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I too was contacted by an HR rep. from American Income. He called from his cell phone to my home at 9:00 at NIGHT!!! I thought that was odd from the beginning. I have been in the job search for a while now and they call your home late at night. He wanted me to come in for an interview the next morning. I could not... So, I have an interview next Thursday. I have read every complaint on the website and my conversativation matches everyone elses. So, therefore I am not wasting my time with this interview next week. I thank everyone for putting their comments on here. I would wasted a great deal of time and money if it wasn't for everyone posting their experiences.

  • An
    AnnaTaken Nov 18, 2013

    American Income Company, called me and asked if i had filled out a form for life insurance through HFT ( Houston Federation of Teachers). Indeed, i had filled out a card a few weeks back and mailed it back as instructed. The caller was a woman who claimed she needed to come to my house and get a document signed. While talking to her, i felt the call was very weird since the caller was unable to even pronounce my name. She sounded very unprofessional, but had all my personal information, even went as far as asking if i was single or married. Several hours later, i still didn't feel right about the call, so i decided to call back the number. Sounded like a legit business but no one answered the call. I went ahead to google the company and i came across this website. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!

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  • Ta
    Tammie Coleman Sep 09, 2014

    Pissed off single parent, I would have been if I would have showed up to this bogus interview and wasted my time. Thanks to everyone that post your comments about this scamming Company. This has really helped a lot of us that was called by this company for so called interviews. I also found it strange that the initial caller was so vague about this job opportunity but had sworn to have seen my resume on monster. Again, thanks to all the comments, in doing so you have saved a lot of us time and money.

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  • No
    nofly Jul 14, 2015

    I received a call today and was told that the job paid a salary of 65000 to $80, 000 a year guaranteed. I asked if this is sales, and she said no . I asked if this was business to business or door to door sales., she said no. I asked if this is commisioned base she said no. I was told that this is salary based . So I have an interview on Thursday at noon I will actually find out more about the position and find out if this is a scam or real and I will advise. I'm praying it's true.

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scam or not... not taking any chances

I read a couple of these complaints and had the same strange call come to me this morning. My first suspicion was the simplicity of the name so i decided to look it up. It has a website that looks pretty legitimate and almost took the bait. I then Googled American Income Life "plus" scam and a scores and scores of results came up. Clicked on a link to this website and was convinced that I should not waste my time with this crap. From the way people describe it, it sounds like one of those pyramid scams where you slave for the big guys in the company for little or non pay. In a pyramid scam you can get rich, if and only if, you are a huge liar that is willing to sell your sole to the devil by selling people a bs product. But either way scam or not, I'm not willing to find out from experience because i have no time or money for it. Oh and by the way I will not make that 20 minute trip for the interview tomorrow morning at 10:30. I will be back out there looking for a real job with real money every week. The more i keep trying, I know something will come up for me.

P.S. God bless this site and God bless the people willing to share their experience.
And curiosity killed the cat, but it wont kill me...

  • La
    Lafiye Mar 16, 2009

    The fellow with the above comment obviously is a FOLLOWER or an UNEDUCATED PERSON. Before you make a judgment toward the writer of the complaint, please understand that he/she is making an opinion. How much are you earning a week while being with the company? I used to work for AIL in California. I KNOW THE FACTS BECAUSE I WAS THERE! I agree with the writer's concerns. You spend your time on the field wasting gas, eating unhealthy food, being exposed to careless drivers, meeting rude and uncooperative prospects, and LYING ABOUT YOUR INTENTION from making the appointment to FORCING them into a sale. After one week, how much are you entitled to on your paycheck for all the crap that you go through, without accounting for the non-paid expenses out of your own pocket?

