American Income Lifescam and cheating!

T Review updated:

I was an employee of this company who relies on the inexperience of new agents to run this scam on union members and their friends (family). Many of the agents truly believe that they are helping out union members due to the fact that they themselves have been brainwashed. The objective is to get as many sales as possible regardless of what means they need to use. The agents will lie to the union members on the phone in order to book the appointments, and if they miscalculate the costs of a policy, they will simply leave products promised to them off of the policy. Though it is unethical, they will encourage people to drop their other policies for American Incomes more expensive policy. And when they are unsure of facts they make them up, including scaring people into believing that they will not have enough money for burial. The agents also sell products to people without making them aware of the fact that the products will change or drop off at a certain age. And falsely advising them on policies that they are unfamiliar with.

After doing my research I could no longer sell the product. I just wish I could encourage all the union members to be cautious!


  • Ph
    Phil in dallas Mar 11, 2008

    My judgement on this company: TOTAL SCAM
    Here is why:
    I received the standard "We received/saw your resume ..." email.

    Here's the kicker -- the Email was from "CHRIS HERNANDEZ" (so the header said). The header also showed his email to be "[email protected]"

    Ok, that was strange, why would the returning email address be all weird -- like it should be something like [email protected], or [email protected] or anything the resembles the company name and a dot com.

    More kicking -- the signature at the bottom -- Mike Smith? Whoops, somebody forgot to change something. Although he did list a phone number (which is in the directory, and did point to a legitimate address) why didn't he put "his" email in the letter.

    Ok, and now to beat this dead horse even more, the bottom of the email, the standard "If you don't want our spam" statement:

    Click here to unsubscribe from further communication regarding job opportunities at American Income Life Insurance Company. Please allow two to three business days for the removal process of your E-mail address to be complete. American Income Life Insurance Company, 1200 Wooded Acres, Waco, TX 76710.

    Privacy Policy [email protected] [email protected]

    The click here goes to a website that supposedly takes your name OFF a spamming list (where as in my experience, ADDs your name to a spamming list).

    The remaining links kick you off into sites -- the kind of sites that bubbas who are trying to work a work-at-home scam set up to make their $$$.

    If this is a company that is as great as they say they are, why are their HR folks using fly-by-night web servers instead of using their own state-of-the-art servers designed to reach those persons in their target markets -- both for customers and employment prospects?

    Nope, the email should be a dead giveaway that this is a scam, and is provided on this site for those not "in-the-know" regarding email and other internet communication protocols and syntax.

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  • Ju
    Justine Apr 06, 2008

    American Income Life / National Income Life encourages all complaints to be addressed by email to: [email protected]

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  • Ma
    Marie Lancup Apr 30, 2008

    Totally agree with what has been posted - I had no intention of applying but was surprised that I'd received 3 !!! emails from them, the last one saying:

    <<A little more than two weeks ago, we pulled your resume and tried to contact you either by phone or email. As of this date, our records show we have not been able to set up an interview with you. Our ability to search resumes online has allowed us to grow at a pace second to none in our industry. Because of this, we are touching base with individuals who have posted their resumes that meet our requirements for the opportunities we have available.

    We are still interviewing and believe you are an excellent candidate. If you are still in the job market and are looking for a highly rewarding position, I encourage you to learn more about this opportunity.

    Simply CLICK HERE or call 1-888-852-4488 to discuss the options we have available for you.


    Roger Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Income Life >>

    Interesting that Justine received an email signed by a so called "Mike Smith". All the rest corresponds to Justine's comments earlier.

    What SHOCKS me is that the earliest complaint on this site with respect to this so-called company dates from 2006!!! Why have the US authorities not done anything about protecting individuals naive enough to buy into this, and closed the business down. Here in the UK they would have been stopped by the FSA [Financial Services Authourity] a long time ago for miss-selling policies, which is illegal.

    So BEWARE! You have been warned...

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  • Ra
    Randi May 01, 2008

    I just got this last night! The name was "Recruiting.ail" with a set of different numbers, like Phil described. (Thank you, Phil!) And it was signed by Roger Smith.

    Even if they stopped this guy, another will pop up to take his place, unfortunately. It's a shame that these kinds of individuals (they are less than human beings as far as I'm concerned) prey on people who are just trying to make a decent living.

    Thanks again, everyone. And good luck!

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  • Tb
    tbbtbs May 07, 2008

    This is definitely true. I joined this company in 2001. It only took me two weeks to realize that they were scamming both their employees as well as the union members.

    One time, AIL told us to ask for donations of canned goods from the union members we prospected. AIL said that we were doing it for other union members that were in dire straits. This was a great idea except for that fact that all the donations were left in our office! AIL never intended to distribute the food. It was just one way to convince union members that AIL cared and that it wasn't trying to "sell" death benefits.

