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Life Insurance for Individual or Employer Groups
Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, P.O. Box 45132, Jacksonville, FL 32232
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Florida Blue Group Ancillary, Dept. 1158, P.O. Box 121158, Dallas, TX 75312-1158

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Florida BlueCustomer service (lack of)

I have connected florida blue insurance days.
I can;t get the correct information. I am hung up on, transferred,
Given a wrong phone number. Had to find it my self.

Someone called it was not from tel a doc I asked for.

I am trying to get help f0m tele a doc. No one at lorida xan get me to the right person!

I have sent emails to social media team!

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    Florida BlueLack of Provider Relations Representatives

    Since you are no longer providing representatives to assist with provider calls and redirecting all inquiries to Availity, please educate Availity on how to assist us with claims, payments and appeal issues. As instructed, I opened a ticket related to each individual case for the reissuance of ACH payments and Availity responded stating they were simply a clearinghouse and could not assist with my issue. They closed the cases, leaving know further guidance or how to get the issue resolved. WE NEED PROVIDER REPRESENTATIVES!!! Please bring them back. Unfortunately, the only recourse we have is to issue a complaint with the Department of Insurance and local Insurance Commissioner.

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      Florida Blueprocedure not covered

      I am complaining about the fact that my friend had a procedure preformed that was NOT considered "still a experimental procedure". She has Humana Medicare and her out of pocket for her nerve-releasing surgery was $350 while the same surgery through BCBS is not covered so my cost would be $5000. How can this be ethical to serve someone and let them be allowed to afford a life changing surgery because they are low income but not to allow me to afford the same surgery just because I am not on an insurance for low income people. This seems to me like medical neglect to a certain group of people. Please respond to this email with an explanation how one insurance can say a treatment is considered experimental when another one says it isn't. My email is [protected]@duvalschools.org Karla Aponte [protected]

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        Florida Blue — Group blue select coverage member id xjkh32445235

        My name is Stacey P. Adams and I can be contacted at [protected]. I believe my employer Marlyn Enterprise...

        Florida Blue — In 3 weeks I have had 3 big issues, today again here we go.

        I called the FL Blue Center in Pinellas Park [protected]). I go through my prompts and the representative...

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        Florida Blue — company as a whole /customer service passing buck for doctors who are not in network

        Your company is sending out lists of providers who are not really accepting certain plans of coverage and...

        Florida Bluehealth ins. monthly $4. auto pay for my son, florida blue deducted $ 712 from my checking.

        My name is, hoa v dam, my son philip and I have florida blue health ins. I put his $4. Month payment on my checking account auto pay. Bank contacted me I was bouncing checks in my checking, I said impossible. They showed me how florida blue deducted $ 712. From my checking account because they allege my son didnt send in his yearly income paperwork, and lost his exemption discounts for 2 months. This middle of the night embezzlement caused me to bounce checks and had to work out payment plan with one utility company. Why did i, nor my son get a letter of cancelation if not pay $356. Month. I do not speek 100 percent english, im vietnamese. I attempted many calls to resolve this situation of my money back to me. No luck. If this email doesnt work, I shall see legal help to get a court date. My ins membership information is : vmah19072893 happy holidays, someone with a heart please help me. Hoa [protected]

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          Florida Blue — tlc dental submits fraudulent claim 3500 dollars when no such work was done

          I received my statement Nov 27 out lining what was bill and who billed Florida blue I noted a billing of...

          Florida Blue — denied mri but never sent me (patient) notice

          According to my physician's office (a prominent top specialist in Boston) a necessary MRI was denied by...

          Florida Blue — prescription run around

          Use this company at your own risk!!! I have been trying to get a prescription authorized since April of 2019...

          Florida Bluepoor customer service

          My name is Olga Hobson and on10/28/2019 before 7:00p.m. I contacted your company to get more information on your Florida Blue Bas medical insurance plan . I was initially preparing to find out more information on your wellness program which I at one time was interested in. After five transfers to various departments my last transfer was by a man to a center that dealt with cars or something in relation to that. Upon this transfer a lady answered the phone, and I told her what I wanted. She said I had the wrong number. I explained that I was transferred to her department. I then asked her if she could possibly transferred back. Her reply was "I have nothing to do with that". At that time she terminated the call with nothing further to say.