    I was also "wooed" into the $ sign of making 60-70K the first year while also being promoted to different levels of 'managers' that I forgot to use my freedom: reasoning. I worked and ATE all their lies from the day I started their class training to the day I went out on my own. What is the worst crime that one could do? AMPLIFYING THE LIE! Everything from phone calls to presenting the products was scripted. Where is the creativity or the chance for one to excel in a corporate environment? I loath the fact that my immediate managers were egomaniacs who spoke to me through COMMANDS and COMMANDS and COMMANDS. I studied SCIENCE for 5 years in a well-known university. They looked at me like an inmate who just came into the company. So insulting!

    So what evidence through your experience with the company that you so contradict the writer? One more tip, if you speak to me like that in my home like the way you write, YOU ONLY FURTHER STEREOTYPE THE ###S THAT DO STAY IN THE COMPANY TO DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR THE MANAGERS' SHARE!

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  • Th
    T.h. May 11, 2009

    American Income= hard work, dedication, strength and big reward. It is fine to post your a opinion about a company that gives you an opportunity that you turned down. But these sites should be reserved for people who speak from experience. I value experience above all else. This career is not for everyone but if helping people is important to you then this career could be perfect. If you see this business as "lies" and you don't believe that insurance helps millions of people every year than go work in the service industry. Oh wait even McDonald's is scripted. Does that mean you don't want a hamburger.

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  • St
    Steven Dossett Sep 16, 2009


    You can go *uck yourself. Why is it that everyone who works at AIL bashes people who work at McDonald's? McDonald's, unlike your pathetic life isn't scripted. "Does that make any sense?"

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  • Si
    silentk Feb 21, 2010

    PEOPLE! Sales isn't for everyone! Especially thepeople who like a steady guaranteed paycheck. AIL IS REAL. I work for them and make a decent salary. Been there for a few years now. It's not for everyone. Life insurance is very complicated and we need a way to show people why they need it. If they don't need it... we leave. Plain and simple. I curently hold a degree from both OSU and UK. Masters in business. Been in sales all my life. This isn't the most straight forward job I've had, no. But the angles we use to get into the home are the only way 99% of people will give us the time of day. Otherwise were just another telemarketer. The insurance is real though. We give no cost insurance to union members and their sponsors. If they want the extra benefits that come after that, they buy them. PL]lain and simple. Not to complicated. People that do not understand sales will never understand what we do and why/ how we do it. SO LAY THE F$%K off and find a different job if you can't do sales. Fair enough right?

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  • Mj
    MJD Feb 25, 2010

    To silentk:

    "This isn't the most straight forward job I've had, no. But the angles we use to get into the home are the only way 99% of people will give us the time of day."

    See you're missing the point entirely. Some of the larger complaints on here come from unsavory practices from AIL agents and how they relate to the union members. And you just admitted that you're not upfront with union members and basically lie to get into people's homes. I would expect someone who has a degree from "both OSU and UK" to know better. Well, you work at AIL so I guess we should know to expect less from AIL agents.

    Oh, and Torchmark is not and has never been a Fortune 500 company.

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the scam continues!!!

I am so glad I checked out this company online. I have an "interview" schedulded with the AI in Charlotte NC...


I am a previous employee for American Income Life in Omaha Nebraska for a short period of time and made end...

hiring scam

I received a phone call from a Ms. Solomon from AIL claiming she had gotten my resume off of and...

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misleading job opportunity

Thank you everyone that posted! Your comments and feedback on american income life or "ail" saved me from...

scam! thanks everyone!

Hello Everyone! I would like to thank the other career seachers for their information on this web page. I...

misleading interview

I just came from the first "interview". I am supposed to go back for the second "interview" but I just came...

scam employment offer

I was called today 11/11/08 by American Income about a job interview for a job I didn't apply for. They...

scam and fraud

My name is Jason. Before you concider employment with this billion dollar company, I ask you read this review...

strange phone call for interview

I had a phone call from a recruiter for AIL - saw ad on Craig's List and sent in resume and she called...

employment danger

My main purpose in writing this article is to inform solicited/prospective employees of AIL about the hidden...

integrity of company

As a recent college graduate, I too, found myself slaving away for what was supposedly going to be "financial...

hiring practices

After reading all of these complaints about American Income, I had to write you all about my own personal experiences with the company. 10 months ago, I closed down my company, Pro Vision Staffing Group. In short order, my house was on the verge of being foreclosed on, and I had no hope for possibly earning enough to pay my bills for myself and my daughter, who was 1 yr old at the time. On a whim, I answered an ad that was posted on craigslist, offering a position as a union enroller for $700 per week. I went in for the interview, and I was intrigued by the mere hope of being able to start a business for myself, with the support of a larger team. I took my last $500, and used it to put myself through insurance school and pay for my license.