    AIL preys on people who have hit hard times. They promise wealth and "to be your own boss". Mind you, you don't get a salary. If they ever get an inkling that you want to quit, they'll tell you that they want to promote you in the next few days. Kind of silly, if you think about it, since you don't get paid a salary so what does it matter if you get promoted!

    Stay away from this company like it was the plague.

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  • Ra
    Randi May 08, 2008

    Got another one the other day, this time from an Eric Giglione. He, too, is a "State Director" but he gave me a local phone # to call. The strange part is, this isn't even close to what type of employment I am looking for, or posted on my resume!

    I guess I'll just put this in my Spam Blocker.

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  • Fa
    Faraz Hyder May 13, 2008

    I just got an email from "Eric Giglione" and had a phone number listed to a local one in my area. Almost fooled me too because it had listed the type of work I am actually interested in. Luckily I had looked it up here first.

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  • La
    Laurie Skelton Jun 04, 2008

    I got the same email from Roger Smith and it raised the same flags.

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  • Mi
    Ming Tran Jun 07, 2008

    I just want to add the comment that Amerprise, Prime America, World Marketing alliance, all of which are scam as well.

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  • An
    Angela Jun 19, 2008

    I'm in high school right now, and looking for a summer job. Needless to say, I've applied for dozens but no luck because no one seems to take me seriously. I got a strange call from a woman with an accent. Because I was so confused and nervous, I never heard the name of the company just the location at 120 Eglinton Ave. Suite 200 (in Toronto). She told me to dress professionally and bring in a resume. I freaked out because I got an interview and I didn't even know which company I applied for; not to mention HELLLOOO I had nothing professional to wear. So I tried to research the address and surprisingly it took a lot of effort. Then, I found a bunch of websites saying the same thing. It is really fishy how they would contact you without knowing anything about you. I'm going to the interview. Wish me luck, I'm going to expose their scam and tell that to everyone I see.
    FYI AIL: you're so stupid, at least look at who you're calling. I'm a high school student, I can hardly get an interview at Toys R Us and this "big" insurance company wants to interview me?
    I was so mad yet so relieved when I found out. Thank you guys! I live in Canada btw. And I'll keep you updated for what happens after I expose them.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jun 19, 2008


    Wow! I like you! I'm so happy to see people are fighting back to this type of business! Good for you! You go girl!

    They really are a scam, I worked there for a few months and almost went bankrupt! The reason they try to mass hire so much is because when you get hired, you have to pay $700 to work for them. $397 goes to the course to become a licensed agent, but what happens to the rest of the money? What happens to the $312? Well, they say it's for ADMIN fees, but the truth is they POCKET the money!
    I worked there and they told me how it all worked, my hard earned cash went straight to the stinky little 20 year old kid (name is Chris Gobeil) just because he was the one who called me in for the interview! I was furious!

    Plus once you start selling life insurance and make any money at all, your boss will make the same amount as you without lifting a finger! That's why they want to hire people so badly! they make money from your hard work!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jun 19, 2008

    By the way, I worked at the Edmonton AIL Office.

    The names they have used are:
    American Income, American Income Life, AIL, Altig, Altig International.
    Their address is 201-17873 106A Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5S 1V8 Phone#: (780) 434-4200

    I have the script at home for the interviews, I can post it here if you wish. They use this stupid 3 second rule while on the phone with you, they wait 3 seconds after you answered their question, to make you "nervous", so that it seems like a legitimate interview. But after all the interviews in my life, this was by far the worst!


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  • Ro
    Roger Jul 18, 2008

    From: Roger Smith [[email protected]]

    A little more than two weeks ago, we pulled your resume...If you are still in the job market and are looking for a highly rewarding...Simply CLICK HERE or call 1-888-248-6010 to discuss the options we have available for you.


    Roger Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Income Life

    go away!!

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  • Da
    Danny Jul 22, 2008

    I keep getting emails from "Theodore Papas". The language is basically the same in the email as what everone is claiming, "we received your resume...would like to set up an interview...". It looked weird that he claimed my resume was fowarded by someone but he did not state from who, so I was fairly sure no one I knew personally gave it to him. When I called, they would not give me any details as far as salary, they simply said it depends on what you can offer the company. They asked if a Tuesday afternoon worked for me, and I said yes just to get off the phone without any awkwardness. Funny thing is I never called, or showed up to the interview and they are still emailing me. I mean come on, any real place would not take well to me blatanlty dissing them.

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  • Ai
    AILMGA Jul 22, 2008

    Hey Danny boy have you ever heard of automatic mailings? Most large businesses have them! Way to think for yourself.