          So overall I spent close to 40 minutes being transferred from one place to another before being hung up on. I called back explained the information that I needed regarding your wellness program which initiatally sounded interesting..Howeer at this point it has been proven to me that this is an each and every man for himself business. I only hope that you will begin to tape your calls with customer service representatives so that you can maintain what clientele you have left.

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            Florida Bluecustomer service

            I was given a prescription for a medically necessary device by my doctor in November of 2018. I had to pay out of pocket for this device. I submitted the medical claims form for reimbursement in December of 2018. My doctor also submitted a claims form on my behalf.

            Over the ensuing 11 months I have contacted FLA Blue no less than 6 times, each time FLA Blue has instructed me to submit more information. Each time I complied. I was told after each interaction with a customer service representative that I would be contacted regarding my reimbursement. They never contacted me. I always had to call them to follow up.

            Finally, 1 month ago, I called for the 7th time and this time someone in customer service, Shamika, told me that FLA Blue had mistakenly sent a check to my doctor for the reimbursement of my medical device even though it clearly showed by my receipts that I submitted that I had indeed paid for the device. I was instructed to contact my provider and tell them that they have to send the check back before I get reimbursed.

            I contacted my provider and told them this request by FLA Blue. He got me in touch with the billing dept. and the contact person there told me that I need to get the check #, date of check and amount of payment. I have spent so much time on the phone with FLA Blue, countless hours in total more than 40 hours on the phone trying to get this issue resolved. I have no way of getting this information. I will have to call FLA Blue AGAIN, and then speak with someone who will tell me that they will look into it.

            I am a physician and I am appalled at the horrific customer service provided by FLA Blue. I am truly disgusted by the unwillingness and/or inability of FLA Blue to straighten their ERROR, not mine.

            I am not sure what to do at this point. I am worn out by this process. It should not take almost a year to resolve a claim nor should the onus be placed on the claimant to resolve a mistake made by FLA Blue.

            If I could cancel my policy, I would. Unfortunately, I can't.

            David Zamos, MD

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              Florida Blueinsurance coverage

              I was pre-authorized for hip replacement surgery for 10/10.
              In an effort to TRY to alleviate my extreme pain for 6 weeks until the surgery, my doctor suggested I try an injection of Kenelog on 9/3. I agreed to the injection. It did not alleviate my pain in anyway. I continue to be unable to sleep and unable to carry out my daily activities without extreme pain and assistance in walking. I find out 13 days before my surgery is scheduled that Blue Cross has denied my claim due to the fact that I must wait three months from the time of having received an injection. My doctor had a peer to peer conference with Blue Cross and they still denied the surgery already scheduled for October 10 and said I must push the surgery out an additional two months ! Blue Cross is going to have to pay for the surgery in December anyway, so I assume they want me addicted to painkillers and sleeping pills for the next two months and to have me suffer with a highly diminished quality-of-life.
              They are not concerned with patient care whatsoever...they are an insurance company they are not doctors nor should they be allowed to play God. My highly trained orthopedic surgeon would know best for me and recommended the surgery be done as soon as possible which is why it was scheduled for October 10 .

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                Florida Bluehealth insurance

                This evil health insurance company dropped my poor elderly mother which she obtained though the (scam) Obama Care. They canceled her policy, didn't tell her, made it retroactive for 2 months after she had 2 tests run. They sent her a payment back just to make it another month retroactive. This is fraud. I just found out about this and I'm helping my mother take legal action. Don't do business with these con artists. Just Google all the complaints filed against them! There's news articles about them all over.

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                  Florida Blue — doctor's poor attendance to client

                  Maria Teresa Junqueira, client and member number of Florida Blue VMYH21840338 must report a poor and...

                  Florida Blue — lack of customer service by representative

                  I would like to bring to the attention of the management team at this location of what occurred on 8/6/19. My...