Fast forwarding to today, my house is out of foreclosure, and bit by bit I am putting my life back together. I am paid an almost obscene amount of money for meeting with families who are just like me, working hard every day hoping that the future will be better for their children. Has it been easy, no! I work retail hours, sometimes 60 hours or more a week. My managers push me daily past my comfort zone, and I am achieving more success than I ever believed was possible.

One thing I would advise though, is that you find the right office, that has the right managers to train you properly to succeed. All of my success is based on the fact that my manager is the kind of person that I would call to come pick me up at 3 AM when my car breaks down. He is on the grind from 8 am to 11 and always picks up when I call. I have seen more people with more experience than me, and more talent fail because their manager failed to manage them properly. I will never be an employee again, and I will never work for another company again.

If you have the right manager training you, and are willing to work harder than you ever have before, you will be successful in this business.

I am a real person, my name is Ini Augustine, and American Income changed my life. You can google me if you like, I have the credentials, know how and experience to know that this opportunity has changed my life, and it can change yours too.

  • Kr
    Krisinda Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So I read some of the posted complaints about American Income and the so-called job opportunities that they call and try to sell you on!! I too received a call this morning from a "representative" from this company who also found my resume on and felt that I was a "perfect fit" to be a manager for American Income.
    Apparently these so-called "reps" do read from a script because I was told word for word what all of the other "perfect fits" were told; show up dressed professionally and bring in a hard copy of my resume to interview for the manager position.
    I am so GLAD that I did my research on this company prior to showing up at my first interview tomorrow morning!! I will not be showing up for this interview nor can I cancel my appointment because as another one of the people who has complained said. . . .no voicemail to leave a message on and now no one is answering the "business phone?!?!"
    Thanks for the forum to get this information out there to those of us who are looking for REAL employers and who don't have the time to mess around with a joke like this!!

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  • Am
    Amie Feb 09, 2009

    I am so glad my husband checked this place out online. I had an interview set up for tomorrow 2/10/09 and I am no longer going. 51 complaints about a company is not a fluke. I even went as far as to put in multiple company's I had previously worked for and company's I had never worked for on this website and NO ONE had a complaint. OMG thank you everyone for commenting on this place.

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fishing scam/pyramid scheme

I was also contacted by a persisent person from American Income Life trying to schedule me for an interview...


After getting several phone calls from this particular number I finally decided to answer. And it was from a HR recruiter who had gotten my info from her Manager who had gotten my info from CareerBuilder. After talking to her over the phone for all of 3 minutes, some of the things she said just didn't seem right. So I decided to go online and google them. And WOW!

Out of all the sites that came up I couldn't find one with any positive feedback. It's crazy because everything the rep said to me I was reading online, as it had been stated to others. This company is really full of it and please don't get yourselves caught in their little scam. They tell you all these wonderful things and you believe them because you're either out of work or looking to improve your quality of life.

I just can't believe this. I know from now on I will do my investigating before going to another wasteless phone or personal interview. Thanks to all of you who took the time to post a complaint, it really helped me. And I hope I help the next person. Oh, by the way I canceled my interview immediately following my findings! BE CAREFUL!