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  • Ma
    Marc Jul 30, 2008

    Just got e-mailed from these guys and apparently they took my resume up to the Regional Manager for approval to call me to set up an interview. First I "Googled" the name and came up with this web site. GOOD JOB guys in posting these notes.
    What they don't know is that I'm still employed as a Regulatory Compliance Officer and now I'll be caling the fraud squad at Edmonton Police to maybe see if they want to do one of thier interviews.
    Nothing but a bunch of clowns preying on unemployed people who can't fight back. This time they really f****d it up.

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  • Ai
    AILMGA Aug 03, 2008

    Marc- What are your complaints or are you just jumping on the band wagon and going along with what everyone else says? How can you judge a company based off of what people that have had a bad experience said? Do you think that every company out there is perfect and everyone is going to have the same experience. Think for yourself! You didn't even go on the interview!

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  • An
    Andrea Gavric Aug 05, 2008

    I am so glad I read all this because I almost fell for it cause I am desperatly looking for job and when they called me i was kinda excitted and scheduled interview. there is no way I am even going now. thanks guys.

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  • Lu
    luke Aug 13, 2008

    i did fall for ail scam, i needed a job real bad so i ate it up when they called me. i worked for them for 2 weeks, we sold policies to poor hispanics that didn't understand what we were even saying, and were on welfare so it's doubtful they can even keep up with payments. i decided i couldnt do that, they call it a managerial job but all it is really is selling and training, there can be good money in it only if you have no heart.

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  • Ma
    mark Aug 22, 2008

    guyz this company is too much, i worked there for over a year ( dont ask how could i survive in living hell where each and everyday i was hitting rock bottom of ethics and moral just so i can afford milk and bread). anyways, i got couple email and a phone call for the interview within a week i quit, i put my resume on monster coz now i was looking for something and they called me, i was like you guyz are just awesome, atleast read my name on the resume before you come you cant recognise one of your colleague's name and number, i stated AIL in my work exp section of the resume, they didnt even bother to read that. there has to be a limit for scam, not just hiring process guyz, their business practice is just too illegal, management wasnt concern at all, no matter how illegal activities we do, as long as we make enough sale. fake signature, fake bank acocunt numbers, misinterprete health status, show them a cheaper plan and then double the plan cost later, become aggressive in people's home, if they seem Naive, force them to cancel their other policy so they can afford super ### AIL policies. somebody seriously need to stop these bunch of crooks.

    IF AIL call/email you, DO yourself a favour, get a job in Tim Hortons/Mcdonald but STAY AWAY from AIL.

    this is an opinion from an ex-AIL employee, when i quit i was at kind of High position ( its also an another joke though)

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  • Ma
    mark Aug 22, 2008

    Katie!! dont try to defend AIL, it seems like you're brain washed, true, they are pretty good at Brain washing people, i was brainwashed, i was like biggest supported of AIL, coz i believed in thier ###, if you're employed with AIL, doing faily good for yourself, thats great but sooner or later, when your moral will call, you'll realize what you've been doing. ( ofcourse if you're genuinly moralistic).

    Marc: you did right thing, best way to save yourself from AIL is dont appear for interview, their orientation is nothing but the brain washing lie, they will show you huge huge numbers, how much you could be making, ofcourse these guyz makes in millions, real scenario, we had managers who were conducting interviews and showing them big pics while they themselves could afford the rent.

    they say you have to give few months to this company to do great, but the fact is they just wanna keep you there for sometime, so you can make some sales, eventually you gonna quit for sure, n they will make commission out of your sale for the rest of your life. legal investigation could really a great act of humanity.

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  • Ai
    AILMGA Aug 26, 2008

    Mark- How can you pass judgment on me? You don't know what I do or how I am with my people. If your that weak that you let someone brainwash you then your probably that weak in making sales. How long were you with AIL, honestly? Did you give it a chance or were you too weak and gave up. I think we know the outcome! Way to go!! Oh and I can afford my rent (mortgage) and yours too! Don't get mad at AIL because you failed be mad at yourself for being a failure. People like you need a desk job that a 5 year old can do. Don't judge a company because of an experience with one agency. Go find a job your good at. Leave this up to the people that can sell. Have fun punching the clock!

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  • Al
    Allypopsthecorn Aug 27, 2008

    How did I know this is a scam?
    " First year earnings, advances and bonuses can range from $60, 000 to $90, 000 for new representatives. No experience is necessary"

    ROFL... yeah right! Would you want someone with no experience doing a 60k job? Answer: Hell No!

    The email states their representing American Income, a life insurance company, the phone number listed is a 1-888-xxx-xxxx. If you go to the actual homepage of American Income (via a google search) you'll find that American Income actually has numbers.

    Also I've never heard of the tld: .jobs. Where did they get that from?

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  • Ai
    AILMGA Aug 27, 2008

    Ally- FYI, I had no experience and made 75K my first year. About the 800 numbers, each agency has their own and we have a main one in Waco. Do some more research. Try looking at the good things we do for working families.