                  Florida Bluecoverage of mri requests by physicians

                  As Director of Neuroscience for The Villages Health, The Villages, Florida, I am requesting an investigation of Florida Blue Bad Faith practices. Over the last 3 years we have seen increasing blanked deniels of MRI requests by Neurologists seeking to care for patients with Neurological diseases. In most cases, these deniels do not even address the issues raised in our formal exam and history.
                  While peer to peer is allowed to appeal these deniels, it has become routine practice to keep the physician on the line waiting for over 30 minutes, repeatedly ask for the same information multiple times by multiple telephone operators and then finally when put in contact with a "peer" physician, this physicain is not educated in neurological diseases or practice and frequently states that he or she does not have the authority to countermand the deniel.
                  I believe this reflects bad faith and is illegal in the state of Florida and I am requesting a review of this practice. I have also contacted the Florida State Commision of Insurance Regulation.
                  John Castaldo MD

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                    • St
                      Staci k Dec 08, 2019
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Thank you. I truly think this company needs to be investigated as they are using sleazy tactics to avoid paying claims. My husband had an MRI for suspected cancer. It was preauthorized and performed by an in network provider. They subsequently refused to pay the claim. When I called to inquire why, I was told it had been submitted without the physician name. I asked the provider to resubmit. Denied again. The next time I was told they were out of network and that is why it wasn't paid. They are in network for my plan and listed with a provider number on Florida Blue's own website. When I pointed this out to them, they said I was welcome to file an appeal. I should note that I get the feeling any messages sent through their website for members are answered by people in another country because the English in these responses was exceedingly poor. Do we have people in India deciding whether our claims get paid or not? Now, we have to go through the headache of filing a formal appeal for them to acknowledge one of their own stated authorized providers as in network?! It gets worse. My husband did have cancer and his in network physician advised radiation. Treatment was authorized and claims paid. Months later Florida Blue reversed all the claims saying the treatment was experimental/investigational, trying to leave us on the line for $ 120, 000 in medical bills! The medical personnel at the hospital say this is ridiculous as it's a very well established standard practice treatment and was medically necessary. Now the hospital and we have to file appeals. Needless to say, all of this eats up a tremendous amount of time and energy and causes extreme stress. I'm shocked they are getting away with this.

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                    Florida Blueunauthorized credit card charges

                    Cory lloyd told me about insurance plans and he sent information in my email and i told him not to process my debit card until i call him. I told him not to put me on automatic pay. I checked my account and notice there was a $25.35 charge on my account pending from purchase authorization
                    u65 binder bcbsfl. I called the company and they told me that the charge was for dental. I never asked for any of that. I didn't authorize any of those charges!!! this is pure fraud! all because they probably want some sort of commission!!! no ! no! no! i had to call my bank and cancel my card! this is insane!!! i hate that fact that they processed my card anyway and i didn't authorize anything!!! this is very fraudulent! i don't want nothing to deal with florida blue!!! crooks to the pits of hell!!!

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                      Florida Bluefl blue billing nightmare

                      FL Blue cashed my check for six months of premium since Jan 1, 2019, but they have never even activated my plan till today!

                      I made many phone calls regarding this issue, nothing has been resolved. Their customer service is a nightmare!

                      They kept sending me the wrong billing statements for five months now, the worst I have ever seen!

                      They made promises to correct this issue for five months now but every time when I called I heard the same reply that my plan has never been activated. I wonder why they cashed my checks quickly, but they take for so long to get my plan activated? My only medical claim this year since March has been denied even when I have a plan!

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                        Florida Bluehealth insurance

                        In early December 2018 I chose to change my Florida Blue plan to a new Florida Blue plan with a lower monthly rate. Apparently they failed to submit the plan I chose. I paid the premiums every month despite never receiving an invoice for 2018 or 2019. I have been on the phone for hours with multiple Florida Blue employees and everyone keeps passing me to another person. I have also sent multiple emails to the 2 people who I dealt with when I changed my plan. One left me a message to call someone else. The other never responded at all. I asked for their managers and of course no one contacted me. No one I talk to ever puts notes in the system, so the next person asks for the same story again, and each time they do nothing and tell me to call someone else, or tell me they will transfer me and force me to give my story again. I pay $800.45 a month and receive no support. I would like to have my chosen insurance plan installed as agreed to in December 2018.

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