  • An
    anonymous Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello All Troubled,
    I want to respond to all readers about American Income and Torchmark Companies. I am a former agent(considering returning) of this company. I cannot say that my experiance was grand however it was not all bad. Like you, i was very skeptical of the TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE antics. However, I got my license and started with them. The money is truely as promised. The training is paid for and phenominal. They do not have a system set for failure, it is set for success. The key is being a self starter and having an entreprenuial drive. You are in control of your paycheck and your destiny. The office that i worked for was not fitting to me for many reasons. However the regional office was a great environment. No, it does not take a degree to work there. But where else can you walk off the street and make on average $1000. per week pay. They show you how! The system works. I left for personal reasons and considering a return. But it is sales and if you do not have a sales mind it is not for you. Mostly everyone in the company is below 40 so it is a pretty young environment. Like Mary Kay, Monavie, or any other multi level marketing company ... its there for you to take advantage of ... how bad do you want it. If you want a career, it may not be for you...but if you want to make a lot of money... great opportunity. There are negative things out there about all companies if you look long enough. No one is america is 100% happy with anything. So don't knock it before you try it!!!


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  • Je
    Jean Sep 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also received several emails from this company after posting my resume online. I have never clicked on a link to be removed from their mailing list.

    Today, I received an email from them congratulating me on completing my training!!! I have NEVER done any training from this company. What gives? Do they really think that this new tactic will make me want to bite on their bogus scam? I'm afraid to click on their link to be removed from their mailing list. It may contain a virus! Has anyone sucessfully gotten themselves removed from this BS phishing email campaign?

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  • Un
    UnhappyJane Sep 21, 2009

    Recently I tried to claim on my insurance policy with AIL and had some problems, I was going to cancel my policy after finding some unethical loopholes but it seemed every staff member I talked to was willing to say whatever I wanted to hear so I didn't cancel the policy.

    I had called around to ensure my claim was valid and of all the numbers I tried from canada and the US and all the people I talked to from varying levels of management I was told I *should* be able to claim no problem.

    Some even offered personal stories from others who had claimed for the same thing.

    However, after doing all the running around (getting forms to doctors etc.) I was told my claim was not valid and that everyone I talked to should have told me so. Silly me for believing the lies - I hope this warning can help others not to make my same mistake!!

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  • Un
    Unhappy rabbit Mar 16, 2015

    I have never received a policy, after all the hoopla they put me to to sign up. Now I am trying to cancel and all I get is the run around.
    I was given the wrong policy number over the phone so I cannot go online to cancel. So un-happy Just have to close my account
    then I guess they will respond or cancel.

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  • Ga
    Game Hater Jun 21, 2015

    I had 2 policies with AIL. I paid on them for over 2 years through automatic payment with my bank account. I had some IRS problems, so the IRS garnished my entire bank account in December. I was out of work at the time, so I tried to call AIL repeatedly so my account would not be overdrawn & I would not get overdraft charges. All I got was voicemail until the evening my premium was due. By that time, they had already tried to collect, causing me 2 $35.00 overdraft charges. I told them I wanted to cancel my policies. I kept receiving invoices. The money I had coming back to me from the policies, they kept, saying that was used to pay my premiums when the bank would not. It is now June, & I just received another premium notice. This company will hound you to get your business. But you can never reach anyone when you need them.

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false statements!

The representatives name is Sefo Pucell his cell number is [protected]. If this person calls you don't believe a word he says. He told me that is was a free ins program paid for by my union, and all he needed was proper identification. When he got to my home he asked if my wife was present and I said no. then he told me that she had to be here to verify her id as the benificary. What if I named a benificary that lived in Europe?, Would they have to fly to the U.S.A to verify the id for a $2000 life ins policy? ha ha ha. These people must deal with a lot of dumb people. Please call this person and tell him what you think of him.

the truth!

I too was fooled by the lure of infinite wealth. Interviewers beware. I was brought aboard as a master general agent. I was privy to the real deal...

Fact: if you are tenacious and have the work ethic, you can make a realistic 35-60, 000 your first year... But you had better be willing to work 7 days a week, with very long hours and have little or no family time.

Fact: you will be hired and quickly promoted if you show any talent, however; be wary of your promotion. The philosophy is promote, and have the newly promoted person recruit, and train new agents, and if that promoted person burns out from the extra workload hopefully he has replaced himself 4 times over with new recruits.