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  • Na
    Nate Sep 02, 2008

    I am about to go to an interview with AIL and I wanted to look at their website to learn more about them, but all I've found are just complains about I guess I am not going. Thanks!

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  • Ma
    mark Sep 09, 2008

    Katie, i was GA when i quit, had my own team, never had a problem of making sale, my education and business acumen is far better than yours, at the moment i am having a my own company, my problem with AIL is moral and ethics. thats certainly should be missing in you. if you choose to be brutally honest, theres no way you can make sale. people in my agency used to encourage clients to cancel their fairly good insurance policy to buy AIL crap. anyways, heres a post i sent it in another blog,

    i am an Ex-AIL employee or should i say Manager? yes i was the one who used to trick people, and literelly ruined their lives and making some bucks out of it. i guess my sin caught me, anyways thats diff story, let me explain what is it, that lead you to total disaster with AIL,

    First of all, if they email you or call you, Do your self a favour of life, Dont show up.
    If you attend interview for fun, Dont buy their ### and sign up for their course ( LLQP is a legitimate course and i would recommed it, once you have LLQP, you can get job in insurance field easily) but do it on your own not with AIL.

    alright, now you pss the course, what happens next? at this point you've already invested $700, plus you havent work for last 2 weeks, so you can prepare for the exam. means you're already in financial crisis. now your so called training starts. they pay you $250/week for 2 week training aka $500, but they will deduct it from your pay later on so its actually a loan

    so you're already facing financial crisis, your training will be 2 weeks ( in-class), they will give you 250+250 ( but they wont tell you that its a loan). its just impossible to live thorugh 250 week. anyways, once you're done with in class training, your manager will take you on field to show you how he does presentations, that goes for a week or 2, ( Not paid). also if he decides to go on road trip, you have to go with him, hence eat out and all other expense. now that you're ready to go out on your own. its already been 2 months you havent made a dime. depends on your luck, they might send you on a road trip could be 3-4 hrs away from your town hence, food+gas+hotel expense out of your pocket could be atleast $500-600. its your first week, you're not so good at sale so probably all you could earn after 60-70 hr work is cover your expenses. and once you fall in this loop, all you could do is cover your expenses.

    now you're getting grip over your sales skill, if you do extremely good on cosistant basis, your weekly paycheck will be around $800-$1000, thats true but what they dont tell you is you have to pay $200-300 gas expense out of your pocket, $50 ocassioanal eat out while on trip, your cell bill will double, so add almost $50/week, you're putting crazy milege on your car, depreciation $40/week,
    so over all $400 every weekyou're putting in, and no matter you make money or not, this expenditure is constant. you hit one bad week and you're finish. so you make$1000 ( you have to be lucky ) and your expense is min $400, that leaves you $600 for 60-70-80 hrs of work. do your math, its an $8/hr job. alright as long as it pay out $8/hr, you can still do it, but now comes the real demon - CANCELLATIONS,

    what happen is once you close a sale ( obviously its gonna be manipulative close).many people later realizes that they made a mistake and they cancel their policy ( almost 40% if not more) will cancel their policy. these people will charge you back what they paid you on that after couple month your pay check will be $1000 - (40% * $1000) = $600, n your constant expenses are still $400, it will leave $$200 for you, for your 60-70 hrs of work, Now do your math. n trust it is the most common scenarion. and cancellations are out of your control, its the family's own decision . i have seen almpst 9.5 out of 10 people has gone broke after 3-4 months. needless to say many of them got broke ups as well, being constantly on the road, start adapting unethical personality and constantly looking for money to borrow and not able to pay it back wil finish you mentally, socially and emotionally if not physically.

    heres even bigger blunder of this company, lets say you went on a road trip somewhere far and made few sales, what happens is when you submit all the applications, they will find some ### fault/mistake in your paperwork, sometime we have seen those mistakes dont even exixst, n they ask you to go personally and get client's signature, obviously you cant drive 4 hrs to get a signature, so they wont pay you, and then they will put their business on your manager's account, thats how those manager makes money by sucking your blood. so be ready to give atleast your 1 sale to your boss for free.and pay all the expense from your own pocket.

    i can still go on and on for their illegal activities but sometime later, as long as i can save atleast one person from this scam, i think my posts have sevred something in favor to humanity.

