting my time now!

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  • Mi
    michael.wagaman Oct 21, 2009

    just got one of my own. i find it insulting as an unemployed veteran to have people like this taking advantage of my down luck by wasting my time on false leads. why does our government not do more to crackdown on these immoral companies?, and I mean ALL of them, I'll tell you, because our society has turned into one big pyramid scheme, and the government is the top, they are proud of their profits reaped from the pockets of paupers, the people crushed under the thumb of corprate fasism. stay true america, dont let them force you down. protest unethical economic practices.

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  • Wa
    WA Worried Wife Oct 21, 2009

    After reading many reviews/blogs about AIL, I am convinced it is a predatory company with unscrupulous business practices. Unfortunately, they have their claws into my husband. He was just "hired" and is required to pay $312 just to start, and more for classes and testing. He feels this is the right company for him, and believes all the misrepresentations about money and perks. He worked in management and feels they hired him for his management skills. I cannot tell him that they probably did not even look at his resume, because it would crush him. He has been out of work for 9 months, and really needs a job.

    Now I have no idea how to convince him to cut his losses and look for something else.

    I am so upset that a US company can get away with preying on hard working citizens. How can this happen?

    Worried Wife

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  • Th
    TheoPappa101 Mar 22, 2020

    @WA Worried Wife You want to know how?? Because all the good and honorable companies dont get to stay in the game because of consumers!!! Consumers always question and second guess firms with integrity but they are more than willing to get sold a wet dream and get scammed !!! Its the consumers who get hosed with the butt hole that enable scam companies like American Income!! So keep on it!!! Your butthole will just have more and more stitches!!

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  • An
    angie9719 Oct 23, 2009

    I received my email today 10-23-09 and mine to was signed by Liz, I am like you all I googled the company by the address and I guess im glad I did. She told me it was for Union Benefits, something like that it was fast and vague I live in York and if I would of drove to Camp Hill from York and wasted my time and gas I would of been pissed! Well Thank you everyone!

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  • Mi
    mister Nov 10, 2009

    My brother was going to drive me to my "Interview" later today. So happy he came across this blog. I need to find a job and do not have to for these games.

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  • Cu
    current empl Nov 17, 2009

    Well, I am almost at a complete loss of words... It is amazing how you people can take an opportunity like this one and just crush it for others, who are you to tell people that this is a scam. The company is among the top 100 companies in America to work for in 2008. Also I work for this company now for three years, yes I work very very hard, but I also make a great living. At this company you get the best training, you are given leads (the company doesn't ask you to go door to door or even write down friends and family.) So get the information right before you talk about this great opportunity...

    P.S. this is the only company I know where it is up to you to make what you want to make of it..

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  • Th
    TheoPappa101 Mar 22, 2020

    @current empl 3 years!!!??? WOW!! So either you ve been getting your buthole raped to the point that you now peruse all buttholes(mainly sucker consumers) for the score!! Or you just consent for all AIL "Team Leaders" to go to town on your butt hole? Or both?

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  • Ve
    Veronica Hess Jan 05, 2010

    Thank you so much for your feedback on this company. I thought it was very strange that myself would be called for a management position, since I have been out of the workforce for 15 years!! Thanks again, and I am glad I googled!!

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  • Al
    alittlemoreinformed Jan 06, 2010

    Food for thought ? Thought I would check this out further so instead of trusting hundreds of people where most of them have never even worked for this company let alone ever been in for an interview I decided to do some actual research so first I checked out the company's website which doesn't provide much information in regards to positions available but much more than the phone interview did, found out they're owned by torch mark corporation which owns several other insurance companies this led me further to check them out on yahoo hot jobs, right now there the number 33 company in the United States to work which would be hard to believe if there a scam. Intrigued, I wanted more information so I went to AM Best website a company that rates insurance companies and found out there rated A+ superior which is there highest rating. Then I went to better business bureau and found nothing negative there. This sparked more interest to find out what the real deal is so i'm going in for the interview, for the rest of you good luck on your job hunt, if i get the job at least i'm helping to pay your unemployment.

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