Fact: ail does have lifetime renewals. If you are fortunate enough to stick it out for 10 years, you will receive your lifetime renewals, but the products are so ridiculously overpriced, that anyone with half a brain shops around and finds a way better price for the same product and cancels. These cancellations do not affect your weekly pay at first, but rather are taken from your renewal fund, that is until it is empty... At that point your front end pay is affected and reduced and even taken away... Most everyone at ail has gone through "retention hell" for the simple fact that the product is not competitive in the marketplace, and cancellations are inevitable...

Fact: ail is one of the fastest if not the fastest growing insurance company in the world. That is not hard to believe, since the products are so ridiculously priced that many of the policyholders probably cancel before ever making a claim, thus boosting the net worth of the company... The real shame is that the program does work, at the expense of others. Many managers take advantage of people, lure them in with promises and turn and burn them... Ail is an agent mill, with constant turnover in the lower ranks. If you are looking at insurance opportunities, I would advise you to look hard and ask many questions if you are considering ail... Ask to attend the weekly meeting. Find out how long everyone has been there. If you have a lot of long-timers, I would say the state general agent is a good person, who believes in taking care of his agency. If the only ones who have been there longer than one year are the mga and ga ranks, run and don't look back.

  • Mi
    Mike B from CA Apr 29, 2009

    Whether you can or can't, YOU'RE RIGHT!!! First of all, you don't have to take my word for it. AM Best ( has ranked AIL with an A+ rating. That's the highest rating you can get for an insurance company that has been around 50+ years. Also yahoo jobs ranked us #37 in the top 100 places to work in 2009. ( Working at AIL is like having your own business. You are a contract self employed individual. If I owned a starbucks franchise, I would work it knowing that my results are a reflection of my effort. It is a turnkey system that I have to follow in order for my business to be successful. So if I'm not there at 6AM and a customer wants to buy coffee, then that's my loss. Now if I don't want to be there at 6AM, then I have to hire more help.

    Statistically, 5 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year. Out of the 5 that make it, 4 of the 5 will fail in 5 years. Most people focus on the failure rate (they think about getting up at 6AM and don't do it). But a FEW people focus on the on success. Ask any successful business owner. There are some key similarities. They went into business knowing the odds, but still pulled through because they believed in their product or service, and they believed in themselves.

    If you believe in coffee, then open a Starbucks. If you believe in Life Insurance, then work at AIL. There is only one guarantee in life. We will all pass away. How could a product that insures your life be bad for your family? Sure there are cheaper products out there, but aren't there always? Isn't there cheaper coffee out there? Sure there is! But people continue to pay $4 for a cup of coffee because they are paying for more than coffee. They are paying for an experience.

    Your career at AIL is determined by the experience you give to your customers. If you are passionate about your product, committed to your customers' well being, present yourself in a professional manner, and do the RIGHT thing EVERYTIME, you will be successful.

    1 Votes
  • Fa
    fail1 Oct 14, 2009

    Mike B has to be the stupidest person posting on this website. Strange how he also works for AIL.

    0 Votes
  • An
    andizzle Jul 20, 2011

    I don't see how mike b is "stupid" his facts all check out. Maybe one should do research before resorting to ignorance

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    MasterFB Mar 22, 2014

    I worked for AIL too and I don't like their practices, I don't like their methods. I found them to be dishonest and they hound customers and potential employees with phonecalls. They're trying to charge me for the advances they paid me now that I've quit. That should be money I earned after i PAID for my own classes, dragged my trainer's sorry rear end around in MY car and sold policies for two months. Now they want money from ME? I don't think so.

    0 Votes

unethical job interviewing!

I received a voicemail on the morning of 9 April 2008 from a woman identifying herself as Brigit Fisher from...

interviewed with these as*es today!

I was contacted by American Income Life on March 19th by a cellular phone, and told that they had viewed my...

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