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  • Ai
    AILMGA Sep 10, 2008

    Mark- Reread your first paragraph and learn how to form sentences!!! I will say it again- how can you judge me or what I do? How do you know your "Business Acumen" is so much better than mine? Acumen is defined as having a depth of perception, discernment or discrimination in practical matters. Maybe you just feel guilty because you lied to people. I'm an MGA and run my office with integrity. I have sold policies to members that have died and I was the one helping their families file claims that our company paid out exactly how we said we would. Have you ever had to do that? One of my agents wrote a policy and the next week their 16 year old daughter died, that claim was paid out. I delivered a $2000 AD&D certificate to the father of a 25 year old that had been shot and they had no money to pay for a funeral. That free $2000 helped that family. I deliver food to families and go to hospitals to help members file claims on their A71 policies.
    I take pride in what I do and what I sell. The product that we have helps families. Thats why I do this. I don't have to lie to people to sell something I believe in. I spend $150 a month on my policies with AIL and it's worth every penny.
    Every agency is different. Your experience doesn't define the whole company. I'm truly sorry for the experience you had but it's what you make of it.
    We've been around for a long time don't you think if we were doing illegal things something would have happened by now? I really think that it was you that was doing things you weren't suppose to be doing.
    Paperwork is a big thing!! If something is missing or not correct you bet your ### they'll hold it back until it's corrected. That's to protect you!
    Of course the company has charge backs! That's why it's called an "advance" not a paycheck!! The company is advancing you money you haven't made yet.
    Where are you getting you quality numbers from? The company average is 69% retention. Which would mean that 31% cancel! That's normal in this business with any insurance company. Our agency has an 80% retention.
    It sounds like maybe you we're closing in a manipulative way and your quality went to ### because your policy holders were calling to cancel. And let me guess you ended up on a reduced advance.
    You make choices everyday- you can choice to do an honest presentation or you can lie. Your the one making those decisions.
    At some point you've got to stop pointing fingers and take responsibility for your own actions.

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  • Ti
    Tim Sep 11, 2008

    I'm a former AIL/Altig employee and I'm here to say that working for this insurance company was the best thing that ever happened to me!

    After finishing a bachelor's degree (economics & commerce) I entered into the job market. Now, having grown-up working on a farm and as a summer student in a factory, I knew the value of hard work and dedication to one's job, but I also knew that I did not want to toil in the fields or let my mind deteriorate in a factory. That would've defeated the purpose of attending university. At any rate, I applied to a number of firms for a variety of entry-level positions. Unfortunately, after 3 or 4 months of not even attracting an interview, I received a call of salvation from AIL! To make a long story short, I was offered a position and immediately began the licencing process. I studied and passed the exams in less than a month and was stoked to begin field training. I memorized the script in 2 days (aside from a few stumbling points) and was sent off into the 'wild' to see how to help families get the benefits they deserved.

    A few highlights from my training:

    (1) the first night of booking (which I did for a senior agent) I was verbally abused by one of the leads for attempting to scam him since this was the third time AIL had contacted him in a month. (Interesting... I was promised fresh leads of people who craved the knowledge that would come from having an AIL agent in their home.)

    (2) Our second day in the field, we went to a nurse's home (which was also a dairy farm). At the time, dairy farming was on the downswing and once the husband of this nurse found out who we were and why we were there he said, and I quote, "It's time for you two fella's to leave. And if you have a problem with that, I'll get my dogs to help you leave!" (But sir, we're only trying to help!)

    (3) A lady accused me of attempting to defraud her 85 y/o father and reported me to the police! (Something tells me that an 85 y/o probably won't qualify for any product AIL sells. Maybe I can try to sell the cop... he's unionized!)

    (4) After visiting with about 12 clients, the senior agent who was training me managed to sell a policy to a family of 5. I'd like to add that the gentleman who purchased the policy consumed 2 beers during the presentation (and it's likely he had a few before we even arrived).

    After the great success I witnessed during my two weeks of field training, I was off to pull in the big bucks! I wasn't sent out alone though. AIL cares about their employees, so my manager and I were scheduled to visit with some clients on a Saturday. I drove to the agency to pick him up, but I ended up waiting for 15 mins. The manager didn't show. I called his cell phone a number of times, but nobody picked-up. Concerned that I wasn't going to be able to make my appointment, I went out on my own. The day went well, in that nobody threatened me, but I didn't sell a policy. I did, however, get a call from my manager who said "I'm sorry I didn't make it. I went out with some friends last night and was too hungover. Sorry buddy!" As the weeks passed by I started to realize more and more that each of the managers in the agency exhibited the same behaviour. The team philosophy seemed to be: over-promise and under-deliver.

    One of the more surprising things I saw in the initial month I was there was one newer hire (35 y/o, former home security salesman of 5 or so years) came back from a road trip and said to me, voice quivering, "I just can't work here."

    You might be asking yourself : how could this guy possibly think that working for AIL was the best thing that ever happened to him? Well, I'm glad you asked.

    3 months in, I was emotionally and financially drained. I had sold policies, but with the price of gas and the fact that my manager kept screwing me over with leads all over the damn country (not really, but they were all at least 60 mins from my home) and the fact that I kept meeting with union members who were unionized through the supermarket bakery they worked for at $8/hr, it was clear that these policies weren't likely to stay on the books for longer than 6 months. So, after a night of drinking I woke-up early in the morning, sitting on my couch (half-drunk) and said to myself: it's time to go to graduate school (a notion I had toyed with before finishing a bachelor's degree, but didn't know if I wanted to go to school again).

    The same day I quit AIL was the same day I submitted my graduate school applications. It's been 3.5 years since that day and today I'm the proud owner of a master's degree in economics with a specialization in time-series econometrics. I work for an energy company as an economist. My entire compensation package (salary+bonus+benefits) is in excess of $90k/year, 27 days of vacation (plus 10 stat holidays), I make my own hours, and during the less than two years I've been working at the company I've been to: NYC, Vancouver, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro, all expenses paid for myself and my girlfriend.

    Thanks AIL! I doubt that if you hadn't shown me rock-bottom in my career, I never would've ended up where I am today.

    P.S. This is only my experience, but I know I'm as hard a worker as anyone out there (see: graduate degree in economics, working on a farm throughout my childhood), intelligent, well-spoken, caring, and an all-around level-headed person, so for any supporters of AIL, please do not discount my efforts as an agent since that strategy seems to be the norm in any response to a slight against the company.

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  • Ma
    mark Sep 12, 2008

    Tim, i am agree with you, AIL was blessing in disguise, this complany drained so much out of me, emotionally, mentally, financially, that i had nothing to lose anymore. that inspired me to take any crazy risk, and now i am a successful businessman. i had 3 dergrees including business and engineering, i dont know why did i undersold myself to such a company.

    Katie you're the only exception in entire company who actually help clients to process their claims.

    you said it all, you're an MGA, if MGA doesnt show a positive picture of its company, how would an agency run? do you think any former employee would buy bullls**t of MGA or SGA? MGA and SGA are there to do Bulls**t, so people join their agency, work their ### off and quit within 3 months and you make renewals for rest of your life, how convinient. paperwork is a big thing, any idiot can know that. n filling out paper work isnt a rocket science, but yes it is a rocket science how come your spit tests are going missing, how come they ask you to fill questionner again when you were damn sure you did it all? n how come they insist you to go to the clients house personally ( 4 hr drive?), to get their signature, otherwise your policy will lapse and it will be recoded to MGA, ( how MGA will fix the problem? simple fake signature, or phone call). MGAs play dirty games to steal momey from agents.

    AIL is still in business coz they are doing illegal things but making sure that it doesnt cross the limit, when an employee quit, SGA and MGA call him in office and threaten him to take legal actions coz afterall all the employees are independet agents, so company can run their illegal business, n if something suppose to happen, bunny is agent himself not the company. me n few former employees are collecting eveidences and soon we gonna file a complain, i have pretty long list of all illegal activities going on within the company. n you are very much aware of whats legal and whats illegal? or you're just too consumed into AIL manipulative tactics that you even forgot the difference?

    Advance and charge back are obvious thing but whats not obvious is their lie in recruiting process, if you're so honest why dont you explain everything in your recruiting process? why dont you tell people that the training allownce they get is nothing but the loan, and company will charge back? why do you lie in your phone scrip to get into people's house? why do you sale POS policies?

    even a criminal takes pride when it commits crime, so lets keep the pride on the side.

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  • Ch
    Chris Sep 19, 2008

    I am almost done with training. I have worked in the Financial area as an adivsor and in mortgages. First, they really sell you on the business plan and the money you make. I haven't been in a company that makes you pay $350 to work for them. I payed for all the testing which in my state is about $350 more. It did seem like a Pyramid to me but the managers to have to make money to get around that. They don't really tell people what is going to happen when an agent shows up at there house. It turns into a sales call not giving them there benefits that are coming from their union. The meetings that we have every week always have a recruiting theme to them. They always want you recruiting. I have heard this before at Quickstar meetings or Amway. People do make money and they do help people but it seems to all be adding up to something that a large financial company like Merryl Lynch would get in trouble for. Maybe I am wrong. I am not a lawyer.

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  • En
    Enas Oct 06, 2008

    I Just got this email ... what should i do next to stop them from emailing and calling me ?

    My name is Roger Smith and I am the Chief Executive Officer of American Income. I recently found your resume online and wanted to get in touch with you. We are expanding our sales force by hiring applicants from a variety of different backgrounds and we believe you have the potential to be an excellent match.

    We are hiring goal-oriented individuals like you right now. First year earnings, advances and bonuses can range from $60, 000 to $90, 000 for new representatives. No experience is necessary. We provide full training to help maximize your earning potential. If you wish to excel within a company that has a proven record of success, then I would like to speak with you. American Income has upheld a well-known industry reputation for financial stability and quality service for over 50 years.

    If you are interested in learning more about this important opportunity, please CLICK HERE or call 1-888-831-1200.


    Roger Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Income

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  • Ge
    Geesko Oct 26, 2008

    I got the same ###ed scam e-mail HAHAHAHA and I cant believe I actually went into my junk mail and looked at one. This e-mail supposedly from Owen Wilson from A.I.L. with a return e-mail address of [email protected] was holding interviews at a Sheraton hotel on 04/27/2007. HAHAHAHA Its October 26, 2008. The rest of the message was pretty much the same as other people stated, such as getting removed from this job listing e-mail list. How do you get entered into a job seeking automated e-mail service when you never signed up for one? These scammers need to atleast come with something new and updated ATLEAST! If anyone every clicked the blue links please get some help. These ###s may conquer the world and become president and we arent even paying any attention to them.

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  • Rh
    RH Oct 27, 2008

    10/26/08. My resume is posted on careerbuilder. This leads to the same link that career networks attempts to use to get id theft. Luckily I been watching these since my mother-in-law entered her information and a credit card application was applied for in her name. She has lifelock as myself and my family and it didn't get far. They are using US email addresses but from what a trace came up with this is based out of country. Why can't they just let us get real jobs and not try to scam us.

    A little more than two weeks ago, we pulled your resume and tried to contact you either by phone or email. As of this date, our records show we have not been able to set up an interview with you. Our ability to search resumes online has allowed us to grow at a pace second to none in our industry. Because of this, we are touching base with individuals who have posted their resumes that meet our requirements for the opportunities we have available.

    We are still interviewing and believe you are an excellent candidate. If you are still in the job market and are looking for a highly rewarding position, I encourage you to learn more about this opportunity.

    Simply CLICK HERE or call 1-888-248-6010 to discuss the options we have available for you.


    Roger Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    American Income Life

    We would like to keep you updated on exciting job opportunities at American Income Life Insurance Company; we will continue to alert you when we have opening at our local offices. You received this email because you placed your resume on an internet job board or responded to one of our job ads. To remove your email address from our list, please do not reply to this email. This will not remove you from future emails. Instead, please use the link below to process your removal requests.

    Click here to unsubscribe from further communication regarding job opportunities at American Income Life Insurance Company. Please allow two to three business days for the removal process of your E-mail address to be complete. American Income Life Insurance Company, 1200 Wooded Acres, Waco, TX 76710.

    Privacy Policy [email protected] [email protected]

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  • Ky
    kyle Oct 28, 2008

    ok so you ppl are dumb, im making 1600 a week on average working for this company, and for the more expensive then other policies, ummmmm, no... for 17 buck a week u get: 25k cancer protection, 5k life insurance on all of ur kids, even if u have 10 kids, that 5k PER kid, all funural expenses cover for both parrents, 50k to 100k lump sum upon death, AND based on ur income between 2k and 5k of garenteed income upon death for up to 3 years. so ### all you that say this company is a scam because i work there and im making money, and we help union members with benfits that the union cuts from them and its one of the top agencies in the world... assholles

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  • Co
    complail Nov 05, 2008

    Unfortunately, I have happened to have sighned for their "opportunity". As of a lack of my immigrant comprehension, I thought company's name was AIO (and that's why I didnt find this topic in time). So it ended up that I gave them (what a stupid idiot) all private information they needed including a credit card desiring to take their course. Next day, I realised it wasn't for me and came back to cancel it. Guy who hired me said its okay and good luck. When I came back, I read an email that someone made a purchase through paypal using my credit card and taken out money from my account. WTF? Okey, so I contacted them asking to return it as I cancelled everything. No way to reach those guys to have a talk. I talked to VISA and realised I have few chances to succeed getting those back even though I authorised a completely different transaction. Now there is one question I have. Putting all the polemic aside. Yes I know I am a stupid sucker to trust this ### and get caught. I only have one question. Please tell me what kind of an awesome company where employees make 100k a year and have all those amazing bonuses... How comes such a company would not bother to return that pocket change course money just for the purpose of it's own reputation?
    People... Don't be as stupid as everyone who got into this trap...
    There's no trust to people like that as even 1 lie is too much. And it doesnt matter if they make money. They do, but it by selling their own dignity and self respect.

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  • Co
    complail Nov 05, 2008

    Ummm. Weird coincidence. Just after I posted this message I got a call with apologies for not contacting me and they are returning my money. So actually they deal with those things.

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  • Ke
    kevin Nov 14, 2008

    I'm kevin and I'd just like to share my experience here. It's officially midnight, 11/14/2008

    interesting... just received a call on a THURSDAY saying they wanted me to come in for a 10:30 or 11:50 interview on a FRIDAY. What the ###? First fishy mistake there...

    So it gave me an address for 11777 katy freeway suite 335, Houston Texas 77079. Here's the kicker. When i went to, and one through yahoo to map this place, could not be found. Now, the address itself could be found, but nothing matched the suite number itself. Google maps, for instance, shows you all businesses within the building, but NOT this one! What a coincidence. This bothered me for several hours today...

    My wife and I just came home, and I decided to do this research so that I knew where I was going, and to fish a little harder into the discontent i was feeling over it. I searched the address again, same issues, nothing i had accidentally looked over and overestimated as paranoia.

    I then thought about the company name she gave me. It was very close to "American Income Life", but that's not what "Ms. Diamond", called their company on the phone.
    As i was sitting here, i looked on my phone and it donned on me to call that number back that she called me from. So i did; "American Income Life".

    Which is exactly why I'm here.
    I'm 22 with a very minor amount of managerial experience in the food industry, but going on 6 years of customer service experience. The responses above from those such as "Katie" are such obvious ### it's not even funny.

    ***SCAMMERS: If you dare put yourself out on the internet trying to defend your righteousness and the saying that your company is a legit one, and that what you're doing is right, please, just don't. First off your use of language is atrocious. You don't know the proper use of "your you're", and probably don't know the proper use of "there their they're" as well. Your run-on sentences are hurtful to my eyes, please stop. Neither of the AIL proponents above know how to spell or use language properly, and that's just a shame. Mom always told me it was extremely important to know how to spell and use the old noodle. It's a damn good thing I took your advice, Mom. You should too, prospective employees. It'll really help you out folks, I "garantee" it.

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  • Ji
    jim Dec 10, 2008

    not a scam been around over 80 years funny only reps ever complain about AIL if you didnt have the talent to make money how is that AIL's fault. maybe you just didnt want to put in the time it takes to become established who knows but dont slander a company just because you are untalented

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  • Jb
    JBrown Mar 01, 2009

    Totally funny comments. I agree, if you dont want to be a life insurance agent and be involved in sales DONT REPLY TO THE AD but how has anyone here been scammed? What are the complaints, I recieved an email about a position and Im not interested in sales or mature enough, disiplined enough to follow through and be productive in sales. You are all just voicing your own weeknesses here. I live in alberta as well and any professional who comes in my door had better have a liscence to do what they do with finances. The joker that says he put things on the application or deleted things and told others they should replace what they have should be fired not complaining on a web site. I have family in the insurance business and they are very ethical if you are not then you dont belong serving the public.Correct me if I am wrong I asked my Bro in law and he said replacements are only done in extreme cases and American Income Life products he said are called supplimental benefits which mean they dont replace other policies they compliment them. And by the way Im sure you could have said NO Im not going to do that Im going to have integrity when I go see a client, if you didnt shame on you not the company. The only complaints on here are about people who never followed through with a career (companies been around since 1924, since 1988 in canada it says, how long did anyone work there 3 months or less from the sounds of things) or never even started but Im sure the people who are actually working dont have time to complain on a generic website. The funniest on here is Angela and Jennifer, (sorry to pic on the girls) but if any employer hires you and they dont make money off of you, You will be fired haha. After your hired on to do sales at the Brick, or at a car dealer or real estate agent if the manager that hired you doesnt make any money off of you and keeps you around he will be fired, grow up girls, sales arent for you. The training system cant be that bad or they wouldnt be in business, you just need to follow a different system where you work 9-5 and your boss cuts you a check and you go home happy. Guess what if he isnt making money off of you without lifting a finger he cant cut you a check ...Im out better things to do just stumbled upon this when checking out a company in Edmonton. Cheers

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  • Cd
    cdkny01 Sep 21, 2009

    I have been a home office employee of NILICO out of New York City for over two years. I have to say, the posts on this board are a little crazy to me. First of all, it does cost to get licensed, and that is an issue to take up with the NYS insurance board. There is a prep class, which is mandatory as you are studying for your NYS license.
    The reason that we have a bad rep is because of reps that come and work for a week or two and think that they know about the business and quit. It is a commission based job. That is understood for the interview. And the reason that you receive form e-mails regarding employment is because it is a recruiting tactic. Though Eric Giglione, Theo Pappas, and Roger Smith work for the company, their HR departments are recruiting for their agencies, which they own. Roger is the CEO, and his name is used on a lot of e-mails regarding employment. Again, all of these are recruiting methods. Successful or not, they have proved themselves over time.
    Also, the food bank does exist, and as a Public Relations rep, I have personally delivered food, turkeys at Thanksgiving, as well as a plethora of donations to the public schools and local unions in the NYC area. We do have great benefits to offer members, and they see that. Also, to the person that wrote about having to sell to poor people--- our sales team sells to anyone who has a need for insurance. If you have children or a family-- you have a need. I cannot tell you how many AD&D checks I have delivered to the locals for the families of a lost member, and to see how much it helps them is justification enough.
    Do your homework before you respond to a job offer, because Life Insurance Sales may not be for everyone. But NILICO is legit, and if you understand anything about sales and insurance, then you would know that.

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